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Can't Live Without Dr. Hauschka

kim | 04 May, 2007 18:58

Have I mentioned this before? Certainly the lip balm, which is not waxy, super-light and luscious and will cure any dryness you have (at $11, it had better!) and now, I'm on to the Rose Day Creme which moisturizes and even, dare I say, tightens and refines the skim. It's higher on the spectrum of their moisturizers, but it's really not greasy and it does absolute wonders. (about $30).

Once I heard that the crops are grown in a small plot in Germany and the workers mediate over them. You sort of feel that way as they are sinking into your skin: home grown herbs, clean, permeable oils and good intentions. It works!

Are You Still Reading This?

kim | 12 March, 2007 20:48

I have to thank you for that. Sometimes Alice of Finslippy fame doesn't post for about a week or so, and I check almost every day. You will not find that a problem at thismom, she inspires me every day. If you're still hanging in there with me, thanks.

Here's the deal, and I've been afraid to say it: I'm bored with blogging. It's not meaningful the way I'm doing it right now or really that lucrative. I want to do makeup or write my novel or help in the fight against global warming. I don't want to review products. I want to just wear them. I try to make it funny but if I were to say what I really wanted to say, this wouldn't be this website.

I'm experiencing a shift for a few reasons; and this is not what I intended to do with my life. I've kept it going because I love knowing that I have been connecting with thousands of people who actually take the time to read what I have to say and appreciate (or roll their eyes) at what I think. Thank you so much for returning, day after day.

I am still working as a makeup artist and you should consider hiring me because, well, if it takes you more than 10 minutes to do your makeup in the morning or you don't really know how to do a smokey eye at night, then we have something to talk about.

I am not going to take it down for a while. I think I may be re-fashioning it. I am cooking up a few business ideas so that when I'm done with my dirty little novel (and, well, it's pretty dirty) that I will have something new to step into. Being a freelance makeup artist is hard; doing it part time only so that I can also be mostly a mother is amost not viable. I'm tired and I need to use all my energy for my little guy and my creative writing and working, which I do alot.

So visit for the archives and please send me your emails so that I can keep you updated about a relaunch, a novel or a new product that will help and hopefully not clog any landfills.

I will leave you with a few thoughts:

Blush is not bronzer, damnit. Cut it out.

Red/brick/pink blush emanating from the ears toward the cheek looks ridiculous.

Just learn how to put on your f-ing eyeliner straight if you have a bag that costs more than $500. Priorities, people.

A good blow-out accounts for 50% of your looking good, true, but if you don't know how to put your makeup on, then people will know that there's something wrong with you, but they will not know what it is.

All of this doesn't really matter if the planet is dying and if people around the world do not enjoy civil rights or even having their basic needs met. I mean, to me. So. I'm going to work on all of that.



A Little Sumpin Sumpin

kim | 22 February, 2007 07:20

If you ever go outside without your entire makeup collection with you and you want to touch up your shiny nose or chin (which, if you are taking pictures, you might want to think about) then I suggest this compact by Estee Lauder:

As you can see, it's limited edition, but it's perfect for daytime, nightlife and most importantly, brides. $27, www.gloss.com


kim | 19 February, 2007 06:20

Because of an ungodly amount of spam, I just got iced out of my server the same way I get icd out of these mean mommy playdates (you have no idea!) I'm working on the problem, and will be archiving some stuff now, so hang in there with me. And then I'm going to tell you about a bag I fell in love with...

I worked the crack of ass shift all weekend long and even one of the people I did landed in Page 6 for their bad behavior. Oy.

Proenza Pink!

kim | 07 February, 2007 11:10

What is smarter than this? Lancome custom blended a lipstick for Proenza Schouler inspired by Gucci Westman's color choice for the Proenza's spring show. Wear it with a dark eye and, wowweee, what a beautiful look! $25 at Bergdorf's. There's a waiting list, dude. Sign up now.

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