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I Love Pink

kim | 28 February, 2006 16:05

I love Pink. Yes, any pink lip gloss that I can get my hands on, I'm a complete sucker for them. I am powerless to stop it, my record has skipped on 1979 where my lips are concerned. I am a perpetual disco queen.. It's an illness. But that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about Alecia Moore, the bad ass singer. Do I like pop music? Did I not just tell you I was a disco queen? You have to admit, Pink's music is fun to bop around to and her videos always look good. And she has an awesome voice. Her new video is great. It's no Mark Romanek thing, but finally there is someone on MTV with an image of a young woman as President. Can Pink claim to be so utched by all of this degrading booty grinding since she co-starred in Lady Marmalade, ode to a hooker who got off the streets? Yeah, why not? Hookers are people, too, and they are in the trenches muddling out all of those questions about feminism and power and meaning and the Phallocentry--literally and theoretically.

?I remember when the Madonna's Express Yourself video came out I was in Arizona to have a reunion with my father who abandoned me at age 9. Five out of the seven nights I stayed with him, he was over at his girlfriend's house while I babysat for my newly acquired half-sister. She was eight and when Madonna grabbed her crotch, she said, "I don't think she should do that." I was shocked and disgusted in front of my sister, but I was totally engergized as a twenty-one year old. I can't imagine what little girls have to contend with today. I am not in touch with my father for obvious reasons (it got so much worse). But I wonder what happened to her in this sex-obsessed culture. Her mother died before I met them all, and she only had this crazy guy navigating her through the minefeild of the MTV culture. I wonder if she prizes Political Science over piercings or Law over body waxing. I doubt it.

Someone needs to be a role model and believe me, these kids would not listen to Andrea Dworkin if they were speaking to them. They need some hot little singer to speak to them in their own language.

If I have a daughter next, I am either going to destroy all media from my house, or hire Pink to come over and give her a good talking to.

Before You Buy That Next Lipstick

kim | 27 February, 2006 15:24

Ask yourself: how many of these lipsticks in this color do I have. Are all my credit card payments up to date? Do I owe anyone money? Will this improve my life, or will looking into an investment instrument?

If you have answered all of those questions satisfactorily, then please proceed to MAC and get the two pink lip glosses. Holy pink sparkly lip gloss, Batman. You are such a sucker.

Carnivale de Couture - a la Verbal Croquis

kim | 27 February, 2006 11:41

Verbal Croquis askes If I could meet anyone alive or not alive in the beauty biz, I tell you, I would do it this way:

I would want a few hours with the first master, Way Bandy so he could beat my face. Then I would want the master of our time, Kevyn Aucoin, to take whatever Way did, and bring it to the next level. We would all agree on what the best look was for me. Then I would get the best hair cut of my life from John Sahag. And then I would go with my best friend, I'm not joking here, to a Led Zepplin concert where I would hang out with Robert Plant in 1972. If you know what I mean. The next day I would take Meryl Streep for brunch at the Four Seasons--why not--and we would have a long chat.

Spring Fashion

kim | 25 February, 2006 09:33

I just had oral surgery which was quite brief and relatively painless as far as these things go. If you need a good dental anything, I'm your go-to girl, I have the best people. My friend Robin took me there and back and also brought me a bunch of recent Bazaar magainzes. I have recently been looking at fahion in a new way, that is to say, looking, and two things are striking me these days is how inaccessible fashion has become but at the same time how stunning this Spring season is. Have you seen the Lanvin and Balenciaga accessories? Wow, they are gorgeous. I want one of those huge belts. But first I need the waist for it, so after I'm able to get up off my side, I'm going back to the gym. So psyched.

My Spotlight on Doryn's Dish!

kim | 21 February, 2006 18:04

I think tomorrow I am being featured on Doryn's Dish. Hopefully you will see more than my elbow and the side of my nose. There's actually? plenty of me after all. Lately, there's alot to love.

That Was My Back

kim | 20 February, 2006 13:44

If you watched Good Day New York this morning, that was my back and my elbow and my nose--not on my Mariah side. Oh, well. At least Lyss looked great. That's all that matters. Anyway, I'm offering special eyebrow packages and now eyebrow parties, so email me at kim@iamprettynyc.com if you are interested.

Then it was off to Saks where I helped my favorite e-makeover client shop in person. Oh, we had the funnest time! And the Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Lip and Cheek thing? I'm so getting that. You might want it, too. But it's very bubble gummy so be forewarned.

Carnivale of Couture

kim | 18 February, 2006 21:18

The fabulous women of I Am Fashion have posed the question what would you do if you won $10m dollars.

Susie pointed out that after taxes, it would be about 6.5. Being a realist and a resident of New York State, I'll go with that.

First, I'd buy one of these and be done with it. Then I'd buy my mom one near by. Total cost $4m.

Then I'd put $1m away for the kid's education and if he ever gets a sibling, that one, too. I have $1.5 left. I would take a tiny portion of that and get the kid a Thomas table and an indoor climbing gym.

First I would go here and start anew. Can't find the prices, but with the special wrap and massage packages so let's say with air fare it's $4,000 for the week plus the treatments and $2,000 round trip for the plane. Then I would hop on a plane to Italy and travel around to Lake Cuomo, and that part that's the sunny part that I can't think of right now. Then maybe Capri. Then I would go here for a spa treatment and I would do the Spa Treatment for women. Only about $800 American dollars. Go to Florence for a little shopping and saying hello to the Artemesia Gentileschis which I missed on my honeymoon and those other guys in the Uffizi and then I would hop on a plane to Greece. First to see the statuary, then island hop. What do you think? Would $50,000 be enough to stay in the nice places, purchase trinkets and ship everything home and fly in style? Let's say for three weeks. Perhaps some jaunts to Paris and London for the basics and we're up to another $50,000. Why not? That's only $100,000, total.

All that to say I would take care of my insides and the outsides would take care of themselves. But just in case, I think I would try Serge Normant or Garren because John Sahag is no longer with the firm and he's who I would have really liked to do my hair. Then I would purchase half of the Nars Collection, some pieces from Fresh, a bunch of Too Faced, all of Delux Beauty, every last Armani mascara and their lipglosses and #2 translucent powder and 5.5 foundation. Every lipstick, blush, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, lip liner, pigment, sparkle, shimmer and otherwise anything else besides foundation or powder product from MAC, likewise from Laura Mercier, the shimmer products from Bobbi Brown--all the bricks, the eyeshadows, all the lip glosses and the tubey mascara. Pout, Pop, Stephane Marais, Sonia Kashuk, All of Stila--every last bit of it and Scott Barnes, too. All of the Hermes fragrances and the remainder of the Armani Prive fragrances (I have number 4). Amazing and Dior concealers. Revive throat cream, the entire Decleor line for my skin type, Kerastasse and MOP hair products and...Creme de la Mer? Mmmm...no. It has mineral oil and I am against it. Although Creme de la Mer works better than anything you will ever put on your skin, ever. It is so worth it. All of Urban Decay. Glitter pencils from Hard Candy. Creme Liners from Smashbox. All the shimmer powders from Becca.All of the lipsticks and a few of the blushes and all of the eyeshadows and some of the lipsticks from Cargo. Every Sephora lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner. All of their sparkles and all of their eyeliners. A few of their cases and brushes. I don't wear nail polish. Too toxic, the remover is, I mean. All the Shu Uemura eyeshadows, blushes and brushes. A Shu Case( make up box). Vinnie Longo, the whole line. All the Tarte cheek things and all the duo glosses and some of the colored lip balms and all of the sparkle powders. Kevyn--the whole line, just for respect and trying to figure out what went on in that mind. Did I miss anyone? I don't want lip fusion, hylexine, any of that bullshit. Total cost, $200,000. Don't you think?

Then, I'd get this for Mike and a season ticket and plane tickets to this. $50,000.

When I get home, I'm calling up this chick and making sure my body and skin stay healthy. I sign up for classes here and get a membership here. About $10,000 maximum, depending on how long I kept Alex on the payroll.

Then we have our charities. I think Women In Need is great and these guys are, too. I worked with someone last summer who did work with them and they are incredible. $600,000.

I would give this mom $150,000 and help her find the right full time nanny, get fluffy the extra help he needs and for a retreat so she could start her book and get the rest and regeneration she deserves.

Then I would sign up here and fall to Susan Batson's knees and would do anything she said to do.

I'd take the rest and take the Manolo to Per Se if he'd reveal his identity to me. And then we'd go on a shoe shopping spree.

TV, Yes

kim | 17 February, 2006 13:25

Just as a part of a segment on Good Day New York on Fox 5. 8:20. I will be on with the inimitable Lyss Stern. Very exciting, especially after my week of danish. Ahem.

Star Struck!

kim | 16 February, 2006 14:02

I didn't watch it last night. I ruined the meatloaf, but I know Kara Janx was voted out. We all knew she would be because she hasn't won a challenge yet. I only saw the pictures, which were 3/4, but I loved the top of her dress. Anyway, I saw her today in a food establishment with that silly danish on her head. Why the danish? Is it supposed to be retro? Anyway, I wanted to go over and hug her, gush about how much I loved the show and how beautiful she looked in real life. It was gross, I was a total groupie. But I didn't, I will worship her from afar. I might have a tv appearance on Monday morning. I will notify you. Perhaps Kara would have liked to design something for me?

Crust in the Crack

kim | 16 February, 2006 09:03

I've been working the crack of elbow shift since last Friday, not including an extra job. I get up every morning at 2:30 although it gets later and later every day. This morning I turned?on my alarm clock because I thought it was off when I was really turned it off when it was, in fact, on. That was at 2:21 am when I got up in a panic. I made a delicious chicken meatloaf which I left overnight on top of the stove. In word, I'm toasty, I'm crusty, I'm tired.

And yet the makeup I am doing is garnering congratulatory phonecalls from makeup supervisors across the country. My talent looks great, it's me who looks like shit.

How Could I Forget?

kim | 14 February, 2006 03:11

Please forgive me. I only have one kid and yesterday two jobs before 12:00. My apologies to Final Fashion who, in her tear down,? took the bold step to love Ralph Rucci Chado but had the good sense to not love Alexandre Herchcovitch's skull belts. A vital part of the Carnivale! Please read her post.

Carnivale de Couture

kim | 13 February, 2006 14:04

In honor of the Manolo, who started this whole thing in the first place, shouldn't we officially change it to Carnivale de Couture? It sounds so much better: the first two words aren't even English to begin with, it just brings the whole idea around to complete silliness. In any case, I posed the question late last week: What was your most/least favorite part/garment/party/celebrity sighting of The Week and, as a result, are you looking forward to the upcoming season with anticipation or trepidation? And here's what our fashion bloggers came up with:

The Manolo, he rose up from his sick bed to tell the tale of the Fresh Prince of Darkness.

La Retrosessuale of Shangri-Law had me splitting my sides by reminding us that we can find beauty everywhere, so eat, drink and be merry and offering gastronomic tour through New York, so we can fatten up those scrawny models now that the circus has left town.

The Bling Blog loved the earrings of the season that did not clash with the fussy and ruffled necks that were shown for Fall 2006. She has a few picks and a few pans, but issues an Oscar warning for the stylist/starlet duo that weighs themselves down with ridiculous amounts of diamonds that clash with the clothes.

Verbal Croquis loves that black is back, but would like it to be used prudently. And no leggings, please. She is concerned about copyists, lack of creativity in the name of conceptual creations and where, pray tell, are the bridal finales? Good question!

Lesley over at Fashion Tribes shows her true fashion colors by picking the tulip skirt and La Wintour as favorites and Debra Messing and somber pallettes as her least favorites. Amazing and an authentic original.

Bag Snob would like some designers to stop focusing on trend reports and start designing. Likewise, they would like other designers to stop focusing on their tv shows and just start designing. On the other hand, Bag Snob great news for Oscar de la Renta and Peter Som as well as a few other designers.

Over at the Tribunal of Good Taste would like retailers to not cave in and purchase high-waisted trousers rather than the low-waisted ones of the last several seasons; with an impressive, vigorous scrutiny of each category, including makeup!

Counterfeit Chic loves the suiting for this fall and think it's time we live more creatively inside that uniform.

Jack and Hill take a look at the seasonless issue of what you put in your clothes--your ass and wonder: do men care, as long as it's a sexy one?

Style Tribe offers a succinct, well-edited collection of her favorites and ponders how they will play out on the streets.

Pursed Lips were ever so slightly upturned at the amazing Marc Jacobs hand bags on that runway. Her post was enough to make me drool for the perfect purse!

The Jewelry Weblog snoozed through fashion week because of its lack of jewelry.

Begin Each Day As If It Were On Pupose has the most original post with a love for Elaine Stritch that I have never seen before. Or maybe since. And makes it relevant for fashion week. Now that's a feat!

Beauty Addict has extensive face-by-face beauty breakdowns.

Almost Girl is most certainly taking a well-deserved nap after her highly detailed and thoughtful posts? throughout the week. Thanks, Girl, for the incredible work!

The Carnivale is Waiting...

kim | 13 February, 2006 10:24

I'm waiting for the straggler posts and I'm?in between two?jobs this morning (started working at 4), so you can read the Carnivale?right before?your siesta, somewhere in the afternoon which is when it will be posted.

Thursday's Presentation

kim | 12 February, 2006 08:49

All the girls were beautiful.

The presentation was for spring and summer so I took for the idea from the fall of the smokey eye and the light lip but wanted to make it wearable so I used the piigments Deep Blue Green and Melon, light bronzing powder from MAC and Fine China Lipglass. The colors of the collection were teal, turquoise, white, melon, watermelon with gold and amber accents, embellishments and sparkles.

This was the sweetest, funniest girl, but she photographs so elegantly.

I couldn't do anything with this bitch, G-d don't like ugly. Just joking. These are the boobs of the stylist.

Look Ma, a Blog With Pictures!

kim | 10 February, 2006 15:07

Me and Claudia, she does awesome hair
Me and Claudia before the presentation. She does awesome hair. More later!

Carnivale de Couture #4 - FASHIONWEEK!!!

kim | 08 February, 2006 21:35

Since I am hosting the Carnivale this week, I have chosen to change the "of" to "de" in honor of the Manolo. But also, I just think it sounds better and I'm taking liberties with language on my blog. Thank you for indulging me.

I am so fortunate to host on the week when Fashion Week ends, the dust is settled and we can all make our assessments. So here is the question: What was your most/least favorite part/garment/party/celebrity sighting of The Week and, as a result, are you looking forward to the upcoming season with anticipation or trepidation? Not a small question, but you bloggers love to write, so I'm giving you an opportunity to let us all know how you really feel!

Send me links to your post at kim@iamprettynyc.com and I will compile everything and post it on February 13th!


kim | 08 February, 2006 21:34

Kelly Clarkson just beat out Fiona Apple for a Grammy Award. Anyone have a hat and some ketchup?

Also, on the CBS local news there is a promo running for a serious piece of hard-hitting journalism: LIP BALM JUNKIES. I am not joking. We have run out of things to talk about on the news. I am so sad.

She Who Does Makeup In Glass Houses...

kim | 08 February, 2006 21:09

Shouldn't maybe hurl insults at top-earming makeup artists. Tomorrow I am doing a show. Not a good one, one for a mass retailer. Near the tents. not in the tents. This is a choice I made a long time ago: I don't believe the hype. I could have struggled for awhile and then been doing print now, but I wouldn't be a writer, for one, and I couldn't stay clear to my personal morals if I did. I am confused about the world of objectification and my place in it, and I decided early on to do makeup for women who had a voice so that I could facilitate their voice rather than their bodies and the subesequent oggling. So this is cheesy and I don't neccesarily agree with the policies of the company but I am being paid by a different company--in any case, I am nervous. There will be five girls there; let's be honest, none of them will be Gisele. But I take my job seriously and I want to do the makeup beautifully. I went to MAC today and got deep blue green pigment and a few light lipglasses and a gorgeous lip stick, I forget it's name now and I'm too tired to look for you. I'm going to do a variation on Tom Pecheux's* Badgely Mischka with a little more color and a little? more balance. But as I'm looking at some makeup to get inspired for my show (because heaven knows the clothes will not inspire), I'm seeing that warmer colors now look so dated. The colors, the lack of color at the shows--the impossibly erased mouth in so many shows--is a statement of modernity. Now that it's out there, it's hard to go back. Color is a a little passe. We are really expected now to be able to wear the most unflattering colors like a dare: are you pretty enough? I know I said that in my last post, but I really see it now when trying to create my own look. So it might be a little dated, but it will be wearable and flatter the women who are modeling the clothes, not the girls who will act as clothes hangers. There is a difference of respect for their humanity in the color of their blush. I want to restore the idea of their voices through at least acknowledging their mouths. Now is not the time to write about religous coverings, but let's just say that there is a burkha effect on some of the runways, all eyes and no mouth. Why didn't I see that sooner? Silly.

*Today when I went to MAC, I picked up the little booklets that they have explaining who did what show and what their inspiration is. This is the document I've been wanting to get my hands on. Sometimes I'm lazy about research but it is on MACPro's website if you're able to access it. It all makes sense now and I respect their choices. Maybe it was the lighting? But I have not mentioned the woman who is my new hero: Charlotte Tilbury, she did Tuleh. She does the Lois Viutton ads. She is a frigging genius. Please say it slowly, because it deserves emphasis.

My Limitations

kim | 07 February, 2006 22:18

My very first college fiction teacher was Alice Sebold. I came to accepting the fact that I wanted to be a writer late in life, and Alice was the greatest teacher in the world. Her rules about workshopping were clear, constructive and appropriate. Her exercizes were actually developmental and her perceptions accute to a hairsbreath that I had never experienced before. She also claimed that she did not like Henry James. She would say she knew she was supposed to like him, but she didn't. Maybe she was just didn't understand him, that was her nig claim. I got the sense that she gave herself the room not to like him with the understanding that one day she would shift so that she would love him like everyone else did. Until that time she reserved the right to be indifferent or even not like his work and not feel bad about it since he is a master.

And you know what? I've felt that way about James, too! I've wanted to understand, but instead I just get drowsy or read the same sentence over and over again. I accept that I might not be advanced enough intellectually for his work. Maybe one day I, too, will be able to read The Portrait of A Lady or The Princess Cassimassima (because who wouldn't want to read a novel with that title--although today it would be called the Diva Cassimassima). I love Wharton, why can't I put on my miner's hat and take a tank of oxygen and descend into James?

That's also how I feel about the makeup for the shows so far. Where are the fucking lips? And you know I never curse on my blog. All those white lips must be accompanied by small noses and teeth whitners. And it's not really even a flattering look. And the concealer. I know there is no shortage of concealer in New York. I am scandalized by the exhaustion (or as I asked before, is it honesty) that is not being covered up. At least the silly purple patent lips at Jil Sander were nice and big--overdrawn, even. I applaud their effort to help the lips not appear like a purple gash. But I stopped wearing that color on my lips and nails in 1979, so you tell me. I just don't understand.

But I'm not doing the shows, I'm writing about them from the comfort of my home. I am doing a show for a mass retailer in a few days because I love the people backstage and the money will be good. I will be putting lips on every one of those girls, you can be sure. they might be big and red, but they will be there. I think I'll do a DVF look. What do you think?

Nan Kempner is Dead

kim | 06 February, 2006 16:32

And so with her the big, red disco mouths that walked down the fall catwalks for the last few years. The new heroine of Couture's face seems to be Ready to Wear, acutally. The hipster face is in full effect with matte or mousy mauve mouths and screeches of teal-y black eyeliner ominently under the eye with bluish-gray eyeshadow up to the eyebrow. Badgely Mischka somehow turns this weird look out slightly elegantly, although it's not at all an elegant look and even though they are fashion forward to employ it, the look doesn't serve the true richness that is their clothes. Luella had her girls positively past deadline with no sleep--not only was there no concealer, but there even seemed to be brown under the eyes. Good for Luella, telling it like it is. I don't know how we all do it. DVF, who looooves color on the face--I happen to know, would never let her girls go down the runway looking so dead, so she put big red lips and cheeks on them. And nothing much else except for foundation, shine and mascara. Alice Roi, according to Almost Girl, had the big black lips and Tuleh's are pretty dark, too--but at least they are balanced with some eyeliner, elegantly placed; one of the most balanced looks so far. Not that we always strive for balance and elegance, but there seems to be an absence, this season, of color on the face. You have to pick a feature, play it up and completely forgo the other feature, blot it out, baby.

Are we doing to much and the makeup is reflecting how tired we all are? Are we thirsty because the earth is hot because of global warming and are lips are parched? Does the hipster girl rule? Who is the new customer of Couture?

What do you think Nan would say? Long live Maggie Gylenhall.

The Commerce of Art and Exclusivity

kim | 05 February, 2006 07:27

I was so relieved to read this post by Almost Girl. I've been struggling with this whole FashionWeek Blogging thing because I have been in this business on the makeup end of things for a long time. I'm a person for whom it doesn't take much to push over the edge of feeling bad about myself, so in the beginning I was always feeling bad about myself for one thing or another that I didn't have or what I didn't look like. In a room filled with skinny models, stylists and editors all looking like Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie, replete with the hottest jeans, your muffin tops throb and radiate. Trust me. And then I met designers. I read their books. I was offered to ghostwrite some of their literature. I sat in their parlors. And I worked in a few department stores, took their training seminars and was encouraged to sell as many of their products as possible. If you've ever been to a really successful seminar, where your adrenaline goes through the roof and your productivity goes up 1000% in the thin 5-8 hour in February, you know what the power of persuasion can do. Then I did makeup for the training videos of those seminars. Stylists and market editors fighting over what is the best combination to sell things, to make them more interesting. But in the end, it was all to sell product. Denim Jeans are made by designers for a purpose: perhaps they want a nice house in the Hamptons, high social status or they might want to send their kids to a New York City private school. Which is really, really expensive--trust me.

Fashion is an industry driven by sex, and exclusivity and is fed by an unwavering desire to embody those two attributes, let's be real. When Julie said the shows are like a big trade show, I breathed a sigh of relief. What's going on in Bryant Park is the theater of selling emotional crack. I struggle with being a part of that, that's why my philosophy is, "you're pretty already, you don't really need that much to be prettier." It's fine to be a part of it, it's so compelling because when everything looks right, everything seems right. Who do you think looks better: chubby Linsday Lohan, or puking, drunk, clenbuteral-abusing Linsday Lohan. Sadly, the latter. So it means something, of course. But just remember, when you're buying into all of it you are financing the social and educational lives of the owners of the company. Just like cars, just like sugar, just like cigarettes.


kim | 02 February, 2006 22:09

Tonight I was so fortunate to get on the guest list of the MAC party. Two makeup parties in one week--I know! It was far from my home and I had to say goodnight to the kid in an unideal way but I went. Please know that I hate nightclubs. I'd rather be watching a play or a movie or music or my hot husband. Clubs are loud and well, I'm just to frigging old. And I know that clubs are a community for some people or even theater for others. I don't mean to insult, they are just not my cup of tea. I was out of my element, in a way.

But not in another way: this party was celebrating their Chinoise-y collection and did so with live models and body paint. There were girls on display, you don't even know--take a look at my flog after this. It was work that was unbelievable. I don't even know how to begin to choose the pictures. This was talent that I have never seen before. So beautiful. I wonder who designed it. Matthu Andersen must have had a hand. That guy is the super-genius of beauty/theatrical makeup.

It was a little bit of a weird atmosphere: these naked, painted girls stationed in tableaux around the perimeter of the room. It would have been my Lilly Bart moment, except I was not posing in a tableaux and I was not falling, falling...anyway. So I just stared snapping away, because I was alone and there was nothing else for me to do. I didn't feel insecure, I felt very secure being alone in this club while groups of three and four fabulous people laughed up a storm; and I just snapped away. These girls were told to pose for whomever was shooting, obviously, because they gave me their all. It was a little creepy. They were kind of naked.

And then there was this moment, I don't get them often. This May will be the 11th anniversary of my first date with Mike. I am still in love and now more than ever. But every once in a while, while I'm in the situation, I wonder what my value is on the open market. Like a house. If you have your dream house and you're never moving, you're staying put. Do you sometimes look at the real estate prices in the paper? I was just standing there admiring the naked painted girls and this very mediocre looking guy said to me, "amazing!" I agreed. Was he an artist I asked. No, a photographer. Amatuer he whispered. He was awed that they were standing there for so long like that, the girls. I said, yeah, I heard one fainted before (she did and she looked like she was going to die of pukification but she was trying really hard). And he said, that' probably why they're keeping it so warm in here. And I said, "they're probably not that organized." Which they aren't. Because if you haven't noticed, we're not really that organized in America. There's alot of miscommunication and waste. From a business standpoint.


That was a joke, I said. I got it, I got it, he said, completely irritated, not looking at me. Some people have really short fuses! But more than that, I'm just not in the game anymore. It shows. So I walked away. But I can't help but think that I am no longer in the running. It would take so much for me to ever care again. I'm not saying I let myself go for my man, but I am saying that I'm an older model, who's not getting any replacement parts any time soon. In this age of McMansions, I'm one of those old New England charmers. I may have depreciated, but I like where I live.

In other news, I ran into a guy I know in the biz, who has, um, a, new relationship that's not with his wife. Which I think he might not have a relationship with anymore. He is hot in a smart guy way. The kind of smart guy who always wanted alot of tail, so he knew what to do to get it: he's really funny. His new girl is very young, half his age. She's not a McMansion, she's a high rise on the lower east side with a Whole Foods on the ground floor, if you know what I mean. Even though he was not nude with body paint on, he was the most sexed up guy there.

Max Factor Launch Party at Marquee

kim | 01 February, 2006 01:10

I just posted almostgirl's spotlight, check it out.

Tonight I had the good fortune to go to the Max Factor party. Waaay past my bed time at 9:00 pm at night. I haven't been to a club, really, since I was 16. The last time I danced in earnest was with my best friend GeMar at Danceteria. We danced so hard that we cleared the dance floor. They made a circle around us as we pounded out our 16 year old sexuality and anger on the dance floor. When we were done, we left sweating and we never looked back. I've been to clubs afterwards here and there but I hate them. You should be seriously impaired, which I don't care to be, or on the prowl if you are in a club. I'm simply too fat and old and don't care at all anymore.

This girl, oh, Veronica? What was your name? You were so sweet. You said I was normal and beautiful and that we should all have dessert. You should have seen the sweets they were trying to shove in my cake hole. Only a few made their way in. But thank you for those kind words.

There were "cigarette" girls with trays of lip glosses, eye shadows and mascaras. I took only my fair allotment, but I got my share as soon as I came. I went for the free makeup. It's true. Why else would you go?

For Carmen Electra, who was performing. I had to leave before I could see her undulate to throbbing disco beats, but her image--in still and moving form--were plastered all over the venue. She is gorgeous. I only saw one celebrity there. I won't mention who, but I will mention in unrelated news that if you ever have the privilege to see Jamie Lynn Siegler Scalia Not Scalia in person, you would be shocked about how beautiful (and tall!) she is.

Now, on to the makeup. It's supposed to be new, bright colors for a hipper consumer, I bet. Pat McGrath, my hero, designed it. And judging by the texutres of both lines, I would say that Pat likes it feather light. The lipgloss is a true no-stick. The mascara wand is very feathery (I'll have to try it tomorrow morning) and the purple and blue rimming my eye are full-on pigment. I actually really like the line. I can't wait to see what else they have.

And kudos to Marquee for having an ultra-polite and super helpful staff. I felt like I was at a luxury hotel. For just a short time and then I turned into a pumpkin.

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