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How To Look Good In a Picture

kim | 30 May, 2005 21:09

Look at the camera.

Pretend your high school boyfriend is standing behind it. Before you knew how messed up he was.

Now, remember your very first kiss. How the side of his face looked. If he was wearing cologne. Did he cradle your head around your ear as your head tilted back to meet his, slipping his fingers through your hair or did he wrap his arm around your shoulders?

What did his back feel like?

What did he smell like?

How soft were his lips?

Did he taste like cigarettes, ice cream or just perfect, like a boy?

How soft was his tongue?

Was he slightly rough with you, showing you who was boss or was he gentle but firm? I bet he knew his way around a girl.

Did the room/boulevard/street spin wildly as you kissed?

Did the rythyms of your mouths mesh perfectly?

Were you in awe that anything, ever could feel so good?

Did you wish it could never, ever end?

Was it dark when you stopped?

Now look in the camera again?- and smile.

Almost Done Cleaning...National Clear the Air Day, Part Deux

kim | 26 May, 2005 20:22

I got a response from ol' BFF. A precursor to a response. It's getting me anxious for the real letter to come; but sad because the tone is the same - she has not changed. How can two nice Jewish girls so well suited for each other have such personality differences that they are a trainwreck waiting to happen? I should give it a chance although it's a letter that's coming and not a phone call, so that's pretty much a dead end. I don't really want to be friends again, I just want to walk around in my old neighborhood without fear of cringing. You know, clear the air and what not. Whatever. Sometimes you just gotta let go. And if it doesn't return to you, it was never meant to be.

Here's a tissue to wipe that puke off your lip.

On a lighter note, I had a physical today with Mike's doctor who is actually cuter than I remember but he's got really bad balding hair. Meaning, the whole head is still in full force, the sides are complete, and the top is blow-dried back up and back, but there are like 20 clumps of hair there. Neat and in succession, but only 20. Maybe they are implants or maybe that's what's left and he never let it go and he's still blow-drying it in the same style he always had it. When he asked me what medications I was taking I told him, the last of which is Appearex that my dermatologist suggested. It's a biotin proven to help with balding, because I was taking it when I lost all that hair after I stopped nursing. It's really great for balding I said to him looking him in the eye. And I felt like I was saying, YOU'RE BALD! JUST SHAVE THAT SHIT OFF YOUR DOME, YO. But blood had not been drawn yet, so I thought I would be tactful since I'm terrified of all needles.

What If...

kim | 25 May, 2005 22:29

The ape-faced adult daughter of a famous woman was initially very nice to me when we both had newborns but then spent an hour with me and decided for reasons unbeknownst to all of us that she didn't like me and, in fact, was the leader of the Mean Mommy Brigade? Would I write about it in my blog? And what if I saw her tonight at an informal party and she had to be nice to me because I am friends with the hostess. Would I tell you her name in my blog?

No. Because mean people never get nice. They only get remorseful and kiss-assy as a manipulation tactic to maintain their power. Which she did and I held my head up with integrity and answered her questions and thanked her for her fake compliments about the kid politely. But I was gloating. She has to look at that ape face every day and I get to look at mine. Meaning: she's a bitch and I am nice. And I like it that?way. I'm not going to change.


kim | 24 May, 2005 19:52

Will I ever act again? I spent two years studying at?a prestigious studio program and was six weeks pregnant at the end of it. That fall I was a reader for an audition class and I was huge. Enormo. The problems I had while I was studying that didn't let me fulfill my full potential was a distracted (to say the least) but very famous teacher and an instrument with too much meat on it. I've just never been comfortable in my skin and to be an actor one must be. That and I was working three jobs and coming out with a book.

It was the second biggest dream of my life and now it's on the back burner. Will it ever move up to the front? I think, maybe, that time for me has come and past. I'm not sure. Who knows? I'm very much in the hallway right now with alot of things.

A Day of Doctor's Visits

kim | 24 May, 2005 19:14

Our poor family - we're falling apart. Today I spent? hours writhing in the dentist's chair hoping against hope that my two fractured teeth that she drilled down are not fractured down to the root and will thus need to be extracted, i.e. pulled out of my head with pliers. And then we waited an hour and a half at the frickin' dermatologist's office because the kid is covered in non-specific tiny red dots again. Some are bigger than others; but he is always scratching. I will not lament about Mike's knee or his broken pinky toe or all the sleep we are missing. Right now, it's just not very pretty around here.

Would You Miss Me If I Was Gone?

kim | 23 May, 2005 21:05

These days, I'm obsessed with death. Perhaps I'm finally feeling my own mortality - we only have one life, baby, let's live it - or perhaps I just need medication. I've been doing so much for so long and it's not really getting me anywhere money-wise. I love my website but I need shorter-cuts to updating it and I can't always get Ray on the phone. I need more private clients, that's one of the purposes of this site. I just had the greatest client Saturday, so much fun. I love personal shopping with women. They feel relieved, empowered, helped and excited. For them: no wasting money, no folding under intimidation tactics, no confusion when they get home from a big mass of products that don't make sense. For me: I get to shop, shop, shop but be frugal and help women. I can't think of many things better for a job. But I take care of a child and I really need to streamline. I haven't updated Laws of Nature in, like, a week because I've been taking a little break. Why have two websites if they're not going to pay off? I can't tell you why. I need to focus on my novel. I have been exhausted between the two sites, private clients, shoots with Noah, shoots with Shop, Etc., random shoots for books. It's so busy but not as lucrative to make it worth it, I think.

Plus, with all this working, I've felt guilty about not spending the whole day with the kid, so I just play with him in the afternoon. I have not been cultivating relationships with other moms and it feels lonely. I just started again today and I ended up taking a wonderful class with a mommy friend. I didn't know it was going to be water-based, so we just stripped our kids down to their diapers and they splashed around for 45 minutes, gulping what I am sure was filthy, bacteria-laden water but having a ball doing it. Afterwards we played in the ante room filled with fun toys and then went to the park to see some doggies, stopped by our favorite stores to say hello to their owners and their dogs on the way home and then made some dinner. I had so much fun with my friend and her kid was so cute that for the first time, instead of feeling depleted with the kid, I felt energized. He needs structure and so do I. And I need a little more community.

Is this website doing anything for anyone? Am I contributing to the greater good? Am I getting any clients? I don't know the answers to any of those questions, but shouldn't I feel energized by things in my life if they are creative? This blog has helped me write regularly for the first time in my life and I do feel like I can eat the world for breakfast (sorry about the cliche) after I'm done. If I have nothing else, when I'm completely down, I have to pretend that I'm not and say something helpful or poignant for you. That helps. I?am not going to?give it up; but I had such a good day today. Could I ever give up my writing? I don't think so. I have too much in me bursting to get out. But if I went away, would you miss me when I was gone?

Revenge of the Sith - Beauty Movie Review (With Spoilers!)

kim | 22 May, 2005 01:20

My mom came over tonight to watch the kid so me and Mike could go to a movie. I used to like film; but there's no time for that, so I'll settle for a movie. Mike suggested three different Kung-Fu movies, which would be fine if I saw?films all the time; but since I don't I said - very politely - Capital F, no. We decided on Revenge of the Sith. And got tickets quite easily. The kid went clunk at 8:20 and we high tailed it outta here.

The movie was a bummer. How can you have such great actors and such lousy acting? It really could have been a moving experience if we could have gotten invested in the drama of the characters; but how can you when they aren't even acting like people? Although I really identify with Anakin because through fear he aligned himself with the dark side.? But the dialog was straight out of Three's Company. Without the double entendres and the fake sex hijinks. So conceptually it worked but dramatically it flopped.?The effects,?however,?are spectacular.

Even more spectacular is the beefcake shot we get of Hayden Christiansen coming out of bed. WOW is he buff! I think they meant him to be a sexy ugly guy, when he's really turning out to be a sexy sexy guy. That guy is hot.

Then there's Natalie who is a silken milky perfect beauty. Her makeup is pitch perfect in every scene and each hairdo is more ridiculous than the next. I understand it, but it just doesn't work. And what's with that back of the teeth lisp that she acquired for Garden State? Unnecessary.

And here's the spoiler: what happens to Anakin is really awful and gross, he gets burned to a crisp and then they fix him up and put all that Darth Vader gear on him, but they never clean him off. So, what? He's all ookie under that pristine plastic outfit? Yuck. In the future, I hope they're a little more sanitary than that. Which they seemed to be for the birth scene, they had this proper little tunnel covering her legs and she gave birth in a white gown and her face was a little shvitzy afterwards and then she dies in the most serene way. After I gave birth I had broken capilaries all over my face and it was all puffed out for pushing for two hours. My hair was sticking out from all ends. I looked like I had been in a continuous 12 hour bar brawl. Not like I had just been styled for three hours.

So all in all the makeup worked, it was a good looking movie. I'm bummed that George Lucas chose beauty over substance.

I Have Nothing To Wear

kim | 21 May, 2005 07:52

by Kim Weinstein.

I have nothing to wear because:

It's my mother's fault (promises of a new wardrobe not kept after I lost 20 lbs. as a teenager - I was routinely bribed to lose weight and was?routinely 20-40 lbs. overweight).

I got fat, so nothing fits.

I have not toned-up post baby. What's a girl to do with all that extra skin and fat in the middle?

I have an apple-shaped body to begin with, so nothing looks good when I try it on. There are essentially no clothes for me.

I live my life in black t-shirts. That's not style.

The four garments that do look good on me are dirty.?

I never have time to shop.

I don't know a good tailor.

I just returned $400 worth of garments because I can't tell what they're really like until I get them home.


Life Is Like Oscar and So Am I

kim | 19 May, 2005 21:33

Poor Mike. He is Felix and he married Oscar. I am so messy. I am trying my best. It's just that my brain does not work that way, despite my deepest desire to be organized. I'm getting better at it, though. It takes so much time to clean up. I just don't see the point, really. But I'm doing it anyway.

And you know what else? I'm just a messy person. I have feelings, sometimes not so good - especially lately. I've been struggling with them for about a week or so, trying to keep my chin up and a calm face for my little dude. But it's hard and I think I may have fallen in with the wrong crowd again; a bad habit I have, so I'm not really getting that much support. This is the worst punctuated post you've probably read in a while.

That's in part why the posts are slower. Also, the kid now goes to sleep 2-3 hours later than he did before. 9:00 is the new 6:30 around here. And I've been working alot of makeup jobs - 4 this week alone - so when am I supposed to do anything else? I'M TRYING TO WRITE A DARK NOVEL HERE, PEOPLE! Not live one.

The problem is that I don't want to give up any time with the kid because I just love him too much. So I will have to get a little bit less sleep, not post perfectly, leave my crumpled garments on the floor and sometimes fall into bed without washing my face because sometimes life is just messy.

Can You...

kim | 17 May, 2005 21:52

Wheel your child and your suitcase filled with makeup into a cab and go to work? Can you unfurl your kit in a weird location with your right hand because your child,?who will not let go of you because he is too overwhelmed, is on your left hip? Can you do a whole face of makeup with said child on hip while it is very hot, including liquid (okay, gel) eyeliner? With barely any lighting?

Can you do that after a whole day filled with cleaning, returing garments, gift purchasing, re-scheduling and scheduling appointment, editing and hair-dying? Can you see that fellow through to his new bedtime, which is two hours later than his previous bedtime? Can you still write your novel after moving non-stop from 7:00 in the morning? And pop some dinner in the oven for your man? And keep the house clean?

I can.

I'm So Organizized

kim | 16 May, 2005 12:11

I have a big job on Wednesday and I want to say thanks to the women at Nars for arranging some help for me. They were incredibly helpful, thank you. I am re-arranging my kit, it's so messy. I can't really figure out how to get all the little pieces in neat configurations without spending the whole amount of the job I'm getting on the stuff that I need to get for it. I still have to go to MAC and then Ricky's. We'll see how it all pans out.

Truth be told, I'm in a cleaning frenzy. I can't stop straightening up and throwing things out. I'm clearing the way for something; I'm just not sure what.

Not like I really have time for any of it. Today I had to get the kid his shots and unlike all the other times, it was quick and virtually painless and he's fine now. I'm so excited about this, partially because him getting his shots makes me almost faint because the thought of someone hurting him is worse than someone hurting me; but also because he won't be sick this afternoon and I can take him around on errands. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

Tomorrow I will get my roots done. And by roots I mean half of my head practically. My roots are almost as long as a small high heel. I would say two inches. How'd it get so long? Easy: I don't do them unless I have a big job or unless someone comments because I always forget. I just don't have time. I'm trying to get better organized.

Mom's Night Out III

kim | 12 May, 2005 20:32

I was sick for Mom's Night Out II. Deux.

Growing up in New York, you would never find me in a large restaurant or bar. I liked the out of the way places - the places where the bridge and tunnel crowd would not congregate. If I or any of my friends saw any high hair we would snorfle and guffaw and role our eyes and smoke our cigarettes. I particularly liked to blow smoke rings when I was feeling contentious. I don't smoke anymore so sometimes I have to blow mental smoke rings.

So when I walked into Tao, featured on Sex and the City, like, a decade agoall the old?judgements kicked in. And then I realized that all the people in there shouting, drinking, grinding in the dark (oh, it was so dark - if there was no grinding there should have been) are just trying to have some fun and let off some steam just like me who, thirty minutes prior was holding a wet, slippery baby who now hates the water so he messed up my hair with it. My hair looked like shit and I haven't been able to work out and I was just a mess. But I slapped some makeup on and that seems to distract people for long enough or perhaps they just don't want to say anything mean. I can't tell.

And you know what? We had a blast. I shouted through my hacking cough (I highly recommend Robbitussin DM for those of you who are having that awful phlegmy hacking emphasematic cough and post-nasal drip) and just had a hoot of a time. It's so nice to eat with grown ups. And to be allowed to sit down through a whole meal. And to eat raw fish and not have to say, no, that's mommy's and have to contend with a tempertantrum, publicly or privately.

A funny thing happened at the end of the evening: despite the fact that I am the fattest one in the group some of the mom's told me that I looked so pretty in the pictures (they didn't say I was the fattest, but I am - not that I'm fat, but the fattest. You get my point) every single time. I told them I know all my flaws and I have my one pose that works for me. And I like to get ridiculous in front of the camera and act like a big ham. So if you want a beauty tip for tonight: cheat your head to the side (your skinnier side), chin down slightly but shoulders down, and then look at the camera like he's Tom Cruise. Unless you like straight guys. Just joking. I'm still so snotty.

It's Called a Work Ethic

kim | 10 May, 2005 20:22

Do not agree to test with me, avoid my calls - or act like you're doing me a favor and I have to hunt you down if I want to get my stuff. No, darling. Because I don't want to work with you if I book a model and then you make me look bad with the agency because I'm missing a crucial element. First of all, rest assured: I will make it work. Second of all: you don't really want to be doing what you say you want to be doing. Third: don't screw people over at the last minute - even if it's at the suggestion of a friend who only knows the partial story. It may not come back to haunt you, but you will never work with me again. I'm a bitch that way.

Do you know that Pol Pot died peacefully in the jungle? I don't really believe in what comes around goes around. I just keep my eye on the straight and narrow.

Meanwhile, we had an easy shoot today. I think we got some nice pictures. It was nice to be so mellow and then to just come home. My head is filled with mucous and my bones ache, so I'm happy that I wasn't too over taxed. Because I'm going to upload my flog, make fun of Renee Zellweger on my other blog and cuddle up with my main man and snore loud.

It Even Happens to Me

kim | 08 May, 2005 20:10

Those girls behind the counter, with their perfect makeup and their access to those drawers! Why can't we look in there for ourselves? I was meeting a private client at Bloomies on my day off, on my personal down time, and - don't tell Mike - I did a little shopping. When the bill comes in I will tell him to cancel the charges. No, just joking. I bought two lipglosses at Sephora and the Christian Dior concealer at Bloomie's, which I thought they only sold at Saks, so there. And then I went to the Laura Mercier counter to look at the new collection. I don't know who's doing her packaging these days - meaning packing up her colors in new configurations - but it sure looks good. Plus, it's one of my most favorite makeup lines. For grownup ladies, brides, regular girls and all other manner and type of woman, it's one of the most complete lines on the market. Although women possessing the funk and the rock n' roll hearts might find a few things in this line, they would better be suited by Nars, Urban Decay, Too Faced and MAC. But I daydream.

Anyway, I first touched the new blush and she gave me the cream blush brush and acted like I was a moron. Because she was deaf. I was wondering why I was swiping a flat, acrylic brush through a powder color quad, but whatever. I'm someone who has to contain her temper and doesn't like to be bossed around, so I really didn't appreciate her tone. Then she told me they were sold out. As well as the eyeshadow duo I was interested in for my client. Then the lip gloss. Now, when we got to the lip gloss, she started in.

"Yeah, we don't have any testers. They flew out of the store. We only have two pieces left."
"Okay, can I see one?"
"Yeah, but you can't touch it."
"I know." So she brings it out and I open up the box and she's getting nervous.
"Can I open it?"
Sheepishly: "Yeah."
But I can see she's ready to start the moment I twist off the cap.
"Can I open it," I ask, having twisted off the cap but not yet pulled out the wand.
"Yes," she said through pleading and micro managing eyes.

It was a beautiful color. And, theoretically, I do need some new colors. Although Mike, I'm sure, would disagree. Our house is lousy with lipglosses rolling under foot.

I got so panicked about there being none left. I could use it for me! It's a perfect bridal color! Me and Noah have a test coming up! I HAVE TO PUT THIS WAND ON MY MOUTH RIGHT NOW! I told myself and I knew I had a $20 in my wallet with this lip gloss all over Andrew Jackson's lips. So I bought it, because she created a sense of scarcity.

"So when is that eyeshadow coming in?" She did this whole rigamarole with the paperwork and told me the 23rd. It was the 7th. Who can wait that long for makeup?

So I met my client and formulated a complicated alternate plan for the eyeshadow scenario. Then?we?went to the Laura counter and?spoke to another girl, coincidentally.?No, we have it in! She said, like we were crazy. And I didn't want to ask her about the lipgloss because I was going to throttle that?fricking bitch who terrified me into buying a lipgloss.

So, you see, it even happens to me when I'm suceptible. I never pay retail for makeup but I was in the mood to?purchase a few glosses for myself. And?although the Laura one I?bought is gorgeous, I'm ashamed of the way it made its way into my purse.?

Blush for Spring

kim | 07 May, 2005 07:59

I've finally updated my secrets section. Sorry it's taken so long. It takes so long, though. So I've given you a little lesson in all the different types of blushes. If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments section.

Just remember: powder is good for all types of skin. It won't make you look dry if you are dry but cream is a nice option for you. Gel and stain look good on all skin types, but if you have blemishes around your cheeks, it will be hard to pull off because the bumpies will grab the color more so it will give you a freckle-y effect. Not attractive. I speak from experience,?having?suffering from milia my whole life. Not exactly the note I want to end on, so rest assured I will have gifts for mom in the Moms section and I will update pinks. I really haven't been walking around with my camera and have not been that inspired and want a Nikon D-70, so I haven't been updating my flog so much. I will get on that. Promise.

National Clear the Air Day

kim | 06 May, 2005 21:41

Today I made up with two of my dearest friends. I'm walking on air. You know why we were not talking? Making two very long, boring stories short: in part - Weddings. Mine, hers, theirs - they all suck and make you lose friends. Come on, you know it's true. So do yourself a favor and don't invite your friends to your wedding. Or have someone else plan it.?Then all of you show up like it's someone else's party.

I even called my old BFF to say it's National Clear the Air Day. Partially because I want to walk around feeling okay and not with old hurts and partially because I want to learn more about myself so I can be of greater service to humanity. NO SHIT. Really. I'm goofy, I know.

So unless it's like an old boyfriend (unless you want a booty call and at least have the courage to admit that to yourself and don't use self-knowledge as?a bullshit?excuse) or someone who abused you (trust me, you don't owe them an apology), call someone up and say you want to clear the air. You might re-ignite a friendship and you will definitely learn something about the other person's perspective which, I'm sure, you weren't counting on. So swallow your pride and have some fun!

C'est n'est pas literature

kim | 05 May, 2005 22:05

Last night I went to see this NYPL Late Series thingie that Eric Bogosian was moderating called The New Literacy: how the novel and the theater are dying. No, no, just the literacy part, but the other part no. It had on the panel John Guare, Stephen Adly Girguis (I'm sure I'm misspelling that and I heartily aplogize), John Patrick Sex God Shanley and this young comic book guy who writes Tokyo Pop. Sorry, I couldn't hear his name and if I'm not going to use it, I'm not going to retain it and I don't think I'll have much to do with comic books in the short future.

So I was ready for some brilliance and to see if I was wasting my time writing my novel. Guare was stately, Girguis was humble and therefore very encouraging and every word that fell from Shanley's lips was another raspberry, a strawberry, a pearl, a diamond, a cupcake. He looks like an English teacher (boring) but he also sounds like a brilliant English teacher and is therefore irresistable. Don't worry,?Mike is my one true love in real life.

So Bogosian was complaining about the state of literature: how Hemingway used to sell billions of novels, how fine literature was once the popular entertainment and it no longer is and how he longs for the days of the alcoholic writer that would dig deep into himself and give life to his innermost self and create literature. That he was bummed out about the Da Vinci Code and the Lovely Bones. The Lovely Bones, he said, sorry, was not literature.

Wait. What the fuck? I did not read the Lovely Bones. I didn't read it because I read Lucky which was so harrowing I was destroyed for a week or two. Alice Sebold was my very first fiction teacher. I will always love her. I know what her process is. Not personally, but what I write today, the sensations I feel for, the daily gentle reminder that I have to do it every day - this is what I got from her. And I know she writes literature.

I feel like I'm telling on him, but it was a public forum and I would have this discussion with him in real life if I could or perhaps if he had a woman up there, she might have said something about this.

What is literature? Everything is Illuminated is literature. I cried reading that book almost every other page because I thought - I will never write like this and he's only 25 - it made me bodily sick and jealous. But I also cried because of the imagery and the plot and the characters. It was a beautiful book and I although I don't think it's for everyone because the Jewish humor - or the humor about being Jewish?might lose some people because it's so personal, I hope that everyone will have a literary experience like that. Where they fall in love with a book and it breaks their heart - the author breaks their heart, the book being?finished breaks their heart.

But how can one white guy on a panel of other white guys say that a book?narrated by?a seven year old dead girl is not literature? I am shocked to see that kind of dismissiveness about women's work and women's topics?in my generation and the generation right before mine. It's so invalidating.

I have such a hard time writing and I went to this lecture for inspiration. I am really hard on myself and worry about my novel all the time -?to the extent?that I don't write it. I've spent so much time in self-criticism and I'm just breaking free of that now. I didn't need another negative voice in my head. My book is going to qualify as chick lit, okay? But I'm putting my dark soul into it so I hope you will all really learn?and feel and see the world in a different way?when it's over. I'm here in my pink ghetto, but it's mine and I'm going to have to decorate it all comfy because those boys are never going to have me over to their playdate.

So I walked out, came home, wrote a little and went to sleep.

Spring Makeup

kim | 04 May, 2005 18:57

I have to say that I'm feeling a little more grown up these days. A little more subtle, less glossy. I never thought I would give up my gloss and sparkles but to tell you the truth, I think I'm ready.

So I think I'll get some of those tinted lip moisturizer things. Tarte, Delux Beauty and Neutrogena all have nice ones. And maybe I'll go by MAC and pick up a few lipsticks. Nothing neutral, maybe something with some pink or peach. One day I am going to create a color that I always mix to get, I'll let you know when I will.

I'm thinking about doing a lipstick/gloss line. Whattaya think of that?

Busy Moms

kim | 03 May, 2005 09:29

Yesterday I did the makeup of a woman whose makeup I did when we were both pregnant. Now as I'm picking back up all of my private clients, I drop her a line, she has an event - boom, it's a date.

There's one problem: I don't have a baby sitter for that time so I have to take the kid. Usually he's fine. I just give him his own makeup kit and he plays. I have to kiss him every once in a while, but that's only at our house, and not during our witching hour. I was really nervous the night before but on Monday morning when we got up, it was even more nervewracking: he would not let me put him down. He was Dr. Cling-enstein, Mr. Franken-hug. It was going to be brutal and I knew it.

I kept him calm all day by plying him with the 27 bananas he requested and watching tv all day. Then the moment of truth finally arrived. I took the kid, his diaper bag, my makeup kit and put him in his retractable car seat and set off to the doomed appointment.

When we got there, the kid was so happy to see that?my client had a?daughter - because he's such a friendly kid - and they played for a minute. And her kid walked because she saw my kid walk, which was pretty miraculous. And then the nanny took her kid to the play room, which I knew was not going to go down well with him, so he stayed with us.

Now, don't forget: it's the witching hour, we're in a new place and he won't let me put him down. So I held him while we chose my client's outfit and then we put on some tv and set about doing her makeup. Her living room gets alot of natural light so I opened my kit on the coffee table, we put on Dora for the kid and set about doing the makeup. Well, let's just say that yesterday my child learned how to put makeup on himself. With brushes. I was doing fine, detailed work on her eyes and watching so that he would not ingest any poisonous materials with the eyes in the back of my head. Which just sprouted. They're a little tender, but they work well. She was incredibly understanding and sweet about the whole thing and could see how hard I was working but I felt embarrassed and terrible that he was there, stealing focus and perhaps making her not as confident that she would get the care she deserved. Which she totally did.? Despite the fact that several times he tried to get me to pick him up and was hungry for dinner. It was very difficult, but I handled both well, I think: she looked amazing and he?got his needs met.

Then we packed up and went home. All in a day's work. For a mom, I guess.

Last Week in April: Recap

kim | 01 May, 2005 19:33

I loved working this week. I am still torn - I don't want a job job, not that they're so easy to come by, but if they offered me this job, I would take it. It's so nice to be back in the work place. But I'm happy to be home. I will be doing an amazing shoot with Noah this week, sending out five pitch letters, resuming work on my novel in earnest and working out. Clearly, I will sleep when I'm a little bit older.

Recapping, I learned a few valuable lessons this week:

First, that I am a damn good makeup artist. I finally believe it in my heart. I love doing it and it shows. I honor the people that I work with in the way I do their makeup. Plus, I just have a knack for it.

Second: I love sugar. Anything with sugar, really. I just love it and it's my default position in a stressful situation. I'm not sure how that's going to change - it has before, but I just don't know when it's not going to be a problem.

Third: I have an admirable work ethic and I'm going to bear down on it so I can slog through my first draft by the end of May.

Forth: Other people are enjoying opportunties that I should be enjoying right now. I don't know why that is; but I believe that all that success is available to me. Serenity Now.

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