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The Difference is a Brush

kim | 30 July, 2005 08:50

We are starting to take the kid to Temple on Friday nights. It's great, he's so cute, blah, blah. But here's the thing: last week I went in with frizzy hair, just half up because I wasn't able to dry it and last night I blew it out with my Ceramic & Ion brush (#8, which is a little huge, acutally) and not only did it dry in 3 minutes, but I got so many compliments on my new hair cut. That it was the best hair cut ever. I know ions are supposed to dry it faster, but I didn't know they were that fast. But they are. And now it's so much easier for me to be foxier faster. Yay.

Fired For Life

kim | 27 July, 2005 22:01

I can't say this, I will get in so much trouble, but I will say it anonymously. The pictures for the fall makeup collections look like the models were let out of the beauty assylum, the makeup artists were defrosted from 1992 and they were designed by the Emperor's New Art Director. Yuck. Let's hope the makeup is better. I know it is at Nars, and MAC. That's all I have to say.

Self Tanner Warnings

kim | 27 July, 2005 12:17

Twice in one block I spied: a perfectly lovely girl with a perfectly lovely tan on the top portion of her body; but her feet looked like she had rubbed in a sheer application of barbeque sauce. Just because you've exfoliated and applied it properly, does not mean it will look good if it's the wrong color: context is everything. Then, on the same block there was a woman who had applied the self tanner in such a willy nilly fashion, that she missed the backs of her knees, her ankles - anywhere there was an indent. As if she had applied it with an electronic shoe buffer. She looked like just the type, too.

Reflections on Mom's Night Out

kim | 27 July, 2005 10:29

I didn't want to go to Mom's Night Out Number Five. I just wanted to stay home and write. And I certainly didn't want to go to the meat packing district, which is supposed to be so cool but is laughable with posers and rejects from Sex and the City. Where is one to acquire a tranny prostitute in our cleaned up New York? So it was my hunger to work combined with my townie arrogance (which I choke on, there's so much of it) that had me wanting to stay in my little hut in the sweltering heat and not socialize.

But there was my new 4" round ceramic brush to try out and my eyes to do. I have not had makeup on in two weeks. And my hair has looked like shit since I got it cut. I can't blow it out properly. This brush has given me a new hairdo, practically. And I did alot of black eyeliner and a sheer red gloss from Keihl's - the one in the pot. It's the best. Golden Berry. Smells like a golden berry, too. And since I've been in this detox diet, my skin is passing alot of toxins and it's all bumpy so I got this exfoliant Collective Well Being Honey Buff and my skin is looking better. If you haven't checked out the beauty section in Whole Foods, please do so now. It's awesome. So from the inside out, it's all coming together and I felt okay going to that trendy spot. And I had a great time.

All my mommy friends are beautiful and well turned out, and as a table we all sort of look good. Last night we were not directly hit on (like the time before by this rude waiter) but we were cat called a few times. And I actually think this older man followed me downstairs to the bathroom to stage a bumping into or something. And although after having a baby I can assure men everywhere that I can say with certainty I do not have what you want, sir, it was kind of a nice compliment. I used to get infuriated, but now I think it's slightly pathetic but a little funny. I mean, can you imagine shouting at a person on a street? Or following them down stairs? And the men who do it are getting older and fatter. Not me, I'm getting younger and thinner. Used to be the younger ones liked me. It's just funny how I see the world regarding me differently, or shall I say some not regarding me at all. I have changed. Motherhood has made me into a different person and given me roots (literally and figuratively - you should see how gray I've gotten!) that I did not have before. I like it and it's given me the opportunity to let fall away all that's not important to me. It was never so stark as last night. I don't really want to be in the middle of a pick up scene. I just want to be home here with the guys that I love so much already.

The Difference

kim | 25 July, 2005 12:28

This morning my suspicions about the Stephane Marais line were confirmed by another makeup artist mom (it's awesome!) who was kind enough to send me some feedback on it and also to confirm that it truly is wacky being a makeup artist and a mother. With the former you are building up, creating perfection, moving toward serenity (emotionally and physically) with the latter you are embracing, or crying over, chaos and everything constantly falling down. The difference between applying liquid eyeliner - with its concentration, its call for a steady hand, keen eyesight and managed breathing not to mention an artistic vision - and watching someone aim a spoon filled with applesauce generally in the direction of his mouth is huge. Keeping it together and letting it all fall apart, that's my life.

All moms, I suppose, have these huge, elastic hearts that have to open in the presence of their children and then have to close shut when they are dealing in professional situations. My open heart always gets flayed when I misplace it on the makeup counter at work next to my brushes, to the left of my foundations. I have loved my work, I have enjoyed and respected people with whom and for whom I've worked. But love? Ouch. People you love always hurt you anyway. It's a double and triple insult if you work with them. Maybe that's why I haven't jumped back in with the same gusto. Actually, to be corrected, I've been trying to find the best work that suits my being a mom and a makeup artist with great big gobs of gusto. I've definitely found my balance in private clients, weddings and tv - pretty much what I was doing before with the addition of the once-a-week shoot with Noah (who just won a competition, hooray for him) and then this little thing here I call a website. But it's hard opening and closing like that all the time.

Doing makeup is such an initimate job: you deal with people's self conceptions, their fears, their histories and their souls. It's the same when you're a mom. The difference lies in a simple question: if you had to choose someone to pee/poop/vomit on you by accident, who would it be?

Writing a Blog Entry is Easier than Writing a Book

kim | 24 July, 2005 14:43

But I'm doing it anyway. There's alot of decaf involved and many frantic messages to my friend who's helping. I am getting so far along, though. It feels great. There is not much makeup on my face but I did just get the fall collection from Nars. Holy God in Heaven is it gorgeous.

People always ask me what my favorite line is and I tell them it's impossible to say. But if I had to choose, if I were on an island and you twisted my arm or with held chocolate until I cried uncle, I would have to say that I would pick Nars. And MAC and Urban Decay and Laura Mercier and Giorgio Armani. Kevyn's line is gorgeous and I hear amazing things about Stephane Marais which I haven't used, per se, but have played around with the textures. But what Nars has got in store for you this fall, hold on to your hats! It's not shy, I'll tell you that. Sultry plums, browns and reds. Really sheer and dark and luscious. Yum. Ooh, and I like Delux Beauty, Benefit, Stila and La Mer, too. And Amazing Concealer. It's amazing. It might replace Dior Anti-Cernes for me, I'm not sure yet.

Putting My Body Where My Blog Is

kim | 22 July, 2005 23:40

I believe in beauty from the inside out. Before I got pregnant I was an organic, macro-fishatarian with cookies (mostly sweetened with SuCaNat) on the side. When I got pregnant, I could not stuff enough cheeseburgers down my cake hole and I had a disgusting chocolate shake (disgusting because of the man with mucous who would prepare them) and pizza and, oh, Gary Null would never stop throwing up if I told him what I ate when I was pregnant. It was completely out of my control, Gary, completely hormonal. Vegetables made me sick.

Now that I have not been pregnant for some time I am back in the groove. I met this amazingly beautiful woman in the health food store who wrote a book called the Raw Food Detox Diet and I've been doing it, albeit slowly and slightly modified. I am using the Jason Red products right now for normal/oily skin and I'm doing Pilates every other day and a little Yoga on the other days. I'm going to the gym tomorrow. And by doing, I mean, starting again tomorrow after my mostly successful at the beginning and then crumbling as time went on during my vacation. I have had two green juices in the last two days and I am working my way back. I was on the plan for, like, three weeks and my clothes were falling off of me and my skin looked amazing. I felt great, centered and connected to myself.

I guess if I was the type of girl that didn't get a blemish with every toxin that entered my body then I could eat like crap and sit on my ass, but that's not the kind of girl I am.

On vacation I realized that our bodies are gifts from God and that we need to take care of them for the short amount of time we have them. If we don't have time to properly feed, clothe, rest and exercize our bodies, then we should try to adjust a little something here and there to make it easier for us. Even if it's just to breathe deeply for a few minutes a day.

So I'm back on track and it feels amazing.

Gone Fishing

kim | 22 July, 2005 23:36

Sorry. I was blocked from my website by my computer for a week. Then I'm getting internet spam like a bad case of herpes and it takes hours to remove. I just can't keep up with it. Then we went on vacation. Glorious, perspective changing vacation.

I apologize for the absence. I'm back now. I'm even thinking of updating my other pages. That was a joke. I should be doing that every week. But what would you prefer: some sage beauty advice that you could hire me for and get it personalized or a novel, written by me?

When you're a mother, you've got to make choices. And I choose to sleep four hours a night, people.

Please Do Not Blog About Work

kim | 22 July, 2005 23:30

I am saying this for you and for me. Plus, I am also trying to change my syntax to exclude the word but and the weight of two equal but opposite sides. I guess I will have to prove that to you over time.

If Dooce did not convince you, then let the poor Jolie in NYC convince you. I can speak from painful experience, no matter how inconsequential the outcome, that warnings against blogging about work should now come before admonitions against going into business with family, lending friends money and, maybe, not wearing a condom. Just don't do it, people.

Jolie, I don't know you, but I am so sorry you got busted. I appreciate your humor and your talent will land you somewhere great.

Getting Religion

kim | 07 July, 2005 22:28

Oh, dear. This morning was horrible, no? More terrorist attacks. People who have been persuaded to hurt and kill others because they feel it is the religious thing to do.

When I was 31, I became bat mitzvah. That means daughter of the commandments. That means, here's the book -? follow the rules. And the rules say: don't hurt anyone else; it is incumbent upon YOU to heal the world. So. How can I repair the world if I am making fun of other people or saying bad things about them? Or showing their pictures on my other blog and making fun of them? A Buddhist might even say that my aggression, my attack is contributing to the aggression in the world. As a Jew, a mother and a lover of all people, I call for a truce. The rules also say that language is very important and when you talk about someone negatively it is akin to murder. That you must not even speak positively in front of the enemies of that person, as it might incite those enemies to contradict you. It is called lashon ha-ra, or the evil tongue.

A few Yom Kippurs ago, I swore it off. No gossip. No mean talk. No Star Magazine or Access Hollywood. Dude, for a year. I swear. Then the following year I picked up Star. It's a slippery slope. So.

To all the people that I have injured, I apologize and I hope you can forgive me. I will not contribute to this practice anymore. I hope we can all find little ways to make this world a better place. It so needs it right now.

Let's say a little prayer for those in England who lost loved ones.

Today I bought some Jason products - their new anti-oxidant line, "Red." I'll let you know how it goes.

I Need Love, Please Love Me

kim | 02 July, 2005 20:39

So pathetic. Here's what I've learned about myself this week: it's hard to parent and work. When I work, I get extra tired. When I get extra tired, I get extra needy. When I get extra needy, I get extra bitchy. And voila! One professional relationship ruined. Maybe two. I hope not. Sorry, D. I let my exhaustion get the better of me.


Air brushing

kim | 01 July, 2005 20:18

Today I picked the air brush back up again. It's like a snake - hold it the wrong way and you will get hurt. But as long as you know what you're doing, you're fine and everything will turn out okay.

So far it has.

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