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I'll Take Another One In My Size, Thanks.

kim | 27 October, 2004 18:48

Tomorrow we're shooting at my house. The last time we did that, the kid went absolutely ballistic. There were too many people here, it went way too long and I think he was trying warn me in his psychic baby way: Mommy, these pictures are not going to come out right, don't work so hard and play with me already!

All I want to do is play with my child all day long. I need a break here and there, of course, but I just really enjoy being with him. If you're a mom, you know what I'm talking about. I've come to believe that there are some feelings that cannot be written. Or maybe I'm just not that good yet. Tolstoy was pretty good at that sort of thing, but he's dead.?Anyway,?I don't think he could have described?how painful it is?for a mother when she has to leave her child, if only to go to the store, because he was a guy.

But I also need to?finish my novel,?do this other amazing non-fiction project?and create work with Noah that is kick ass. I feel so lucky to work with the people I work with, but why couldn't I have met them eight years ago when I could have done stuff all the time unfettered by some kid's schedule?

Can there be two of me? One that could take care of my baby all the time and never leave his side and the other could conquer the worlds of beauty and books. As a culture, why haven't we figured this one out yet?

When you do or if you have, please email me and help me out. Barring that, if you?have heard?of any good cloning programs, I would be interested in that as well.

I Need an Agent

kim | 27 October, 2004 13:31

When I go to work, I arrive on time. I usually like to come early. This practice was challenging while in my pregnancy and took a little finessing once the kid came because, man are they unpredictable! But generally when I go to work I'm cheerful or when bitter at least I make people laugh.

I don't, however, come to work two months late and when my employer calls me to see where I am say, "I'm coming. I've got to go. I'm busy,"?and act like they are rude for expecting me to hold up to my end of our verbal contract. These same employers will often behave that way when I am looking for the?5 overdue checks they owe me,?some?up to two months overdue.?Not to even mention some people with whom you?may have signed a contract to share profits of a thing you might be selling.

I am not naming any names. Yet. But so help me, if I do not get paid in a week, I will expose these rats for who they are and the seven people who read this blog will be outraged!

Sweet Transcendence

kim | 25 October, 2004 19:20

Chocolate is not the best way to deal with a bad day. Chocolate frosted doughnuts with sprinkles, chocolate chip cookies from Le Pain Quotidein the size of? your face, Sun Drops, decaf soy cappucinos, Ben and Jerry's Di's Candy Drawer, double chocolate macadamia nut cookies, seven layer cake, none of it can change the circumstances of one's life.?Can someone please remind me next time?


The Greater of the Two

kim | 08 October, 2004 23:22

Isn?t it great that President Bush lost his temper tonight? And also that he said that he would not appoint anyone to the Supreme Court that would make decisions based on personal opinion and but on the law? I will direct your attention to the documentary Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election directed by Richard Ray Perez and Joan Sekler.

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