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kim | 30 May, 2006 23:29

Did I tell you I'm doing an event with Divalysscious Moms on June 1st? It's me, Tessa from Mark Garrison, Dr. Steven Wallach, More Magazine at Crush--so there will be a wine tasting, a raffle, a bunch of goody bags and if you're in the audience, maybe we'll pick you for a makeover!

Excuse Me, Ma'am? Subway Edition

kim | 30 May, 2006 11:32

Today on the subway I saw a woman apply red lipstick. She kept going over her lip line with a tissue, which was great, because with red you want to keep a perfect line, but the way she was rubbing was so hard that I was afraid that she was going to make it red from the irritation alone and then negate her original intention. But she was from hearty stock and her skin did not freak out and she was able to make a perfect line. But. She had made her line so small that she had this teeny, tiny red mouth. Word to the wise, especially in the upcoming days of fall when big, dark purple mouths will be all the rage--when you're going with a dark color, overdraw your mouth, not underdraw it. It will look very teeny tiny and that looks bad. But the worst part was when she took out her considerable makeup bag (clear plastic with writing on it) and it was filled with samples and gift with purchase sized items. Swag does not a makeup kit make, so if you're doing your makeup with the crumbs you've collected together from friends, goody bags or gift with purchases, you're probably not going to look your optimal best.

Later I had to take the kid to the MAC store and I spent my "back to MAC" (trade in 6 ratty old plastic MAC things and get one new lipstick, everyone should do it!) on an orange lipstick that that kid was insisting on playing with. Bruce from MACPRO was so sweet, he bundled up a bunch of wipes in a bag for me so that I could wipe off the orange lipstick the kid drew up and down his arms and his face. It was all over, but he was ready to blow a gasket in MAC if I didn't give it to him, so he kinda had me hostage. I bought a box, finally, and now I'm going to the container store to get little boxes to section it off. Nothing is easy. Except the kid, who is happy painting brilliant orange lipstick all over his body.

Memorial Day

kim | 28 May, 2006 23:15

The purpose of Memorial Day is to remember those who have died in service to the United States. Let's take a moment to remember them, shall we? We can rock the barbeque all we want, but if it were not for men in service, we would not be able to get our meat so cheap at Costco. We would have to be hunting for it, scavenging for it, or waiting on a line. I am grateful to be an American, proud of the concept of Democracy, freedom for all, the chance at a fair life. I owe much of that to men who never even met me, never even conceived that I would exist. Their widows sacrificed their marriages for us, their orphans gave up parents for us. It's so important to thank them. Thank you. All veterans, past and present.

But not all war is necessary, and some wars, poorly strategized, are difficult to extract troops from, having destabilized the regions into which an army has thrust itself--good intentions or not. So let's pray for an end to war and and project an emrbrace to peace in the near future. Let's pray for all the lunatics and hope they get back on their meds before they start another scary war and threaten our planet. Although, Mother Earth at this point is probably like, oh, go ahead already, you morons. Let's get it over with.

So I say a hearty thank you to our troops overseas, whereever they are and pray for their speedy and fully intact return.

Open Letter to Mayor Bloomberg

kim | 25 May, 2006 10:11

Today when I was on the phone with a PR contact, I was startled by the sound of jets flying low past my window headed in the direction where the kid was playing. Yes, everything revolves around the kid. Then I looked out my window at the other sound and there were five fighter jets with their attendant jet streams, or whatever they are called, streaming behind them. Iran? I don't know. So I call Mike and he tells me, Fleet Week Air Show. Great. Fine. But do you think an air show is a great idea for New York City? Even after I found out what it was, I still feel like Ann Margaret in that scene in Tommy when she's in that cage. Oy. I wrote this letter to Mayor Bloomberg. I don't have a problem with the guy. I understand business guys, they have a different perspective than I do and it's informative. But I don't think this was the best idea.

Here's how it went:

Dear Mayor,

I like you. I voted for you; twice. I appreciate you. But allowing military planes to scream through the sky so low, so loud and so often was not a good idea for a city that now instinctively clutches their guts when they hear the sound of any aircraft. Fleet week or not. We like the ships: they carry cute boys to our shores in their cute little outfits, and are more cinematic, in any case. Please refrain from making that agreement again next year. Even after I knew what it was, I didn't like it.

Yours truly,
Kim Weinstein

People often tell me I'm confrontational, but I thought I was really nice about it.

All We Are Saying

kim | 24 May, 2006 22:31

Is give the aging process a chance...

If you know what I mean...

Although, this is a pretty good picture of Jocelyn.

Meg's Makeup

kim | 24 May, 2006 21:31

Meg's Makeup is a totally cute new website that has honest, enthusiastic reviews about a million products. It's a great website with alot of energy. And if you spoke (or emailed) with Meg herself, you would see why! It completely reflects her personality.

Cosmetics and the Congo

kim | 24 May, 2006 10:47

I cannot tolerate what is going on.? Warning: it's pretty horrible. I'm frustrated beyond my limits. I cannot believe that in today's world, these things are still happening to women. We are all busy, believe me, nobody knows more than I do. But we are women and we have to help each other, protect each other and advocate for each other. We need to stretch ourselves just a bit because we are privileged more than any other women on the planet by our legal system and the constitution. Are they perfect? No. But they are more than what most women have. Are you reading this from work? I rest my case. So go over here, and spend a little money on makeup that will make a difference in your sister's life. Your sister in the broad sense. Yes, that was a pun. I don't know--they just spill out of me, it's beyond my control.

103 Fever

kim | 23 May, 2006 12:57

Please see post, "Is this a normal work day?" I would say no, since I'm fighting a terrible infection. Any prayers will be gratefully received. Have to work on Friday, hope I'm better by then!

Coutourture Party!

kim | 19 May, 2006 13:34

Phil. He's happy.

Julie is glamourous. Elke did her makeup.

Zoe won Gen Art. Susie? Zoe gives you a big hug--here.

Here is a detail of Zoe's dress. She looked beautiful. Elke also did her makeup as well.

Here are Elke, Lesley and Elke.

Here I am with Elke.

What can I tell you? I didn't take pictures of anyone that I didn't know, really. There were a bunch of people there. WWD, FWD and Wiredset were there. Diana from Project Runway, second season was there. I thought she was a friend of mine, she was so familiar to me. Sad. I talked to Elke for a while, Zoe for awhile, Lesley and Julie for a minute and waited and waited waited for Kristen, who didn't show because she was ill, and then I went home. It was really, really fun. I would write about it more if the kid would sleep but he won't and instead, he's screaming. So I will tell more later.

Work and Play

kim | 18 May, 2006 06:12

Is this a normal work day?

9:30 Appointment
10:15 First Client, 8 blocks away
11:30 Second Client, 6 blocks away
1:00-6:30 Kid Time
7:00-10:00 Work at studio job

10:30 Coutorture Launch Party at Lucky Jack's 129 Orchard Street. RSVP to julie[at]coutourture.net to attend! Hope to see you there!

More Crisp

kim | 17 May, 2006 10:39

As summer fades in, or should I say, as the despoilation of the earth swiftly decsends upon us, and it starts getting a little sweaty, I am longing for a cleaner scent. SOmething that is not too much and at the same time makes me feel clean all the time. Enter in Marc Jacob's splashes of Rain and Grass. Yummy. Then head over to Fresh and get some of their Sugar Body Scrub. I'm all about Pangea Organics soaps, they are hand made, organic and super fresh. And have I mentioned Sabon? Oh, Sabon. Alas, I didn't get any Rose soap on Mother's Day (I got so much more, though), so I will head off to get some today, on my pretend day off.

Inventing My Own Crack

kim | 16 May, 2006 14:02

If you are a Daily Candy reader, you may have found that they are offering a 25% off coupon on Sabon. Their soaps are delectable and their body oil, body scrub and body butter, divine.

The crack was particularly difficult this morning as I have a cold that feels like a miniature version of the flu: too yucky to feel good, not bad enough to call in the cavalry. I think it's just too much work. I was working with a coach for about a year who was lovely and very positive and helped me crack through alot of stuff, but was not goal oriented. I loved her, but it was time for both of us to move on as I was not meeting my goals. I met a kick ass coach this morning at the crack who asked me what I wanted and what I was willing to devote to get it. I've been talking with Mike about it, and I'm going to create my own personal crack, getting up before the kid and working on the project that is desperately important to me. By summer's end, I expect that it will be done. How's that for a goal? I'm stoked.

As for makeup, I've changed my look to a softer, more summer look starting with Becca loose shimmer powder in Princess, Ondine by Nars in the crease, either color of Surabaya (the best duet of browns ever invented) just to deepen that, and a smudge of black liner at the edge. MAC creme blush in that thing they had for spring, I'll get you the name and a sheer, plummy lip. It really doesn't look like makeup at all--it just looks well carved out, warm and shimmery. I'm really into the subtle trickery of makeup. And it still only takes me five minutes.

The Makeup Show

kim | 15 May, 2006 15:06

That's me in all my glory in a Make Up For Ever beautiful mirrored case. Does it not give you palpitations? No? Then you're not cut out for this kind of work.

First, I happened to go right as Billy B. was speaking.

This guy packs the room and when he was done, there was a rush to the stage and the poor guy was almost crushed.? I could listen to him and watch him all day long. A great synopsis of his lecture can be read here on Elke's blog. I missed her, unfortunately, but we were there at the same time. Anyway, the take a look at this:

He's so phat, he gets his own sign language interpreter. He's that good. I gave him a hug and he shouted out my website's name for everyone to read, so if you're here from his mention, thank you!

Then it was downstairs to try to find Doyrn of Doryn's Dish and to look around.

I couldn't find her, but everyone had their shirt off and was painted.

I remember when I was a kid and I painted my body like these girls and when I was done, and there was nothing left to paint, I painted my chair like this:

I mean, we just can't stop! It goes on and on.

She's not wearing clothes, if you know what I mean.

Airbrushing was everywhere. It's definitely the next thing, it is the thing in makeup right now. But I'm still not convinced. I mostly think that people look a little like Guy Smiley:

You know, kind of velvet-y. I know it can be done so that there's not that--Kevyn used to do it, but still. And the particles in the lungs. I think these should be used with care.

Then there were the special effects:

Although this is my favorite:

Then there were the sparkles:

They were everywhere and I could not get enough of them.
Finally I found Doryn:

We had such a nice chat.
Finally, I'd like to thank Michael Devellis for putting on such a great show. This one was the best of its kind, long overdue and a welcome change!

The Make Up Show Is Coming!!!

kim | 12 May, 2006 19:44

On Mother's Day and the day after, the Makeup Show will be at Metropolitan Pavillion. I am so excited. It's for industry professionals, only, and it's the first year. I anticipate it being the makeup event of the year for professionals. I have never been to a makeup show cooler than the MAC Chinoise one, with all that brilliant airbrushing and beautiful art, that was the best possible usage of makeup I have ever seen. But this is going to be the best possible usage of networking, products and demonstrations that I've ever seen. Makeup is so cool and the schools for it are so cheesy. This is New York, we are the coolest (sorry, we are) and now we finally have a cool place to learn and expand. And shop. Let's not forget the shopping, shall we?

On a personal note, I'm on day 3 of a 4-day, 5-job bender. I'm still writing--and am getting some articles published and reworking my other projects. And taking care of the kid most of the time. I'm pink, sparkly Wonder Mom, if I do say so myself

Did I Mention I Was Famous?

kim | 11 May, 2006 21:40

Yes, I am quoted in this article, in the World Jewish Digest. I really do like the Sabon Products.The Rose Soap especially for some reason, it seems so simple and pure and indulgent to me. And the body butters. And before I met Jo Woods body oil (so sexy it makes me want to hit on my own damn self) I was a huge fan of the Sabon body Oil in Lavender Patchouli Vanilla. Did I mention that I am one part hippie? I am. I smell like a hippie most of the time, and a sophisticated French woman the other half. And now I'm famous.?


kim | 11 May, 2006 21:25

Today I bookended my child care with work, once in the morning at the crack and once in the evening. There were raisins and dinosaurs in between. The morning was amazing. An actor who I have had admiration for before, l learned, has some nasty exzcema whereever he has hair on his head Then I did the makeup of an actor who has no hair where he perhaps formerly did but now has the worst semi-Elizabethan piece aloft his pate. It was fun, though, don't get me wrong. Great moring. Then, tonight, I did a friend's makeup in a fabulous and well known salon. I love working with other makeup artists, but hair people...not all of them, if you know what I mean. It's like drummers and guitarists: two different personalities entirely. One works with a person and one works behind a person. Just a theory. I've known some great hairdressers, colorists, cutters, and I've known some real doozies, too. Salons are tough environments, not really sure why. Everyone was super nice, though, but those fricking hair dryers. I CAME HOME AND TOLD MIKE ABOUT THE EXCITING NIGHT I HAD AND THE WAY HER EYES CAME OUT PERFECTLY--HOW I MATCHED THE DRESS AND THE CONNECTIONS THAT I MADE and I realized that I was speeding and still talking at the same loudness of the salon. Now, it could have been the Kashi bar I had before hand (I'm all about the protein these days) but I really think it was the loud hair dryers. Every woman in New York seemed to be getting a blow out tonight. Everyone was having their hair done. I've never seen so many chairs. And filled. It's been about an hour and I'm just coming down from it all now. I take full responsibility for my sensory issue problems, but I don't know how one ever gets used to that sound. What sound? I can't hear you, sonny, I'm deef. From the hair dryers.

Mother's Day Beauty--A Dream List

kim | 10 May, 2006 21:59

As a mom, and as a beauty blogger, I would like to offer up my dream list of what I would like to get if I could have any beauty products in the world:

A two ounce jar of Creme de la Mer. The other one is just too big. I'd rather have the regular sized one. So middle class.
The perfect cleanser. Still huting.
Revive's neck cream.
Laura Mercier Creme Brulee body wash. A few of them.
Half of Sabon's line. Especially a whole log of the rose soap, but cut up into proper sizes.
The Sabon Body Butter in the Lavender with the fancy little ceramic holder
The entire Sugar Body line by fresh, including two Sugar scrubs
That toluelene-Free nail polish in light pink and deep, dark brown/black and scarlet red
That huge Bliss soap that smells of verbena
The foot kit by Bliss. Except the socks, yuck.
The MBT sneakers. You can get them for me at Bliss, or at Tip Top on the west side, size 8 1/2
Caleche eau Delicate by Hermes
Half of the Aura Cacia essential oils line, including sandalwood, patchouli, rose and frankicense (that's not how you spell that)
Dr. Haushka's entire line, including a year's worth of lip balm
SCO's lip balm
Bella Donna Foundation
The rest of the Armani Prive fragrances
A year's supply of Armani Soft Lash in #1, the best mascara ever made
The entire line of Urban Decay's eyeshadows
Every one of Laura Mercier's lipsticks, half her eyeshadows and blushes, her pan liner
Most lip glasses.
A bunch of Lorac's lipsticks.
Half of Cargo's lip glosses
All of Nars' blushes,, the rest of the eyeshadows I don't have and all of the pot glosses.
T. LeClerc powders, just so I can say I have them
Kevyn Aucoin's entire line.
Amazing Concealer in medium
The Bobbi Shimmer Bricks--ALL OF THEM--and all of the lip and cheek things. Especially in Pink
Armani foundation and #2 translucent powder and some of the lip glosses.
Everything that sparkles in MAC and every MAC PRO product
An air brush and all of the colors, not just foundations.
All tourmaline and ionic hair straighteners and dryers.
One year of hair cuts by Serge Normant and/or Garren
Coloring by John Barrett, for the same length of time.
Osetra Caviar, French service, please.
A day to sleep in.
A trainer three days a week at Exhale Spa for a year.
The tall dinosaur mug at the American Museum of Natural History, $15

Thank you. Please email me if you want my shipping address. Carry on.


kim | 10 May, 2006 07:01

I am so sad. I'm tired of sparkles. I'm sure I will come back to them, but they look dated and I don't want to pack them onto my eyelids anymore. I used to love to take my index finger, dip it in to the lid of some sparkles and just pack them onto my lid. True, they would all end up on my cheek, but I always got compliments. If not, then definitely stares. What is acceptable sparkle behavior? to me lately is Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy (or any shadow by Urban Decay, which mostly have sparkles), Honesty by MAC, any of the Night colors by Nars, also Fathom by Nars, Beauty Marked and Tempting by MAC and Twinkle by Laura Mercier. They just give an illumination here and there, and they also love to fall down to the cheek bone, illuminating the entirety of your eye area.

Every B*itch Is Illuminated

kim | 10 May, 2006 06:14

Did you see the movie "Everything is Illuminated" without reading the book? Too bad. This is one of my favorite books ever written. I wept while I read it, partially because it was so beautiful, partially because I knew I would never write such an incredible piece of literature and partially because I had taken off some time from working three jobs, going to acting school and finishing my own little guide book. Plus, I had done the powder of the author on one of my morning shows so long ago and I wish I had shmoozed him just a little bit more, because I had so many questions. I could have at least inviegled his email address while chatting him up. In any case, if you had seen the movie, you would know the character Alex, who is so hystreically funny with his malapropisms, Lately, I think the real people upon whom Alex was based have been spamming my email with the most ridiculous porn. It would be so upsetting if he English was not so bad, but it is, and it's? laughable. Women can't really be degraded if one is describing the degradation like a retard would, right? It's in the stupidity that its power is taken away. Like if Anna Wintour started changing her style like Madonna every year, she would totally lose her power. Or if she opened her mouth and said something in public. Or ate.

Cool Beauty School Moms

kim | 09 May, 2006 17:48

You know who I love? Women in the beauty business. Not all of them, guilty as charged, but alot of them. Why capitalize everything when italics will do? There will be a return to italics on this website, mark my words. Anywhoozle, I think I'm going to start a playgroup of moms in the beauty industry. Moms who love products, but don't believe the hype. I'm sick of the girls in my area who do believe the hype. I wear Levi's because I am cooler than you. Not because I can't afford True Religion. Baa-aa-aaah little sheep with your mani=pedi blow out and your stupid bronzer all over your face. It's not blush, okay?

Any cool moms who do beauty PR, are makeup artists, hairstylists, styling, owners of salons or makeup lines or work for retail in anyway, drop me a line and we'll be normal with our adorable kids.


kim | 08 May, 2006 11:53

What makes someone famous? Is it hard work? A great publicist? An unspoken willingness to reveal your most private of private parts? Madonna has made a career of creating exiciting publicity--often employing the aforementioned methods--but will that ensure she will be remembered eons from now? Estee Lauder passed on to the Great Makeup Counter In The Sky a few years back, but her work during her lifetime ensures that her name, even? if you do not use her products, stays on your lips: everyone knows MAC, Stila, Bobbi Brown and even La Mer are owned by her company. I ask this question because we are entering the Mesozoic Era in our household and we are knee-deep in dinosaurs. We have figurines, puzzles, DVD's and we run around shrieking as if we are being chased by kid-eating monsters. There are millions of little extant dinosaur paraphenialia (including a huge dino mug at the American Museum of Natural History that I desperately want but is and unreasonable $15!), but the dinosaurs are not seeing one red cent from it. As the kid fell asleep last night clutching a Tyrannasaurus by his throat, I thought, who owns his estate? And are his grandkids pissed that he sold his royalties? I live in a shallow place and sometimes I can't divest myself of that heinous commercialism. But, let's face it, who's more famous than the dinosaurs?

Makeup Shows

kim | 05 May, 2006 14:44

I missed IBS. I don't even look at my calendar anymore. The days are hurtling by and if it's not in my face, I just don't have the time. I need a secretary. Or an intern. The Cosmetic Executive Women Awards were today. I did not go, for a variety of reasons, but rest assured when I find out the winners, I will pass them along to you. The CEW Awards is how I found out about Estee Lauder's Idealist, which is one of the best products I've ever used on my broken-out, large-pored skin. I wouldn't much go in the sun with it if I were using it on a regular basis, but it is the be-all, end-all perfect solution to adult acne. Those women know what they're doing over there. But I am going to the Powder Group's Makeup Show and I CAN'T WAIT!!! Also, I'm considering getting an airbrush. I hate airbrushed makeup. It looks good in certain media but not in many, and I'm sure if I learned about it more I will love it more? I simply can't wait. I love makeup and I love learning about it and exploring new products and learning new techniques.

For My Next Act...

kim | 02 May, 2006 23:13

I think I should be a beauty editor. Your job is being beautiful and getting all the best product. Who could argue with that?

Peace is Pretty

kim | 01 May, 2006 16:37

Today I had to take the day off. For me, that means the day on the phone and attached to the internet, but I'm finally getting all my ducks in rows. I don't have just one row. And then I...took a shower. A shower is highly underestimated by people who don't have children, as people who do have children can attest.

Lately, my favorite shower things are:
Korres Guava Bath Gel -- because it smells like sugar. It came with that body creme for elbows and feet that was so rich that I used it all over my body this winter, so that's long gone.
Kiehl's Grapfruit Body Wash-- I like to alternate
Ms. Pedicure Kit--this low cost, slightly low quality kit has everything you need to keep your feet in shape in between pedis.
And EO Rose and Chammomile Body Cream.
I'm still using that Sabon Salt Scrub in the Patchouli/Lavender/Sex Goddess flavor.

I have new skincare to talk about, but I will do so soon, I'm savoring it for something special.
Also, later on this week I'm going to head down to Priti Salon for an organic pedi.? If I can fit it in to the schedule.

Fourty and Fabulous

kim | 01 May, 2006 10:05

This Friday, at 9:30, I will be on a panel along? with Mark Garrison, More Magazine and Dr. Steven Wallach that will address moms who are fourty and over whom will also walk away with some awesome goody bags. Space is limited to the first 40 moms who RSVP. Please do so at rsvp@divalyssciousmoms.com. It's going to be great fun!

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