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You ARE Pretty

kim | 28 February, 2005 20:18

I have just turned a corner. After asking different people for help with a particular issue, I finally realized that I had all the resources I needed to figure out how to get what I want. But it's important to have a community, friends and loved ones off which to bounce?ideas, frustrations and successes. Here are a few things I realized that I will share with you:

1. Nobody has your vision, so be careful who?you share your tender ideas with and don't be dissuaded if someone tries to dissuade you. They don't know what they're talking about and they can't see inside your head.

2.?Other people come?with their own garbage that they sometimes like to share?with you. You might unknowingly be dining on crumpled up newspapers and fish bones when you think it's a feast.

3.?If you want to be a baker, ask a baker how she got there, not?a barber.?It's?great to get inspiration from people in all walks of life, but either study people who you admire or ask for their help. Don't be discouraged if they say no, just?keep seeking your answers.

4. Never give up. Why??It's just as hard to?do work you don't like as work you do like. Plus, you can sleep when you're dead.


Oscar Wrap-up

kim | 28 February, 2005 05:23

Laws of Nature:

Gold is not that easy to wear. You may not have any bulges, if you do have bulges, then wear a girdle or wear black. Or navy, which was the third color on the red carpet. Unless you are Hilary Swank in which you may?challenge the boredom?of navy by wearing a dress which has a high neck, ruching all around the breasts and absolutely no back and barely even a tush.?But you must hire?invisible angels who will hold up your ample bosom in lieu of a brassiere.

In order to wear gold lipgloss you must have whitened teeth and fairly dark eye makeup.

A better bet is to wear the color that every?woman wearing gold or navy was wearing: a glossy dark neutral that is like your lips with a tan. Perhaps start with a light line of Chocolate lipliner by Bobbi Brown, fill that in with?either Retro?lipstick by MAC or Brownie lipstick by Bobbi Brown finish with?Molasses lip gloss by Kevin Aucoin.

You may only wear neon chartruse eyeshadow if you are Beyonce. That, and if you are going to wear sparkly Cleopatra eyes, you must wear jewelry which shares the same heft as chandelliers. And you still probably have to be Beyonce.

I am still on the fence about Star Jones who replaced Joan and Mellisa, poor things. There's always QVC, right? Congratulations to her for losing all the weight. But the laws of nature dictate that she should not have worn a backless dress aggravating the problem with her back to the camera. Maybe she should have had a little more fabric in the back and a better undergarment that would have smoothed all that stuff out. But congratulations to her for finally gathering her bosom rather than letting them fall where they may. The promise of the bosom is a gathered bosom. Anything else disappoints doubly. She should?never scrunch her nose for obvious reasons. She should avoid that gesture at all costs. Botox in the nose? Comportment lessons? I don't know what the answer is, Star, I'm just trying to help. And yet she needs to be congratulated on her enormous success in spite of the fact that she is not a conventional beauty. She finally got married and she's a glamour queen. She's everything she ever wanted to be and more. God bless us all if we can realize our dreams. So I say that despite the fact that she broke the laws of nature many times, she is still a winner.

I loved Chris Rock's little divet?side part with a little bit of longer hair.?Even with the bling in his ears, he had that 1920's glamour.

Here are the awards:

Best Makup:

Winner of Best Idea But Needed a Little Satin Lipstick Over That Matte Lipstick Because it Looked a Little Dry:

Winner of Worst Bronzer:(both streaky and too orange):
Mike Meyers

Winner of How Does He Stay in Business in a Town of Anorexics:
Wolfgang Puck

Winner Best Canvas:

Winner Needs a Little More Hair to Showcase His Sexiness:
Jake Gyllenhall

Winner Salt and Pepper Shakers:
Maggie Gyllenhall and Kirsten Dunst

Winner it Just Proves That if You're Gorgeous You Can Wear Anything:
Kate Winslet

Now, I just have to get a babysitter so I can catch up on all the movies.

Strange Love

kim | 25 February, 2005 19:36

This has to be by far the most disturbing of all the reality shows. Even worse than the ones where they show the surgery. I think?it relies on the horror show priniciple: the one in which the viewer puts her hand over her eyes but has to peek between two of her fingers. Flava Flav?posesses the opposite of sex appeal, he offers only the willies in the regions of love. Brigitte Neilsen makes a case against the close up. It's so gross, it's almost taboo. And the worst part, the worst part is that Brigitte keeps calling him "foofie foof" or "floofie floof" - I can't tell - and I walked around all day saying his name. Now that's really disgusting.

What the Pope Eats for Breakfast

kim | 25 February, 2005 09:16

This morning, a correspondent for CNN reported on the health of the Pope. At the end of his report, he told Bill Hemmer that for breakfast the Pope ate 10 cookies with a cafe latte. When I turned the channel, Katie Couric asked her correspondent wasn't it true that the Pope was drinking all his juice and eating bread and cheese or something like that. This guy is my kind of Pope.

Why am I telling you this? It's a simple question: why do I retain what he had for breakfast but not what his ailment is?

That guy is so old and yet, and yet, he keeps blessing and praying in even with all that age in his voice. Maybe it is that he is Infallible, or maybe it's the cookies and the latte. In any case, I'll be sad when he goes. I love religious and spiritual leaders. Can you imagine devoting your whole life to God and to the service of others? You would have to be some kind of person. But more than that, he has been an awesome Pope. Good for the Jews and loving to the world. I think he'll be around for a while still, so I'm not getting ready with my goodbyes yet. He still has plenty of cookies to eat!

Project Runway

kim | 23 February, 2005 23:06

The best thing about Project Runway is that Jay won fair and square on the cohesiveness and the boldness of his collection. And that he really was, from?how the edited shows depicted him (Reality TV is notorious for creating characters via editing) a real mensch. Congratulations, Jay.?That and?I did a little photo shoot with Julia and now she's a little famous. Cable and internet famous, that is.

I just uploaded some of those photos to my gallery section. I hope Adam fixes it before you see it, because I would not win Project Photoshop if I was competing! Thanks, Adam.

Comeback Kid

kim | 23 February, 2005 14:31

I am the original comeback kid. The obstacles I've surmounted in my life - okay, I have never lived in Africa whose woes are insurmountable especially for the women - are pretty impressive. But I do have those blue times when I lose faith that the story is going to turn out okay. This is when I look for inspiration everywhere.

Today I found it in the most unlikely place: the President.

Here's a guy who was basically a ne'er do well, a free loader and a destroyer of companies. He couldn't do much right other than spend his family's money, party and get DUI's. Just my type of guy. But then something happened: he found the Lord. Which was probably good for people on the road who had the random misfortune of driving next to him. And while it's fun to disparage anything that is mired in fundamentalism, if Christ saved him, then good for him! I'm all into the saving. And then what? HE BECAME THE PRESIDENT!

So my point is: George W. Bush is our president and he's a total second act story. So can't it be like that for me too? I mean, I don't even want to be president or nothin' like that, I just want to get one measly book published. But first I have to finish it...

Star Sign Scorpio

kim | 22 February, 2005 21:07

Rarely do I discuss astrology, but in my youth it seemed to be a hot topic. When people would ask me about my sign I would reply, "Scorpio" and they always, without fail, lean back like I had just lit the butylene torch in the back of my throat so that a lick of flame darted out and almost burned them. "Whoa," they would exclaim. And further warn?the?imaginary person which they were addressing in the ether, "watch out!"

The temper of the Scorpio is legion as is the sexual prowess, as the sign governs the private parts. And how. But another notable feature of the Scorpio is her jealousy. When people would point this out to me I would beg off - no, no, you see I have 5 houses in Virgo. I'm very mellow and loving. Sort of a pussycat combined with a pushover. Not in the sexual prowess way, either.

But I was lying to myself. It's true, my own temper is pretty hot - okay, white hot - and I've done much to stop destroying friendships and private property and have been successful, I might add. But the fricking jealousy. Oh, boy.

Tonight I am imploding with jealousy, no doubt because of my Scorpio insanity. I would tell you the details, but there are so many I will just end up sounding like a 14 year old whiner. So I will just treat it like anyone else who has to deal with me in a Scorpio tirade. I will ignore it. Tomorrow it will be gone.

Or I'll kill it.

The Wiggles Need a Stylist

kim | 22 February, 2005 08:11

The kid loves the Wiggles. I put on tv usually to distract him while I cut his nails or if I'm really tired or if he needs to cool down. I think I use it a little too much but he's at an age right now where he wants to put his finger in every possible heated or electrically charged orafice of the house, suck on wires that have been accidentally plugged in at one end and not at the other - like computer cords or phone charging cords - or just put his hands on the stove. Oh, the beloved stove! There is nothing that he would like better than to?fuse his little fingers together?like Johnny Tremain and I'm trying to avoid peril at all costs. So it's a constant uphill struggle and if I'm very firm with him then he starts banging his head on the floor or punching himself in the face, so I have to be very gentle; but it's exhausting, so sometimes I put on the fricking tv.

I've always been a little grossed out by the Wiggles: they're gangly, terribly shaven, bad haircuts, ill-fitting garments and the over-acting can't even be called over-acting because it's so over-acted. The Wiggles give me the willies. But the kid is riveted to the show and when the songs come on he smiles and dances. Oh, how he loves to dance - that's a separate post.Then I realized: what if the Wiggles all looked like any given?random subset of actors from Ocean's Twelve? What if they were foxy, well groomed, hot bodies and amazing actors? Then we would call them gay and say they are endangering our children. People would whisper NAMBLA things. So I think the Wiggles are protecting themselves with their apparently poor hygiene. Not that they smell, I wouldn't know, although they do sweat alot on stage despite the appearance of lip synching. But, oh how I would love to change it up for them! They seem like nice enough guys and they make my kid smile and it possible for me to keep up with the kid's own hygiene. So how bad can that be?

I'm so superficial!

Maybe, I Too, Can Be Super Fantastic?

kim | 21 February, 2005 08:43

I am a big believer in, as above, so below. Or whatever that saying is. Meaning if you take care of your body, mind and spirit, your beauty will eminate naturally without having to do much. A little lipstick will help, but most of your work will be done for you. You are beautiful the way you are. I do know that it's possible to have a beautiful outside with an ugly inside. I actually know it is - I've worked in the entertainment business for eight years and I've seen it all. But I prefer working on the inside to the outside.?

But after reading the blog of Manolo the Shoeblogger, I have decided that a little tinkering on the outside might not be such a bad idea. Not to abandon the inside, but not to neglect the outside. Read my interview with him on my Spotlight page!

In Fact, I AM A Model

kim | 19 February, 2005 16:13

Well, will you look at that! I, in fact, am modelling at http://www.brooklynindustries.com/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=2146. Please contact me if you are interested in having me as your spokesmodel. I am my own agent and I take 10%, so it's all legitimate.

All that with the 20 lbs.!

4 Legs

kim | 18 February, 2005 10:00

Yesterday I had one of those days where everything was panicking me. I felt like I was tripping all over myself and there was nothing I could do right. Like I had four legs. The worst part was when a dear friend made a generous gesture and I was worried about its impact and I reacted quickly and I think I?may have sounded??like ingrate. I hope not. I adore her. If you're reading this, you know who you are...I adore you!

In other news: I think I will start modeling. I have never met such not-models as I have in the last two weeks. If they can do it, so can I. Just after I lose these last 20 lbs...

I Miss My Grandma, It's True

kim | 17 February, 2005 14:43

Dynasty is on right now. It was once my favorite show. The opulence and decadence! The jewels and?furs! The mansions and fabulous townhouses!? Al Corley and?John James! Who wouldn't want to be part of that amazing world.

But as I was looking at the makeup, I could not believe how thick it was - the?women look like drag queens.?And how old the stars were. And how yellow their teeth were. This sounds like an insult but it is really a hearkening for the truth. I miss when grown-ups had their whole,?full?lives showing on?their faces and only had makeup, hairdos. clothes and perfume to cover them up. No wonder we feel so lost. All the grown ups have gone to the dermatologists and the plastic surgeons. We no longer have no elders. Not that I neccessarily want Alexis Carrington to be my elder. Plus, you can't believe how badly and ridiculously the show was shot. It was a ridiculous show.?But people were old and I like that.

Maybe I just miss my grandma. Not that she was neccessarily like Alexis Carrington. She just had wrinkles. I miss wrinkles.

The Sisterhood

kim | 17 February, 2005 11:20

I recently got an offer to get a million magazines for free (for miles that I would never use now that I'm earth-and mostly house-bound) and Essence was on that list. It now comes every month, I guess - I usually don't even know what day it is - and I just love it. Essence's voice is so welcoming. It's definitely a "we" magazine, it's all about the sisterhood. Of course it gives great fashion and beauty advice and does all the great things a?women's magazine is supposed to do,?and sometimes better because?all the products seem so accessible?but it also never lets you off the hook. Romantically, emotionally, financially, professionally - Essence encourages you to face your blocks and gives advice how to move past them. Essence is sort of like calling up your smart girlfriend - or sister - for advice. But I don't belong to that sisterhood. I feel a little like I'm intruding. Mainstream women's magazines, which I also love, end up giving me a little anxiety. The unattainable?clothing and makeup on?the super skinny models with the photoshopped skin and tatoos. All the research on diseases. They make me feel like I don't have enough money and like I can't eat anything that doens't have a carcinogen in it and like I'm not getting enough sleep nor exercise. Which is all true, but do I need to spend $4.50 in order to reinforce all of that??I wish all magazines were a little bit more loving, inclusive and supportive. In the meantime, I will have to be one of Essence's minority readers.?


kim | 16 February, 2005 11:50

I am writing a haiku about liquid black eyeliner, I'm not sure it's working:

Liquid pitch bitch/ adolescent inflexible spoiled back-talker/ exposing self doubt

I don't think so, but I will perfect it. Maybe it's so hard to write because liquid liner is so hard to get right. Oh, that rhymes. Completely unintentionally but I will leave it in.

Super Shlub-tastic

kim | 15 February, 2005 22:02

Oh, I am in love again. This time it is with the Manolo. This is one of the funniest blogs you will ever read. I read it for dinner last night and then the archives for breakfast and lunch today. I cannot get enough of the Manolo. There were so many times I was crying as I was laughing; and because I am not so up on my kegels after having the kid, perhaps a little water somewhere else as well snuck out. That is how hard I laughed.

Now on to a more serious side of the Manolo. He is super fantastic and he encourages all the women to be super fantastic. And now I aspire to be super fantastic because I have a perfect road map, at least for shoes and then it all becomes clear from there on, doesn't it?

But I am tired and weary and I have a goal to finish up the old novel by March 15th (please root for me!) and I am just very super shlub-tastic these days. As soon as I'm done with the novel I will get back into my skin; but I have decided that it takes up too much worry energy of my life so I have to birth it so I can move on. But this leaves very little room for?me to be?super fantastic. But it is just for a month. Today, when I went outside, I thought maybe I should have worn some sunglasses, just in case the Manolo he would see me and say, Ptooey, which is what he often says to the super shlub-tastic like I was today.

We Love Tim

kim | 15 February, 2005 10:23

Recently, when I posted my interview with Billy B. on another website, my ass was thrashed around like shark chum by the lovely ladies there. They said I was kissing his ass. You know what? I was kissing his ass. And if he wants to bend over again, I will kiss it again. I love his work and I admire him. My interviews are meant to exalt the people I admire.? To show you why they are so cool and why they make New York pretty. I want? you to get the full effect. This is a beauty site with the word "Pretty" in the title. It is not 60 Minutes. Okay?

That being said, please visit my spotlight page today where you will meet the most gorgeous Tim Quinn of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. I will upload to my secrets page later the best mascara you will ever use in your entire life, lovely foundation and the most delicious fragrance from?that line. I'm just having a little technical difficultly with it right now and need some help. As usual.

People would?ask when I worked at Saks - Giorgio Armani has a makeup line? It must be soooo expensive! It's completely competitive with most of the lines at Saks and is rather sheer in texture overall and sphisticated in color. I can't speak highly enough about it. And if you really want to get impressed, Pat McGrath designed it.

Happy Valentine's Day, Show-Offs

kim | 13 February, 2005 14:48

In an effort to celebrate Valentine's Day in a relaxed way, Mike and I went out on Saturday night. We went to a place that had the name of another place we had gone to years ago which had the best dessert I have ever eaten. Okay, in the top five. It was like mango, coconut and pineapple ice creams with whipped cream and walnuts covered with sugar and cayenne pepper and some other shit thrown in there, too. Lordy me, it was good!?I still remember it. True, that's sort of pathetic, but it's who I am. I like the sugar.

So we went to this place and I was all jazzed and then it became clear that we were going to spend the night tightly wedged between young, rich couples screaming about the renovations on their apartments. It was in a ritzy neighborhood. This bothered me for so many reasons: a) the screaming. Shhh. You're out to dinner. Have some manners. How nouveau riche. b) we don't own our apartment and it stresses me out. The down payment thing. We're just not there yet. It makes me gag on a regular basis. c) a + b = really trying hard to concentrate on Mike, like with tunnel vision, to get out all the noise. Did you ever try really hard to have a romantic dinner? How romantic.

But after a while it all became background noise as I sank into a bunch of lovely different conversations with the man I love most in the world and was reminded why I have such admiration for him and why I married him. And then we went somewhere else and had some pink cupcakes. Yum.

This Is Why You Need To Go Makeup Shopping With Me

kim | 12 February, 2005 18:38

Selling makeup is a hard job. I know, I did it for years. It sucks. But one thing I never, ever did - I actually prided myself on this account - was lie. While?Pamela was in town from L.A. she wanted a concealer. Anyone who knows me knows that all I will ever say to you is Christian Dior Anti-cermes (if you're white or light, because they don't go that dark in that line). And even though sometimes they have stock issues, you can always get it at the counter at Saks Fifth Avenue. And the women are so nice there. So where does Pamela go? Not Saks, that's all I'm saying. And the place she went didn't have it and they told her it was a discontinued product and that this new product replaced it. Fearing not only for myself but for other undereye-challenged women in New York, I went to the Dior counter at Saks and investigated. It was a lie. Anti-cernes are still in play. This is a new product much like YSL's Touche Eclat which is less a concealer than a highlighter. YSL was the original and the packaging is awesome, so why not get yourself some of that. The concealer? It simply cannot be beaten. If you haven't gotten yours yet, don't worry, it will be there. And if you're running low, don't panic, there's plenty to go around. Just like all of the lies behind makeup counters.

Why Can't We?

kim | 10 February, 2005 13:37

Why can't I just walk around with my gray, frizzy Jew-fro instead of shelling out $300 to look gorgeous? Oh. Because I look gorgeous. Now I remember.

Oh, The Hair

kim | 10 February, 2005 08:25

Today I will get my hair done. I hate getting my hair done: my scalp stings from the chemical potions, my head hurts from the fumes and I get bored in the way you can only get bored being moved from chair to chair for 2 1/2 hours. But in the front of my head, my hair is entirely white and that will not do. Now that my highlights are growing out, there is an inch of white and dark brown followed by a mass of light brown with what looks like pumpkin streaks everywhere. It's called oxidation and it's when your highlights go sour. I think, though, this time I will go back to my normal color and have only some lightness in the front because the look, while it lightens my eyes, is too scattered and I want a little bit of groundedness and solidity in my life, especially on top of my head.

I agree, this is the most fascinating post I've ever written. Perhaps I should explore instead why I smell like salami despite the fact that I haven't eaten it in a very long time? No, best to stick to the hair, I think. For everyone's sake.

Fleshy Sexy Vamp

kim | 09 February, 2005 23:30

I just looked it up on a, um, movie website and that was the name of the character. Now I'm sure this guy didn't make that part of the movie about me, but I was slightly fleshy and slightly sexy and a vamp. So, I'm a type, what can I say?

Tubby Baby

kim | 09 February, 2005 23:08

Today we went for more routine torture for the kid in the form of blood tests. I'm sure he needed his lead count taken. And something else. I'm sure he did. But, oh, so mean to poke the babies with needles. Will anyone argue with me? I dare you to.

Have I mentioned that the kid is pudgy? 28 lbs, bigger than any kid his age I know, I have a huge bicep to prove it. I don't overfeed, he's just like that. I was like that when I was a kid. So.

The phlebotemist called us in, with her magenta lipliner and nude pink lipstick and her black liquid liner circling her entire eye, and she folded and cirlced and stretched his arms looking for a vein.

"Uh oh," she said. "Where your vein tubby baby?"

As his punishment for being so tubby, he got it in the top of the hand where he screamed for about a minute, "holy shit, this hurts! Take it out! What is wrong with you people? Mommy! Can't you see that she's hurting me? Stop kissing my cheek and make her take it out!" And on and on in the language of crying that only a mother can understand.

Now he has a tiny bruise where the small needle was. I walked out cheering him on, but really my knees almost buckled underneath me. I can't stand it, even when it's for a good reason, when anyone hurts my tubby baby.

Not The Worst, But Not The Best

kim | 09 February, 2005 08:34

I was watching the loathesome movie The English Patient - yes, I said loathesome movie! - the other night and I was thinking: that is the worst burn victim makeup I've ever seen. At any moment it seemed Ralph Fiennes was going to poke a hole in that latex at the cheek and just pull a perforated line down to his chest, rip it off and say, "Wow! It was hot in there! How can anyone act in that?" Plus, Willem Dafoe is barely wearing anything in their scenes together, so I wonder what the temperature was on the set, who they were making comforatble. Willem didn't seem to be cold, right? Ralph must have been BOILING! And I love Juliette Binoche, but there's some French over-acting if I've ever seen it.

Obviously the best parts, and the best makeup parts are between Kristin Scott-Thomas whose makeup is luminous, and the sexy, sweaty Fiennes. I didn't realize how, um, moist, he was during those scenes. And the love, whoo! Who can deny the heat? Amazing.

But I will tell you why I hated the movie: the book was amazing. And it had nothing to do with the movie, as far as I can tell. I read the book for a class whose point was deconstructing Imperialism. We read books like Heart of Darkness, A Passage to India, The Lover and who all knows what else. I was a grade-grubber and it was hard for me to read, so I just didn't. But I did read the English Patient and I think, if I'm not mistaken, at the end of the book, Kip does not join the Army because he can not be part of the Imperialist machine. Which is one of the points of the book, which took an anti-war stance. But this beautiful book, on whose poetry I floated through the subways and select coffee shops was reduced to a sort of ABC miniseries of the week. It was all love story and bad burn makeup and looked so fitting on the small screen when I saw it the other night.

In fairness to the English Patient, I must disclose that the day I saw it, I also saw a short film done by a guy who I dated for a very, very brief period of time. In which he cast himself as a wanna-be cad but he was really just a loser instead. But the worst part of the short, for me, was when he was in a bar, scoping out the chicks he wanted to be caddish with and he showed two types: the thin, blonde type or the brunette kittenish one. WHO WAS FAIRLY PUDGY. Or something like that. My personage had been insulted in a movie. I think he was calling me fat, basically. Sexy but fat. I'm sure it had nothing to do with me, being such a loser in real life that he could not even be a proper cad, but I have to say that it cut me to the quick and I was complaining all the way into the English Patient, and - hey! - even till now. A sad, pathetic, almost 10 years later.

Has it been 10 years? Oh, gosh, what a loser I am. But at least I don't have a sour book-to movie adaptation on my head. There's always that.

I Love New York

kim | 08 February, 2005 14:10

I miss the old New York. The New York of graffiti. The New York with no drinking age. Or buying cigarettes age. I miss scary Times Square. I miss discovering new clothes. I miss looking different than other people or having the choice, at least. I miss when khakis were occasional. I miss $1.50 pizza. Okay, so I just love pizza, it's so good. I miss originality, posers with a purpose, cheap rent. I miss artists and punks. I miss scaring people who aren't from here. I'm a townie and this is my town and it's been polished down to a shiny nub. It's not New York's fault, after all.?I won't blame the victim.?

Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Ass On The Way Out, Boot Camp!

kim | 07 February, 2005 18:47

Who was I kidding? Boot camp is a great idea for people who don't take care of sick children while they are sick. I've still got a little rest coming my way.?Mike let me?sleep in both nights this weekend and then I went back to sleep after the?nanny came in today. I'm totally wiped out. All I can think of is coffee all the time. It's sort of like when?I?was pregnant the first time but I just?didn't know it yet. I assure you I am not pregnant but I fear that when I have a?second?child, or when?said second child ascends?upon me?(not really trying to be ethereal here),?I will never sleep again. The first kid is the priority.?He changed everything. I feel bad for the second one, G-d?willing I should have a second one, because the first one took my life and shook it upside down. Anything he didn't care for went out the door. Like he?said, don't let?the door hit you?in the ass on your way out, Mommy's career, Mommy's sleep, Mommy's exercise, Mommy's?four fricking minutes to herself.?But I wouldn't trade all that stuff for the delicious little boy that he is.

What's Bad For Busisness Is Good For The Blog

kim | 06 February, 2005 08:54

I have seen some crazy shit in the last week. Some I can write about and some I can't. Let's just say I will reserve them until they blow over and then I will go back again and use them to make you laugh. But I'm glad that the entertainment and fashion businesses exist. They are a good holding pen for the crminially insane to find employment and stay off the street. They torture themselves and each other in annoying but essentially harmless ways, where they wreck each other's souls but their bodies and minds stay in tact.?It could?be worse.

They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

kim | 05 February, 2005 00:29

I was just watching Cabaret, the original version and that is truly brilliant makeup. It's done in such a way that it reflects the tension of the subtext, which is?how the decadence of the time was just a cover up for the exhaustion?eveyone was experiencing in Berlin from poverty and a sort of, er,?a group lack of self-esteem. Really, the makeup is that deep. Gorgeous.?

Never Quite Prepared Enough

kim | 04 February, 2005 09:42

When I do makeup, I travel heavy. Here's why: the first year I did makeup I believed producers. I was hired by one of the independent film channels to do intros for?a Parker Posey film festival in which they would show all of her flims. The producer told me explicitly: you don't need to bring alot, it's just touch ups. I think he even went so far as to say that she didn't like makeup. I brought a few powders, maybe some concealer, a black pencil, a brown pencil, maybe a blush and MAC's spice pencil. So when I got there I did the makeup for the male host and then I got to Parker and she had no makeup on but wanted a full face of makeup. Not like a cheerleader, she was going on camera and she's an actor and she wanted to look good. I thought I would die right there in Time Cafe, I think we were in Fez, I don't remember - somewhere around Lafayette - but I do remember wanting to die. Parker whipped out some Eight hour cream by Elizabeth Arden and we smushed it all up with the two pencils I had and made it sort of work. She taught me about Eight Hour Cream, but I looked like an unprepared idiot and there was no connection made there. If you remember that, Parker Posey, I am so sorry. I would do such a better job today.

People sometimes tease me because I travel with a suitcase filled with makeup, but you can see why I do.

Recently I had another situation where someone told me not to bring something I needed for a shoot. I listened to her. It's been such a long time, I completely forgot. We made it through, but I have to remember never to trust anyone. In production.

Two Things: One Large, One Small But Completely Unrelated

kim | 03 February, 2005 00:21

Tonight is Billy B. night on my website. And why not? He's an incredible makeup artist!

But also:

In cyberspace, there is no spell check and no grammar check - and Lord knows I have errors?in punctuation?in this?here blog -?but please take note: an elipsis, three dots that indicate a pause in thought...is exactly three dots. Not two, not seven and not to be determined by the author.

Thanks, it's just a pet peeve. I'm not saying that I'm perfect, I'm just letting the elipsis-impaired know.

It's Okay To Be A Lightweight!

kim | 02 February, 2005 10:40

Growing up in New York City, I learned how to party at an illegal age. And party hard. And party with those who partied harder. It wasn't even called partying it was so hard. That's my second novel, I won't get too much into it here. Although?I'm certain that sounds so intriguing.?Suffice it to say that I loved the night, I loved staying out, I loved seeing the sunrise, I loved the streets at night between 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning when you can walk in the middle of the avenue and see all the way downtown or uptown because there were no cars to obstruct your view. And the lights against the darkness made it all seem so tinkly. I just loved the night.

When you start early, you end early, I think. And those of my former colleagues in crime who didn't stop early sound like truck drivers, long shoremen and, well, hags. All that partying can be hard on a body, especially the vocal chords. But I was lucky enough to cut out all that nonsense early on and I live a pretty clean life now, which involves going to sleep at a relatively humane hour, insomnia notwithstanding.

So last night I went out to dinner with Pamela to Alias, which is exactly across the street from where Niclole Dufresne was murdered (the candle vigil lit and hot on the actual spot which was heartbreaking and a not just a little creepy), and is also close to the same neighborhood where I got into alot of trouble as a kid. I met her at 8:00 and we were out by about 10:30. I had a decaf cafe Americano, which was pretty good, and NO DESSERT which was a small act of divine intervention, but kept me awake for a little bit but I did finally go to sleep. When I woke up this morning I was wasted tired. Sore throat, loggy, groggy, tired. So I went back to sleep. I couldn't believe it. I will do some exercize tapes tonight and I did a little on the novel but will also do some more tonight, but wow, I needed the sleep. My arms even have that heavy thing going on right now just typing.

If time travel were possible and I could transport back in time and introduce me now to me back then, I (the younger) would have really thought I (the elder) was a big dork. And while I (the elder) would know that I (the elder, again) seemed kind of dorky, I would tell me (the younger) that this is so the cooler way to go.

Welcome To Boot Camp, Darling

kim | 01 February, 2005 18:31

Last night I had another weird dream in which I was berated for my orange, oxidized highlighted hair. I truly, in my waking state,?have one inch of dark roots with, well, they are salt and pepper, who are we kidding - it may not be pretty,?but?nothing on my head is copper penny orange and the larger point is that?I am having all of these dreams?in which?I am being punished for my bad appearance. Which would lead one to believe that I forced myself harder into boot camp on my first day.

But I did not.

Let me tell you about?some of?the dieting I have done: some fat people's weight loss thing when I was 13. You can't put 13 in caps, but please do so in your mind. Gary Null, Weight Watchers, and The Zone. At least. And they all worked for me for a little while, but then when I had to settle back into my lifestyle, then the weight piled back?on. And let me tell you why: I eat cookies every day. Or ice cream, or tasti-d-lite, or Green and Black's chocolate, or sun drops or whatever. And then I eat other junky stuff, too. And I don't work out on a regular basis, only in spurts.

So this boot camp has got to be different or it's just going to be the same old thing. So here's what I'm doing: I will not work out the 8 times a week, but I will do the six. Lord have mercy. For 12 weeks? That's going to be more than I worked out in the last two years.?I feel pretty okay with six times a week. Proud, even. Then I am going to keep some of the unrefined things like brown rice and whole wheat (sugar and yeast free from le Pain Quotidien) in but dump the white ones. And you know what? I've let go of the sugar. I can't tell you how uncomfortable it is to walk around on the street not eating chocolate. But that is one of the best reasons to give it up: I can't stand anything having me by the balls. Chocolate's not the boss of me.

If I need to adjust the food, I will, but I'm simply not going to deprive myself. I know that 5 vegetables a day is good, lean protein is good, refined flours and sugar?are not. Fruit in moderation and lots of water. I prefer organic and mostly macrobiotic when I can get my hands on it, but my neighborhood sucks for macrobiotic.

Tonight I'm going out with Pamela for dinner because she's in town for a trade show. It will be my first girl's night out since I was pregnant, I think. And I'm eating past 7:30 which is something I generally won't do, but flexibility, moderation and kindness seem to better ways to go rather than rigidity, extremes and beating myself up.

This is the boot camp of love. Welcome, darling.

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