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Change of Plans

kim | 30 April, 2006 20:43

Growing up in New York amidst the rich and the poor, it's easy to pick out role models for careers, homes and social placement. My whole life I thought I wanted a certain status but today I met the matriarch of one of the nation's most sought after families and boy, was she unpleasant. I then worked with kids in a shelter doing some crafts and boy, were they pleasant. Perhaps it was the crack--I worked this morning before it was offically daytime-- but I have sworn off things and status as goals. Now, we all want things (particularly, as the case may be, barrels filled with pink lip gloss) but I would rather have very little and be happy with myself than be super rich and powerful and be bummed out all the time. I am certain, however, the two can co-exist beautifully, because I've met those people, too. But since we can't take it with us (even the pink lip gloss--although if I were any other religion, I would ask that it go into my casket with me so I could sparkle and shine in the afterlife) why not just be grateful for what we have and who we have. We may be more fortunate than we think.

It Was A Good Day

kim | 28 April, 2006 17:02

Today I cut the nose hair of arguably one of America's sexiest and most talented movie stars. He was quite a gentleman about it. Then I shook the hand of an infamous lothario--one whose prowess I'd previously dismissed--but as our hands met I got a jolt of electricity up my arm all the way to my shoulder. We were standing in a group of people and I had to nudge myself back into consciousness and wipe the glazed look off my face and stick my tongue back in my mouth. Thousands of women cannot be wrong. I love my job.

Women, Power and Choice

kim | 25 April, 2006 22:41

The other day I worked on a show wherein I did the makeup of, arguably, one of the most powerful men in the world. But his wife was like his mother, so I thought of this question:

If you wanted power, would you marry a powerful man? If he was so powerful that he was out of control and maybe whet his appetites too much, would it spin you out beyond control? If you were divorced from him, would you hate his new wife who behaved as his mother/slave/babysitter/cheerleader?

Or would you rather be a journalist, forging your own career in matters that were very important but that also meant that you barely had any money or time and that you would go around to places smelling bad, with bad hair and pimento-colored lipstick?

I just wonder, are there not more options to attain freedom? I know there are, but these other women did not see them.

Excuse Me, Ma'am? Playground Edition

kim | 25 April, 2006 13:30

Excuse me, but if you just got out of a chauffered limousine and are wearing Hogan sneakers (ugly as they may be) why, oh, why do you draw your eyebrows in deep, chocolate brown and in two different cockamamie shapes. I know you are pull yourself up by the bootstraps kind of girl, but this is the one area in which you are clueless. Please, ask for help!

Bronzer is not always blush. In fact, often not blush. Especially not in this case, or at least balance it out with some color on your lips?

Finally, if you are growing it out, fine. If you are indecisive, fine. But if you are going to have a foot of black on top and a foot of bleached blonde on the bottom, swathed in Burburry, I get to call you a bitch.

Check Out

kim | 24 April, 2006 05:28

A few fun things that I have been remiss in passing along:

Jennifer Solow is a hot author whose novel, The Booster, got fabulous raves in WWD and Vogue magazine. Even better than that, she was photographed by Terry Richardson eating hot dogs and looking totally hot. I will never be hot enough for Terry Richardson to photograph, but there she was.

Coutourture is up and running! This is a collection of some of the coolest and smartest fashion blogs on the web. That Julie Fredrickson is a rising fashion minx and has been in town six months and already is the queen of the revolution. She is amazing and her partner Phil is so smart that it's sort of unbelievable.

Here is where I've been remiss: SkinMilk sent me a bunch of their body care a while back and not only does it have gorgeous packaging but it smells great and is a lightweight formulation for the spring and summer months. It's incredibly affordable and there are so many different formulations, that if you are looking for an affordable solution for your body care, or if your skin is on the more active side--as it can be in the spring and summer months, go ahead and give this a try!

The Crack Fights Back

kim | 20 April, 2006 04:40

Working early in the morning is stressful on my family. Mike and I have to juggle taking care of the kid, finding Mike waking up extra early just to get it all together for work and then playing with the kid--the kid misses me when he wakes up and I miss them both. It's really awful, although I love my work. I watch as little pieces of me are torn off and left here and there, like small "take a number" chits dispensed from supermarket waiting machines. I don't even get a turn with me. But this morning after getting ready, armed with my to-do list to do in the middle of doing makeup, I woke Mike to kiss him goodbye and it startled him to the point of dislocating his shoulder. We tried to put it back in, but could not. He's at the ermergency room right now, so I had to call in to work. Do you know what that feels like to call into your freelance job that you only have for one week and say you can't make it in at the last minute? Really, really, really bad. I have a pretty strong working-class work ethic, and I balloon with guilt when something weird happens and I'm not able to go to work, even if it's not my fault. Which I feel like it is because I spooked him. And then trying to get it back in the shoulder...I? would rather take the pain then see my men hurting. That was pretty awful.

I have a friend (hi, Robin!) who always says she doesn't know how I do it. She has a pretty balanced life. Mine is not balanced at all. Sometimes when the kilter is too off, someone in the family pays the price. It could be one of those things, or it could be an indication that we need to take a look at this whole work/family thing. I think I need to do my lipstick line and sell it on QVC, somehow that seems more practical.

Makeup Wanderlust

kim | 19 April, 2006 06:39

This morning I am sympathetic dressing. I wore the same color scheme as one of my talent and the accessories of the other, it's funny; I feel so proprietary and in love with the people whose faces I make up. ?I love the organizing principle of having a place to go every day but I don't like having to do it before the sun rises. And I certainly would not like to do it every day. Not the same place. I could have waited my turn--I've had a steady job before--stabbed people in the back, connived or just have been that good. But I love freelancing. I am not a traveller and I have a deep committment to my man but I have a working wanderlust that never goes away. For someone who has a tendency to crave intense personal connection, I like to work my work like they work the tango: short, deep spurts of great accomplishment and connection and shove off, sailor. Next?

I Before E, Except After Creme De La Mer

kim | 18 April, 2006 03:39

You know how I hate mineral oil? Here are my two product exceptions: Creme de La Mer and Rosebud Salve. What can I say? They are simply perfect products!

Open Doors at the Crack

kim | 17 April, 2006 06:58

One humiliation I've had to endure while freelancing for one of my clients has been signing in. Every time I worked at this place, at their old address and now at their new one, I've had to sign in every time. For the last 12 years, I've humped in at 4:00 in the morning not being able to swipe my ID because I don't have one. The last time I was here, it was 4:00 am, dark and the door was locked, as usual. I knocked and the security guard asked me for my ID. I didn't have one, I said. He said he couldn't let me in. We got into an argument through thick glass doors with me on the cold outside and him on the warm inside. It escalated to the point of me screaming at the top of my lungs when a homeless person started my way. As my eyeballs almost popped out of my head, someone else came to my rescue with an ID and got the door open for me. To be fair, the security guard was new and I don't know if I was in jeapordy but it sure was scary. That day I was issued an ID.

This morning I was shocked as my little magnetized pass with my name on it made the little red light green and clicked the doors open. It's been so long that I've been an outsider that I felt slightly like an intruder gliding in so easily.


kim | 13 April, 2006 02:42

I have been working non-stop. I so wish each day had 36 hours and two of those were dedicated to the gym or that the working day was shorter. I'm sure I'm not doing something right. However, I've been having so much fun. I'm finding that what really floats my boat is to work in a studio, with a photograher and models. Legit beauty work. Can you believe it? Me, who is anti-beauty industry. I just love it: the cameras, the computers, the cords that snake around the studio every so confusingly but that do have a purpose, the models with the huge appetites and rock hard abs, the air kisses, the clean makeup. Sure I get bored on set and sometimes eat too much because I'm not writing or acting. But the work is challenging, engaging, glamorous and fun. I love being around photographers, I realized. Not maybe all the photographers in the world, but their equipment. Maybe I should become a photographer. I'll add that to my list.

In beauty news, for this big job I just had I went to MAC and begged them to open early so that I could be on time for my other job that I was on my way to this weekend. I had a total Silence of the Lambs moment when I called one store that agreed to accomodate me by just a few minutes and I gave the lovely woman a long list of stuff. I pulled up to the store and rapped on the glass only to be met by a firm gentleman who told me they would open in 10 minutes. Well, I had to be at work across town in 10 minutes, and I spoke to so and so--don'tcha know I called up the wrong store and my products were laying in a heap at ta different location? In any case, here's what I got:
Studio Fix NC 42
Medium Dark Blot Powder
Face and Body C3, N4, N7 (welcome back into my kit after so many years, I hope you don't go to too much waste like the last guys, may they rest in peace)
NC20 and NC45 concealer, which I don't love the texture of but needed in a pinch
Petal Pusher (okay, that was for me--second time in two months, I ran through that so quickly because it's so beautiful with glops of it on.)
Premeditated Creme Colour ( pure, bright red, which I've always wanted. I love it)
Smoulder (okay, that was for me, too)
Glimmer Shimmer in the light pink one. I love it--I'm using it for my next bride, believe me!

Since I was doing a job that required lots of skin, I got the Jergens Shimmer Body Lotion and the Johnson's Lavender Body Lotion, mixed them together and made a beautiful subtle shimmer. So much fun! However, next day off? Monday.

My Prayer of Thanks at the End of a Work Day

kim | 10 April, 2006 04:46

Some jobs are just not fun. Even if they are fun and everything around them is fun and you're lucky to have the job in the first place and you might even get a little side work done because there is no hair person there to chew your ear to a bloody pulp and you are booked for so long, that you actually can do two other projects. You are grateful for the work and happy to do the other work. You are a lucky girl. So when the talent comes in and it's a talent you're not particularly fond of and it is pretend-nice and you are pretend-nice back and everything is fine, but two hours later it comes back and very nicely flames you because of its own self-hatred and anxiety, you maintain your sense of equilibrium despite its best efforts to throw you off. It's been a few years, you forgot what an insecure talent this talent is. And with a few years of distance under your belt, you can see why: it doesn't have much going for it despite having a relatively good job. Maybe it's a good job for the rest of the world, but in the world of this genre, it's the bottom of the heap. Maybe this person has been struggling to get out from under the heap for years. Often to no avail. Why wouldn't it complain to you about your makeup? Perhaps it feels you are partially responsible for its stasis, in a representative way. And don't you remember that's how it is?

So at the end of the day I can truly thank the heavens above for, when someone yells, "and we're rolling!" that my phone didn't go off, that my tummy didn't grumble too loud, that I didn't have a tourrettic moment of cursing it and its insecurities out. I just sat there like a lady until we were done and said thank you and good night when we were done. And it was only because a little bit of grace was bestowed upon me.

Thank Heavens for Beyonce!

kim | 09 April, 2006 01:29

Tonight I made the mistake of watching "Farenheit 9/11" and then flipping over to my favorite: "Requiem for a Dream." After feeling nauseated, stiffled, silenced and put through the ringer I turned on a 2 hour special that highlighted Beyonce. She sure is purty. Her aura is filled with a golden pinkness not unlike a fairy angel of forgetting all of the brutality in the world. That girl is always turned out. And thank goodness we can rely on her. Her beauty is, in fact, serving a real an humanitarian purpose of distraction. Thank you to her and Mally Roncal, her amazing makeup artist. And to Billy B. who was with her in the early years.

Time To Get Serious

kim | 08 April, 2006 21:55

Did you ever see Pumping Iron? It has cult status in our home. It's a mezmerizing documentary about the body builders in Iforgetwherebeach, California in the late 1970's, most notably Arnold Schwarzenegger. You might think, because he rocks that fake Austrian accent (yes, come on, it's fake by now) that he's dumb, but if you see the film, you will meet an entirely different man--one of incredible mental and physical self possession and masterful grand schemes of manipulation. One of my favorite parts of the film is when he talks about what working out means to him. Since I am officially going to accept an advertiser here, I will not tell you, but that scene is worth the price of the rental. Our other favorite part--and by our I mean me and Mike's, because why else would I ever have come across this film--is when he coaches his friend/competitor through about a billion pumps of some kind of iron, and the guy is all jello, he's sucking wind and he's about to collapse and Arnold says, "Ohkay, now it's dime to ged seeeriouz." And I think, if that guy can push himself to his ourter limits with a smile on his face to reach his goals, despite the inherent pain, so can I.

Never thought Arnold would inspire me, but there it is!

Holy Spring

kim | 07 April, 2006 13:39

This morning I went to a Farmer's Market? for purposes I will reveal at a later time and I took a bunch of pictures. What is happier and holier than the flowers of spring? We turn to the colors and the fragrance because they are so uplifiting from the earthbound place we have lived for the last several months. They represent hope and possibility and joy. It's not mysterious that Easter and Passover are around this time, they hold tales and rituals of renewal. It's all very exciting despite the drabness that is today, there are tulips illuminating our sense of hope and directing us across the street to Sephora where we may be inspired to pick up any number of pink lip glosses. I guess I will speak for myself.

In product news, I bought some propolis skin cream today from a honey bee stand and I bought some Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange cleanser by Pangea Organics because the Alba was breaking me out and the Crabtree and Evelyn was drying me out. Can I just have some natural soap, dagnammit? I will keep you informed.

Great Day!

kim | 06 April, 2006 19:30

Being a devoted, mostly full-time mother and and also someone who has the need to express herself creatively and also someone who needs to earn some bread for her child's preschool is confusing, frustrating, confounding and boring to anyone who doesn't have a kid. I never knew what motherhood was going to give to me and what it was going to take from me. I have had professional friends who have completely misunderstood or not cared about my struggle in the last two years to get back to my career or not. Today I felt like I was back at work. Like there was a cosmic "Welcome Back" sign draped across the threshold of the doorway of the studio I worked in today.

There was potential for disater, as there always is, but I worked with the nicest production company--literally--as well as a camera guy who is an old colleague and he's a doll, a sweet client, wonderful actors and real people. Today I got so many presents from the universe: paid handsomely and promptly, a free clipper, a hat, a tshirt and a full bag of product. As well as great relationships formed and old ones renewed beautifully. I did eat some salami, however. But it was all in fun.

Today I am one lucky makeup artist. I will tell you about the funny later. I'm reveling in my good luck.

Walls: Tearing Down and Building New Structures

kim | 05 April, 2006 20:31

It's a big, vast beauty world. Do I ignore everything that's out there in order to stick to my agenda, or do I investigate arenas that I might not neccesarily agree with so that I can get a bigger vision and perhaps a few perks? I will tell you one thing: I am about to accept a big partnership and there will be ads on my blog. I am not going to change my content in any way whatsoever. This is? a website that does not really use profanity and there is absolutely no explicit sexuality at all. Twice I maybe said the F word and sometimes I say ass, but I will never, ever say see you next Tuesday. Unless you are my good friend and I will use that word every other sentence, hyphenated with bag, because that's how I roll. I've got a filthy mouth certainly more now because I speak in googly talk all the time. In any case, that will not change on the blog. If you want profanity done right, visit Dooce. She does it, as Mike would say, with relish. I will not advertise, I promise, if you people will start sending me money, or if you sign up for my e-makeover. Otherwise, I'm signing the contract.

In other beauty news, did you see Katie's farewell speech today? It was touching, but her lips were flapping and I was singing John Cougar Mellencamp's, when the walls...come tumbling, tumbling...dooooowwwn! I work in television. Everybody is always insecure. Freelancing is such a polite world. You have to be polite in order to keep your job that you might not have by tomorrow. Now, I certainly don't know anything because who knows if I even ever worked at NBC or ABC or CBS for that matter? But just suppose I had? Might I now be thinking, hmmm...I wonder who is going with Katie? Is anyone? Is half the team, the whole team? Is Meredith bringing her crew? Is there anyone she has wanted to cut off for years but could not? Hair and makeup is a limited, but intense battle for everyone. And who knows if Meredith shares her makeup or hair or wardrobe with the other women, will she be pinching them from her current show to go to her new show? Will someone be moving up as a result? Who is worried? Who is smug? Who is plotting and scheming? Who is spinning around and around trying, in vain, to pull the knife out from between her shoulder blades?

We will never know. Or will we?

Stick with me, kids. I just might take you places.

Wouldn't it be, well, tragic, if we woke up and it really wasn't Meredith at all but Natalie Morales or Campbell Brown sitting in the chair on Memorial Day and someone was cheated out of a job? Perhaps this is the way networks work? I hope nobody gets hurt in the process and they all land on their claws, er, feet.


kim | 04 April, 2006 19:49

Here's the question: would you rather know whose makeup I do with no funny stories whatsoever? No irony, no sarcasm, no golden nuggets of truth that speak of the human condition as reflected in lip gloss? Do you just want me to name drop? Would that be good for my career? It wouldn't be good for either of us! Can't you just trust that I am doing the makeup of the hot shots of the world? That I work with all of the famous people who are, by turns, lovely and disgusting, just as we all are? Because if you want that, then we have to re-think this whole thing. You know? By the same token, you must know that I'm in it, in the trenches with all the psychos and the divas and the bitches and the horny old men who are way past their prime.

And with that, I must declare that I am an expert, I work with real celebrities, and you're just going to have to take my word for it. Or we can switch it all around, baby.

I Would Not Be Telling You This if It Weren't My Dear Friend Johnny

kim | 03 April, 2006 21:34

When I worked at Saks, there was a guy named Johnny Burnais who worked at a counter I frequented often when choosing makeup for my clientele. How do you spell that? I loved Johnny because he was hysterically funny and a great artist. We knew a few people in common and we always had alot to laugh about. Still do. Now he is the Trainer at Barney's at the YSL cosmetics counter and they are? having this event this weekend, April 6-8. YSL's fancy National Artist is coming in and you can book an appointment with him. If you spend $150, you get this fabulous clutch and some other stuff. Johnny tells me that the body shimmer is out of this world (and he is a man of integrity and great taste) so this is a bone for you product junkies I always leave hanging. Happy spring!

The Powder Groups Make Up Show Is Coming!

kim | 03 April, 2006 09:38

So exciting! It's only for professionals, but the Powder Group is having their first ever trade show for beauty operators May 14th and 15th. The one who I love, Billy B, will be there offering a free seminar in addition to other lumniaries. There will be a bunch of companies there as well. This event promises to be the ultimate "melange of cosmetic royalty". Oh, My, Lord, get out the nail file! I can't wait to sit center row for that cat fight. Joking! This event is the non-cheesy clearinghouse we have all been looking for. Check out the www.themakeupshow.com. I cannot WAIT!

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