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kim | 31 March, 2006 15:46

We got through March, clean ones! I, myself, have not been perfect but am reinvigorated and for the first time worked out after work this morning. That's work at 6:00 am, and work out at 10:45 am. Not bad. I'm losing a bit and I'm feeling clearer and most importantly, my body is getting stronger and healthier.

I worked the last three days of the week, had a blast each time, and next week is going to be great, too. I love the blue sky and the warm weather. The slight gray cast does bother me, but I will worry about that in two years when we're living on the set of Soilent Green. Just so you know, I will never, ever eat people. I will just make them slightly more beautiful.

Happy Spring!

Casting Call For Ladies with Primping Problems

kim | 30 March, 2006 06:45

I've been remiss in not sending out this casting net for those of you who spend waaayy too much time getting ready. If you're committed to that sort of thing, I can not help you. But CBS is doing a segment on people like you and would like to feature you. It's also a plus if your partner finds it baffling, frustrating and/or annoying. Please email me and I will send the producer along your information! Hey, if it's already a problem, why not get some help?

I've been trying to help you here, but being on tv might be fun!


kim | 29 March, 2006 22:07

Today I helped my dear friend, Gianna, do her headshot. She is so cute and pretty, is she not?

We had such a nice day together. See her so happy as we emerge from the shoot:

She emerged with some great headshots, too! I mean, from the real photographer.

Non-Toxic Avenger: Self Absorption

kim | 28 March, 2006 13:49

Okay, here's the deal: stop worrying about yourself. When you're talking to someone, listen to them. Stop talking about yourself. Pick a cause and do something about it. When you're walking down the street, feel your feet and notice the signs. This will eliminate all manner of mental clutter in your head. And mental clutter in your head can be very toxic. Also, treat others the way you would like to be treated, don't take, give. Unless you are a person who endlessly gives to others, then take some back for yourself. But you might be a person who takes and takes and when someone else asks for something, then you act like you never stop giving. But it's really you who never stops taking. But I digress. Those are just the crazies, and I know you are not the crazies.

Today a face painter emailed me and wow is she talented! I will never be that talented, but I'm glad someone is! I can get "inspiration" from her designs (read: steal) the next time I do some face painting! She doesn't live in New York, so she's no competition for me (hee hee) but she's awesome. Check her out.

In other funny news, Beauty Addict makes quite a salient point about the state of Allure, our monthly bible. Which I would not know about because I have not had time to open it yet. I've not been self-absorbed, I've been kid-absorbed.

Non-Toxic Avenger: The Earth, No Joke

kim | 27 March, 2006 13:00

Today I picked up Time Magazine because of it's headline Be Worried. Be Very Worried. I do not need someone to offer that directive, I already am plenty worried, thank you. But this issue is about global warming, something I am accutely worried about. Also, I just picked up The End of Poverty by Jeffery Sachs. What does this have to do with makeup? Well, what it has to do with makeup is that I'm thinking about quitting and becoming an environmentalist or an economist or a lawyer or someone who can help people in dire trouble. Although, daily, I want to go up to at least 50% of the women I see and say, "come here, honey. You don't have to do that anymore."? I really want to help. I do. I just wonder if the earth needs my services more? I mean, the right business right now is sunscreen. That's all I'm saying. 40 SPF, baby. Reapply often.


kim | 24 March, 2006 13:54

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Non-Toxic Avenger: What About the French?

kim | 24 March, 2006 09:09

Last night I went to a cocktail party in one of the most posh apartments in the world. Statistically, I mean. There were many bread, cheese and tomato-based dishes. I, myself, brought home made bruscetta (my pronunciation for which was corrected) with roasted garlic smeared on the bread rather than raw garlic. There was blue cheese, parmesan, brie, baked brie with pesto and pignoli nuts, gouda, I think but I didn't eat any, and a few soft cheeses but I didn't even get around to them and...brasole. Is that how you spell it? And then the host mentioned that book by M. Montignac and it really sounds so convincing.She also said that our foods have more processed junk in them and therefore that settles in the saddlebags. One of the commenters about the book does mention that the French also smoke a whole bunch and that accounts for their calorie intake, but I really think it must be something else.

On my, about, 10th job I went to St. Maarten for a job. I think I mentioned this before. My job was to apply sunscreen and make sure the hair was okay for Jason Lewis and Mark Vanderloo. Jason Lewis is as gorgeous as they come and he will melt you if you are in his presence. That week I hardly worked. I ate fish and salad at every meal except breakfast which was filled with breads and I ate bread at every lunch and dinner as well as dessert at dinner. I lost 10 lbs. in one week. No joke. As soon as I came back home, I bulked up. I think I really need to incorporate food combining and that Glycemic Index stuff into my life. At least it will afford me just a dollop more of cheese.

Always a Mention, Never a Feature

kim | 23 March, 2006 17:50

How can I not be happy for the beautiful Kristin? Her blog is beautiful, clear, well written, cute and filled with great info and personality. And I know it's a blessing to be in the New York Times, I'm grateful for that. At least for the last article I was the last two paragraphs. I guess it's better to be hidden in half a sentence than not at all! My average hits this month are at 4,300, so to all you loyal readers: I adore you and I really appreciate you coming back every day.

You might be interested to know that I went to Eve salon today and saw Maya and had my moustachio zapped. This will make it much easier to photograph myself, which I am planning to do very soon. Maya did not lie: she said, very seriously and looking directly in my eye with a firm apology, this is going to be painful. Holy shit, was she right. I just had two teeth extracted. I gave birth naturally although induced by pitocin and with the aid of a vacuum. Last summer was the summer of the root canal. But this hurt like a motherfucker. I guess I have double the amount of nerve endings everywhere in my body, especially around my mouth, where there is so much work to be done. Sadly. But she was nice and it was only 10 minutes. The problem with electrolysis is that it never stops hurting, it just gets worse. The pain builds on itself and clusters. Next time I will use Emla cream, which we used on the kid right before his circimsicion. Which, I can assure you, on so many levels was so much worse. Especially since the mohel made me look. I vowed I was not going to change his diaper for the next week, but it was only me and him, so I was out of luck.

Hydrocortisone cream is supposed to help and has. And although I walked into the Magnolia Bake shop, I did not eat anything. Woo hoo for the Non-Toxic Avenger!

I also met Cynthia Rowley today in her shop. She is incredibly beautiful and svelte. I looked good in a few of her dresses, although the boob part is always a problem, which I was happy about but I'm still not in shape enough for a silk jersey dress. She complimented me on my eyebrows and I complimented her on her empire. Then I went on my way.

As I will now.

Non-Toxic Avenger: Passive Eating

kim | 20 March, 2006 08:57

Yesterday I was reading a portion of David Kirsch's 14 day thing which sounds great and I'm sure it works wonders but eating that much protein is not sustainable for me and if I was going out for a movie role, maybe, but for now I'm going to try to stick on the organic pescatarian-ish side of things. But he brought up the idea of passive eating (eating the junk the people who are around you eat) as well as rewarding yourself with food. Both of which I do. Poor Mike, he can't eat in peace, I'm always circling, cawing like a vulture. Then there's the rewarding. That's a long story, but let's just say that's something I've done for a long time. So now I know better. What is my reward, then? I'm thinking of a pair of jeans with a crisp, white collared shirt over which a small, light blue cardigan with pastel, spring flower colored embellishments on the upper part of that. Fitted and not lumpy. Maybe in a month I will fit into that. It's my goal. I'm meeting with an old friend this week who is a personal shopper for clothing and we're going to perhaps team up. I'm going to persuade her to outfit me in a few things but I will not look good in my outfits with misshappen bulges sticing out where they do not belong. If I can cut out passive eating and reward eating I will surely be in better shape.

I've not talked about products in a while. My customarily oily skin is so dry now that my large pores are now flat and arranging themselves around my cheeks as a series of dash marks. My nose looks like a perforated sun. So I went to the health food store and got the Alba milky cleanser and the Alba moisturizer which I am supplementing with rosewater and glycerine spray. I'm going to finish up my Keihl's Creme Imperial Reperatuer Eye Cream and then I'm going to buy some more because the base is beeswax and I don't seem to be getting white bumpies on my eyes from it and it seems to be quelling the tissue paper effect the dry heat in this apartment is having on my eyes not to mention ageing. So far I'm not getting that far so if in a week it's not working, I will switch cleansers. I think there's a little bit of fruit acid in the cleanser.

Today I am going to work on a big chunk of the one woman show and then I will exercise and then I will play with the kid. That is my dream day, so I don't think that's too toxic!

Why It's Murder Going To Movies With Me

kim | 19 March, 2006 08:08

Last night my mother was gracious enough to watch the kid while Mike and I went to the movies. We saw Capote, which we loved and although I didn't see all the Oscar nominated films this year, Phillip Seymour Hoffman showed such restraint in his characterization of such a flamboyant guy in such a naturalistic setting that seeing him work made me breathless. His work was not only amazing but it also put this one? head and shoulders over his other performances. It was truly a masterful acheivement. The photography, the set design, the costuming, the locations, the Chris Cooper, the Katherine Keener, the books, the parties in dark but glamorous places, the overhang of intellectual ether, all amazing and made me want to shut off the tv forever. At least until the next Project Runway (would Truman watch it?)? But here's the thing - there was dirt under his fingernails thoughout a quarter of the movie. Such an impeccable queen who bought scarves at Bergdorf Goodman would never have been so unaware of his grooming. Alchoholism or no. And I want ask you this question: while women gain weight for roles--and I'm sure he had to work hard to lose the weight he did lose (bravo to him)--would there ever be a role for a woman wherein she could lose a little weight and wardroble would cheat the clothes size up? Would we ever make the mental adjustment to accept an actress who was bigger than her historical equivalent in a role in order to garner the perfect Oscar performance? I haven't seen it yet.? But that does not mean you should not see this movie. You probably already did. It's kind of slow around here in the entertainment arena.

Carnivale of Couture: Celebrity Swap

kim | 17 March, 2006 12:47

Shoelover asks: whose life would I choose if I could swap lives with a celebrity?

My answer? Forgive me: Madonna. Yes, Madonna.

Here's a woman with limited talents who figured out a way to make herself the most commercial artist of the 20th century. She always gets the best clothes. For years before anyone starting getting obsessed with clothes, shoes, hair, she was the standard-bearer for what was cool. Her body is unbelievably in shape--I don't know if I would want that or not, but to have the choice? Oh, merciful heavens, bring it on! She gets to be an okay singer, a terrible actress and an incredibly adept dancer and do her art. As long as she looks hot, we eat it up like pancakes. Then she got to be all slutty with our permission and she never seemed to have gotten anything and now she has two beautiful kids and a sexy husband. Spiritually at least she thinks she's doing something good, so at least she's trying--misguided though it may be. You cannot be as powerful as she is without having stepped on a bunch of people in the process, so maybe I could bring an element of kindness into her life.? But the work ethic, the drive, the self worth (maybe not what drives it, but the expectation that she will get nothing less than the best), the making millions at performing, the clothes, the hair, the makeup, the art, the exercise, the organic diet and everything else? Yes, please. Just for a week. And only if I could take Mike and the kid.

Non-Toxic Avenger: Exercise

kim | 17 March, 2006 11:34

You know what I need? One hour and a half of exercise, five days a week. I'm really not sure how to arrange that with my schedule, but here I am today having had done that. It never feels like enough, frankly. I'm still 15 pregancy lbs. heavier and it's so frustrating. I know thin people who are flabby and complain about as much, but I need to exercise. If you saw pictures of my great grandmother, you would understand. The woman was huge. Just enormous. The kind of things where breasts are replaced by a shelf, a palisade, if you will, of jutting flesh upon which a cotton garment falls straight and earthbound down to the ankles. The dresses have large pockets, large white collars and large buttons. This is what I'm fighting against. That and an inexplicable drive to shove as many danish in my danish hole when I work at 4:00 am. I know alot of chubby makeup artists. But I also know some that are not chubby and the talent gets up at that time and they are skinny. So I know it's my problem, but it's not yet solved. Today I tried to make up for it by exercising, but that, at it's heart, is exercise bulimia. Don't consider me a bulimic, though, I would be if I really did exert myself that much and my exertions do not yet qualify me. For the first time in my life I am enjoying exercise. How that happened, I'm really not sure. I used to love Bikram when I went but that was a huge commitment in the amount of garments one needs to? shlep around alone. And I didn't really lose weight. And it kind of smelled bad. But I do love to sweat that much. And then there were the step classes I took twelve years ago to get off the quitting smoking weight. Those were fun. And I love dance but I'm not near a studio and time is my major problem. So I'm now embracing the gym, missing it when I can't go and just loving every minute of it. I never thought this day would come and I'm so grateful for the shift.

I spoke to someone at the lung cancer study and she said I'm not in a high risk group but since I'm having trouble breathing maybe I should see a pulmonologist. I will do that, after getting my ass in shape for six solid months. If I still can't breathe by then, I will know I've done everything I can. I'm taking responsibility for my body on a new level so that I can prove that right living can replace artificial means of altering one's appearance; but it will be nice if I can breathe a little better, too.?

Non-Toxic Avenger: Check-Up and Get Your Glasses Fixed

kim | 15 March, 2006 20:56

Today I went to the doctor. The doctors. First off to the one of the ladies' doctor who told me not to worry about that thing but still we're scheduling a mammogram. Have you had one? They take about three days from which to recover, honestly. Then it was off to the new dentist in whose chair I cried before the shot and was perfectly normal after the shot. In between appointments, I actually had my ring detoxed: I took it for a tune up whereupon I had the baguettes tightened by a non-verbal man by the name of Chicco. It was buffed and steamed and before I was dismissed, I was summarily hit on by my guide down the stairs of the bowels of 47th street. Am I married? Yes, you just helped me spiff up my engagement ring, you gross moron. And if I was not married, would that mean that you would lay claim to me? Ugga bugga, said the caveman. In any case.

I found out that dental work is pretty much the same with any dentist: horrible. The difference is the finishing. I have a dispute with my former dentist because I simply did not go back to her, I cancelled at the last minute. I cancelled at the last minute for so many reasons, not the least of which was that she was a terrible dentist, but my screw up nonetheless. Now she's making me pay $750 for the missed appointment and the one I got sick at the week before. I really almost threw up in her chair. I won't go into it now but it was my fault for not sticking up for myself, so now I am paying the price. The good thing is that I am now officially rid of all the screwed up chicks in my life.

I keep thinking that I am going to make this a separate entry, but it keeps making its way here. But I will tell you this: when you talk to someone and your stomach knots up: dump them. Move slowly away or run away, but get yourself away. Everybody comes with a pair of glasses through which they see the world. You may think at first blush that you are on the same wavelength, i.e. beware the chick who starts sentences with, "My therapist says..." before you really know her. She needs a therapist, believe me, but take your time to get to know people, to see what kind of glasses they have on. I welcome all with an open heart but I also am now listening to the still, small voice who says, "wow! That was selfish and one-sided and bullying!" whereas I used to make excuses to myself for other people. For some bizarre reason. I find you can't always see or know what people's glasses look like until you know them for some time, and it's usally at a crisis point, like a friend of mine who has difficulty with a family member and was dumped by her long-time friends for being "selfish." Yuck.

So today I cleaned out alot. I also got the number for chest screening because I am a former smoker (of 13 years) and with the Dana Reeve thing. You know. I'm getting a check up altogether.

For the most part I stuck to the Detox Diet, with a little break for some chocolate therapy. It was a hard day and I deserved a little treat. You shouldn't be Non-Toxic and miserable.

Danny's Song

kim | 14 March, 2006 15:22

On Sunday I did one bridal test and one private client. It was raining and I had to shlep my kit throughout the stores we shlepped through in order to get all of her makeup. To be fair: she (one of my favorite private clients) shlepped half the time and I did the other. She helped me. So we went out to coffee afterwards so I could do her face charts (I never do that, but she's one of my longest standing clients) and Danny's Song came on. You know, "Even though we ain't got money/I'm so in love with you honey/Everything will bring a chain of lo-oo-oove...and I almost cried realizing that a song like that could never be written today. What has happened to our world? Please, somebody, tell me.

Non-Toxic Avenger: Water

kim | 14 March, 2006 14:08

Water fills the most? basic and essential need; but is a very confusing topic. Is the water safe to drink in New York City? It depends who you are. Nutty health fanatics, who I will not name here because it's not nice to call people names, think that the city's water is teeming with parasites, heavy metals and--gasp--fluoride which will kill you upon contact with the moist, semi-permeable membranes of your mouth. And this person has a water filtration system to take care of those problems. I, however, am not as scared of the water as that person, but slightly concerned. It's the heat: heavy metals from water and from pipes are supposedly leached out into your welcoming open pores during those delicious hot showers delivering toxic toxins that will kill you in short order. So this is where water filtration systems come in. If I had one place to choose, I would choose the shower, frankly, because that is where we receieve the most hot water. But if you can stick one on your kitchen sink as well, it couldn't hurt. Which one? Um, I don't know, I have to look into that. The one reason why I've not gotten one is that it is very confusing. Why can't they just have a clear winner of the water purifiers like the Creme de la Mer, as it were, of water purifiers? I'm sure henri-v will have some great suggestions.

As far as drinking water, check it: we dump 18 million tons of plastic every year into landfills. Also, the average American throws out the equivalent to four lbs. of trash every day. So here's what I'm thinking--I'm going to stop using disposable bottles. I'm not getting the big water cooler for my home, and I'm just going to find the proper water filtration system and fill up refillable bottles.? This is not only my planet. I'm so embarrassed every day about what is going on here, sorry Mother Earth. It's not really all my fault, I'm just not powerful enough to stop the power of the Shadow Lord who is in control right now. What can I do? I'll just stop throwing away alot of junk.

So how much of this purified water do I need to slam down? I like to drink, I mean I enjoy drinking, about two tall bottles every day. Something in that vicinity. About.com says to divide your weight in half and drink as many ounces, women's magazines for years have said to dink eight eight ounce glasses daily and I know a woman who was told by a kidney specialist that we drink too much water and overwork our kidneys. I just know that when I'm at my least healthy I can't stand water and when I'm getting back in the groove I can't get enough. I think the rule of thumb is that your pee is supposed to be clear. Also, if you're really having an incredible craving for a sweet, a good way to test how hungry you actually are is to have a big glass of water and see if that works.

Do I have to tell you that water cleans out your system, washes away the toxins, keeps your organs functioning well and generally plumps up your cells? It's essential to life and it's essential to beauty. And, according to my friend Robin, a nasty headache is an occasional surprising indicator of dehydration. So the next time your head is going to snap off, you're having a bad break out or wanting to eat every cookie in sight, drink a little water. It just might do the trick.

Morning Work

kim | 10 March, 2006 16:50

Today I worked on one of my favorite shows. I used to work there and so seeing my old friends is just lovely. There is so much love and cameraderie when you work together at the crack of ass. And when? you are on the A list. It's nice to have the best, be around the best and do the makeup of the best. It just is. So it was going to be busy, but I didn't know how busy. There were enough guests for there to be two extra hair and two extra makeup. However, the other makeup did not show, so I had to recreate complicated makeup on five people in an hour. Well, six, I found out in the last find minutes and there was one person who was busting my chops and rolling her eyes ungodly. I would have smashed her in her mouth, except her mother was breathing down the other side of her neck. An underage unfamous diva. Good luck with that. Ahem.

So in Non Toxic News, I would like to welcome henri v into the fold! Thank you henri v for that website, it's one of my favorites and I rely on it alot. Although it has nothing against mineral oil.

Today I'm still only able to eat toast, really. I tried vegetables, but they are not sitting so well with me. So I keep trying. But the food is going to come after I'm finished being sick and I can barely walk still without cramps in my calves, so I'm going to take it easy and start exercising next week. Stretching, though, tomorrow.

On air, I forgot that people have microwaves. I don't. My husband hates that, but all of that heat-cellular transfer--I'm not into it. But henri v is right, anything that heats up with a treated surface and evaporates into the air is a bad thing. We have no-no stick stuff here and try not to use alumnium. But I think I'll go room by room addressing how we can get more non-toxic.

As for today, working and functioning in this slightly weakened state, I must say that I did what I could this morning at 4:30 when I woke up: I put my brain on properly. I expected a good experience at work and I had a fantastic one. While the melee was happening, where I used to panic, I said, "Thank God this isn't brain surgery and it's only makeup! Can you imagine if I was saving lives here?"And everybody laughed and I got my job done well.

Non-Toxic Avenger: Air

kim | 09 March, 2006 21:35

I'm feeling better and although may have jeapordized lucrative client, I don't think I've lost them forever. They love me too much. What's not to love, except all of that stinky illness...

So here I'm stuck with this mysterious" MW" who has challenged me to a scientific studies duel about mineral oil; but who will not leave his or her real name, email address or URL. Is this a legitimate person or simply a fabricated JT Leroy type of the cosmetics industry trolling blogs for the tiniest seed of dissonace against the industry? It's hard to take an anonymous challenge seriously. See, how fully I am embodying my own challenge? Pre-Non Toxic Avenger challenge I would defend myself to the hilt, but a very painful lesson of being publicly and wrongfully maligned made me realize that I love the crazies, but the crazies don't love me. And I was going to call my one woman show by that name, but I'm doing it on something much, much better than old friends who have lashed out at me. So I say verily unto thee, MW, be a mensch and show yourself for a real duel and then I will do the research. In the meanwhile, let's just say that I would prefer to apply oils that come from nuts and trees and other plant-life than crude oil. Let's just leave it at that, mkay? I don't have time to fight. You use your mineral oil and I'll use my other stuff. There will be plenty left for you!

On a note of conflict: I miss Rosebud Salve. I love the Dr. Hauschka, but I miss the Rosebud. The Rosebud was my friend, it was my love, the one true goo that kept my lips whoo hoo. Boo hoo.

On the subject of air, I am going to be equally vague because I don't have time, but if you bust my chops I will look for the studies--but don't bust my chops, the arctic fricking ridge is collapsing because we have destroyed the planet, so I'm not maing this shit up:? I read, right after I gave birth that some women were found to have 253 toxins in utero. Just in your home alone, there's not only all that dust from the sloughing off of your skin, there are? also fumes from all of those household cleaning products. Plus, many cleaning products are not biodegradable and they screw up the ecosystem after they infect your home. So here's what I've done:
I switched to Ecover household products - they are very, very inexpensive and work like a charm and you only need three or four of them.
I found out you are supposed to switch your vacuum cleaner bag every month or two. Oh. Embarrassing. At least now I know.
For the rest I use Seventh Generation.
You can even get good drain cleaner from those healthy brands.
Air out your apt. every week thoroughly, especially if you are in the home alot, there's alot of junk going on in such a confined space.
Change towels every other day.
Use only beeswax or natural candlles with natural oil scents, that goes for the natural kind of incense, too.
Do I have to tell you not to smoke? It is so 80's.
Try to meditate (taking in more air and expelling more air helps you, well, calm down and stay present - what does that have to do with air? Breathing and staying present are inextricable. I learned that on my wedding day but it's essential to all life, so I'm throwing it in).
If you have a bathroom without a window and need bathroom spray, there are non-aerosol, natural oil ones.
Try to get rid of all aerosols.

Here's what I haven't done but plan to do:
Get an air purifier.
Get one of those fancy, shmancy vacuum cleaners. What are they? Anyone?

In the words of one great man: carry on.

It's Alive!

kim | 08 March, 2006 14:43

There were two times yesterday where I thought I might die. Really, really. I didn't think I was going to make it through. But here I am back and blogging away. I'm freshly scrubbed if not a little shaky. I picked up Natalia Rose's Raw Food Detox Diet again and I'm going to look through it. I just don't see myself juicing every morning. I used to do it when I was doing the Gary Null thing which is a very serious detox and I agree with it to a point, but it relies heavily on his supplements and is very restrictive. I physically never felt better when I was doing it, but my mind was insane. Food should be fun, I think, I'm just need to get a little better acquainted with the idea of chocolate and moderation in the same room, if you know what I mean.

Anything but matoh ball soup is not even a thought for me right now, after not eating for a day, I'm still not that hungry. So the junk will be back, you can be sure of it, because I am a human being. But just not as much as before. Because I am the Non Toxic Avenger. Taking back my skin, my body and my joy one action at a time, not one product at a time. Although, thank the Lord in Heaven up above for products because I don't know what I would do without Ibuprofen. Let's get real, people.

The Strong Spirit of the Non Toxic Avenger

kim | 07 March, 2006 09:21

I guess I don't have to worry about binging on that job. Last night at 1:00 I was awakened by a little heartburn which quickly turned into illness and then about 3 hours on the floor in the bathroom where I was fiercely channeling the spirit of the Non Toxic Avenger. So weak right now. I had to call work at 3:30 and call a few other makeup artists to cover, which of course they couldn't, so I put together a bag for the DP so he could have some of his assistants do it. The exertion alone riled the Non Toxic Avenger and I ran back in to do a little more channelling. I can't walk, I can only crawl, I can't breathe, I feel sicker than I have in a long time. I thought I was going to pass out this morning and aspirate. I'm not being dramatic here, I really did. So my question is: is the Non Toxic Avenger really taking hold, and using this virus to rid me of all of my toxins or is it just ironic bad luck? I'm mos def having chicken soup today--it has antibacterial properties, but just writing this makes me sick, so I'm going to lay down now.

Keep up the good work! Eating a protenatious breakfast (or one with a tiny bit of protein, anyway) and cutting out the white stuff (except white tea) are brilliant suggestions and I am going to incorporate them. Just as soon as I can eat again.

Any prayers will be greatly appreciated.

Welcome Non-Toxic Avenger Challengers!

kim | 06 March, 2006 20:53

Welcome, welcome, ladies and gentleman! Madames et monsuiers! So excited that I'm not doing this alone. Today was fairly smashing in that I was able to keep to a mostly healthy, balanced diet filled with almond butter, quinoa tablouli,, broccoli, white tea, sprouted frigging vegetarian burritos et. al, all organic, all made by me. But most importantly, I cut through the anxiety which gives me big problems. That's a toxin we can all do without, and one that is self-generated and therefore self-controlled (with a little assistance, don't get me wrong), so that's a huge comittment on my part. And a huge triumph. At the end of the day I did have some sweets, but that's okay--it was just a small amount and I was able to put a cap on it. Not that common for me. Staying present is the best remedy.

This week, however, I have a big challenge. A job that starts at 5:30 with a long drive somewhere else, boring as the acadamy award for sound editing (but for 10 hours) and then home again. Overtired, bored and far away from home=massive doughnut consumption, even when I bring my own food. I vow to not cave in to the pressure and drink lots of water and work on my one-woman show between takes.

What is your comittment for this week to overcome a long-standing toxic habit?

Comment Spooge

kim | 06 March, 2006 12:55

Really, it's like someone with comment herpes found me and spooged all of the comment herpes all over my blog. Thousands and thousands. Obviously it's the mineral oil people. Joking!

But there was a comment left on one of the posts that my tech guy inadvertently erased because of all the spam, so I didn't mean to erase that one.

Today I am gonig to take my cue from this mom and just do a little bit of writing.

The Non-Toxic Avenger Challenge

kim | 05 March, 2006 14:02

I never recovered from having the kid. I never lost the weight and I didn't regain my healthy pre-kid habits. It's been getting me down, not to be able to fit into anything and to have to wear camoflauge clothing. What I lost is a fire in my belly for health. Ice cream tastes so much better than quinoa. Not that you would eat quinoa for dessert, but you know what I mean.

Then I started doing some beauty writing and I got re-invigorated. I forgot what dreck is in most stuff we put on our bodies. In the air, in our water, in our food. For me, it's has to be political for it to make sense. I quit smoking 2-1/2 packs a day of Marlboros after 13 years of smoking by reciting the statistics to myself endlessly (heart disease is the biggest killer of women in the United States, smoking kills more than all of the top diseases put together, blah, blah) but it was the image I set up for myself of some rich Repulican Old Boy, ushering his wife or mistress on to their helicopter during their vacation that got me. I saw her clothing closet, all those white shoes with yellow print and gold thread throughout that really got my goat. I was getting cancer and heart disease and she was getting tacky clothing and helmut hair on my time. Would she ever thank me?

The cosmetics industry is largely a self-regulating one. It's sort of like putting the 14 year-olds in charge of the 9 year-olds and letting them do whatever they want behind closed doors. Is that really a good idea. We want makeup because foxy starlets look good in it and we want to, too. We trust our governing agencies, but should we? In the case of vaccines, there are scientists who approve vaccines who also sit on the boards of the same pharmaceutical companies. Is it like that with cosmetics and skin care? I don't know, I don't have the data. But I do know that the lobby groups for the cosmetic industry are incredibly powerful. So how do you know what they do is in your self-interest and safety? You don't. And any look at capitalism should let you know you shouldn't.

So here's what I am proposing: a 30 day look at what we eat, what we breathe, what we consume and the alternatives. I am going to to my best, maybe I should say 15 days--every other day--maybe we can make it flexible for this mom who mostly moms but also works alot, too.

I welcome suggestions, RESPECTFUL debate and questions. But most of all, integrity. If you are siting a study done to prove that something isn't harmful, please also site the sponsor of the study and the conditions under which it was conducted. Statistics and science are easily manipulated, so let's be scientific and thorough about our claims. I am going to side with the non-chemical side, just so you know my starting position.

Tomorrow, we will look at air. But tonight, smoke, drink and be merry. It is Oscar night and there should be much debauching before we start our serious work.

You Do Not Look Like This

kim | 02 March, 2006 17:03

Even though, believe me, the way you girls act, and all the crap you buy, you think it.

You also don't, and shouldn't ever (unless you are her) look like this person.

Sometimes people who look like the latter even feel like they look like the former. They do not. Women are inherently beautiful and your life, your spirit, your work, who you are in the world also makes you beautiful. So if nobody told you today, you do not look like Nick Nolte. Even in comparison to Gwyneth Paltrow. I promise.

Why I Make A Good/Bad Beauty Writer

kim | 01 March, 2006 21:16

Ladies, gather around and listen closely: there is nothing new under the sun. The big man said that a while ago but it remains true, especially in the area of cosmetics and skin care. Don't get me wrong: there is more crap to be had every day. I have the greatest idea for a lipsitck/lipgloss line but I grapple with putting it out firstly because I don't know if I want to pollute the planet with more dreck and secondly I just don't want to be bothered with such a low-margin business proposition. You need to sell alot of those tiny things to see a profit. Hard work. Smart work for the entrepeneur? I'm not convinced.

Not really my point. My point is that I refuse to get caught up in the melee of what is the frothy excitement of what's "new!!!" What's not new is that we spend up to $8 billion a year on cosmetics. Do you own property? Do you own investments that will increase your wealth? Make up has genres just like religious paintings and theater that are rotated every two to three years. Mix up the light eye, light mouth, dark eye, dark mouth. Check. Add one innovative item to get everyone going: Touche Eclat, check, Spice Pencil, check, Shimmer Brick, check. Do you know what's so great about the new skin care offerings? Fruit acids, retinyl palmitate and other things you should not use around your eye. If you want to put stuff on your face that is going to increase your chances of skin cancer because you are exposing the lower layers before their time in an era where we have no ozone layer, then fine with me. But don't come crying to me when you get all wrinkly and don't know why. This is why I'm a bad beauty writer. I don't believe in products. They are all so similar these days. I believe in right living and personal responsibility.

My skin looks like crap right now. I just had the oral surgery, finished the antibiotics, have been eating crap and not been exercizing. I started using some prodcuts with those acids in them and now it's pimply and wrinkly. So sad. I take personal responsibility for my back fat. I will get back to the gym. I will not get lipo.

I am a good beauty writer because I am funny and I want to encourage you all right now to go in the mirror and focus on the part that you love. Please. I don't care if it's your beauty mark or the fact that you finally got rid of that lip hair. Just stop criticizing and start the loving. I'm not here to sell you things, even though you really, really want to buy things. I'm here to tell you maybe you have what you need, except you obviously need a new concealer, and to encourage you to build your wealth. Not your drawer full of stuff you'll only use once in a while. That will make you poor.

I want to start a revolution of building personal wealth for women, to divert them from ogling tchotckes and start ogling some self worth, even though it doesn't come in an oversized white Gucci bag. That's a nice accompaniment once you've acquired the wealth.

What's Bad About Mineral Oil?

kim | 01 March, 2006 09:07

Question posed by Smashingly Fabulous.

Hi Smashingly, you are fabulous. Mineral oil is the run off gook that comes from processing crude oil, if I'm not mistaken, the golden liquid we put in our cars and heaters. So, ahem, the run off from that. This stuff not only is chock full of toxins, it also is like a liquid plastic bag when you apply it to your skin, keeping those and as well as? your own personal toxins in and not letting the skin breath. And it's actually cheaper to purchase and put in products than it is to properly dispose of. Politically, it's a way to support the whole oil industry, which if you haven't noticed might be at the basis of a small, tiny,? little disagreement we started with another country. So there's that, too.

That being said, there has never been a finer moisturizer than Creme de la Mer. Over time I have found that I benefitted from switching out and switching back again, I love the Creme, but not maybe for the rest of my life. The broth, it's a gooood.

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