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kim | 30 June, 2006 09:34

Did you read the article in the New Yorker about Balenciaga? I'm halfway through. When I read about a man who created ermine bustles, I feel bad about my own accomplishemnts, but then I also feel inspired. I also feel inspired to hear that the man who created some of the most stunning and perfect garments the world has ever seen was, to say the least, imperfect and could have used some therapy. But here's the thing: if he got some therapy, then I bet it would have diluted his genius. I love that. I can't wait to see how the article ends. But I have this question for you: do you think it was a coincidence that this article ran the same week that Nicole Kidman got married in a Nicolas Ghesquiere dress? I don't think so. So now they are all three legitimized.

My Sunscreen Podcast on Fashiontribes!

kim | 28 June, 2006 20:02

Not trying to sound redundant, here, but here's my podcast about sunscreen on the wonderful Lesley's Fashiontribes!

Sirius Flog--Delayed Edition

kim | 28 June, 2006 08:19

On Monday I did Beauty Talk with Eva Scrivo on Martha Stewarts's channel on Sirius. It was so much fun. I have not posted these pictures yet because the switch to my new server has been mostly smooth, but not in my blog's case, and I have also been quite ill, which is happening with alarming frequency.

When I got to the security area, there were a bunch of womyn about to go on the Queer show (I forget it's name, sorry) and they were so NICE! One of them, Jude Schell, wrote this book that she is holding up:

If you need this resource, I would say that this book is quite the difinitive guide. That's all I'm saying. Jude and her friend and, oh golly, this comedian--I regretfully forget her name but she was so awesome--shepherded me upstairs and I almost went on their program with them because I was having so much fun with them.

But I was there to do Eva's show. We had to wait until the Whatever women were done with their show, but there's really no waiting area for that except the waiting room, and it was too far away. So while I copped a squat, Eva reclined:

We were giving away two of these, so cute:

Sam, the producer, was so cute in her pink--one of those effortlessly slim women who looks pretty and smart at the same time? Hate that. She was wearing a pink button down shirt with some tiny eyelet detail on it, a pink hoodie and a pink heart necklace with jeans, offset by her glasses and her personal gravitas. She was very nice, too:

Sam fielded many calls. We meant to take one road but we got so many calls, and it was so much fun talking to all the women, that it was almost a caller show. I just love helping women find solutions. I'm one part maternal, one part know-it-all, and one part need all the credit and one part sister-love. We had a great time and there were many, many acne questions, for some reason. I will devote my Secrets page to those answers. Finally, here I am, smiling under the pain of a stomach virus. I was pretending that I was fine, but there was some air caught in my throat for the first half hour that finally loosened itself at the half-time break. "Elegant," I thought, as I burped.

I could blame the hair on the headphones, but, dear reader, I went in with bad hair! I had a blast, though. Thanks to Eva Scrivo for having me!

Wow! That was fun!

kim | 26 June, 2006 22:26

I will show you my pictures just as soon as I figure out a way to work this crazy new blog. I just changed servers and now all y'all who couldn't see me before can see me now! Tomorrow it will be slightly more interesting.

Tonight, On Sirius Radio: ME!

kim | 26 June, 2006 07:07

True, I will be on Eva Scrivo's show and we will be giving away two Jaqua Girls Bakery Gift Sets. Can you stand it? Also, if the T-Girls can finally see this, welcome. I changed my server just for you.

My Podcast on FashionTribes!

kim | 23 June, 2006 19:59

Please go listen to my podcast on how not to be a tan monolith this summer on FashionTribes!

Time Out New York

kim | 22 June, 2006 19:57

Check out my article in the Chill Out section! I keep forgetting to tell you guys.

Reader Question

kim | 21 June, 2006 14:11


Why do I always feel like a total jerk at the makeup counter? I am pretty convinced it's less that I am clueless, though I am a little, and more that the salespersons really and truly look down on me as their customer. I am eager and willing to try things, and better yet, BUY things. So why the crap treatment?

Am I that hopeless? Is it not acceptable to go to shop for makeup with a clean, scrubbed, blemish-free face? With just a touch of tinted moisturizer and light use of the eyelash curler? Do I just scream "AMATEUR!" at them?

It seems that they look sideways at me, gossip about me when my back is turned, and would frankly rather have their toenails pulled out with pliers than help me. They're all wearing 4-5mm of pancake, nearly all have a distinctive "evening" smoky eye look going, and dark, dark lipstick.

I speak mainly of a very large retailer (Sephora, where those women all seem to be applying makeup on themselves rather than attempting to sell it) with multiple lines of cosmetics for sale, but I have also received this identical type of treatment at specific individual lines. MAC being particularly nasty, snooty, condescending and having no time for me.
They'd rather sit around talking to one another, looking like they're auditioning for the next Bauhaus video than help me. The "nice guys" are Kiehl's and Armani. Thanks for the Armani tip, they are wonderful. And they are unfailingly decent at Nordstrom.


Dear Susie,

Let me tell you something: you are a woman with unbelievable taste, I know this personally. But even if you weren't, nobody deserves to be treated that way. Not under any circumstance, as we are all G-d's little creatures scurrying around doing the best job we can possibly do on this planet, even though some of us are more self-aware and empathic about it than others. But even more so at a retail establishment. You are there to spend your money, most of these women make COMMISSION. You, with your naked, curled eyelashes and clean face are more like a sophisticated New York City makeup artist (that's how most of them walk around, believe me) than any of those poser hacks behind the counter. You do your makeup beautifully, and there is no reason for you to think ill of yourself. It's sort of like the mommies in my area--I just realized there was nothing wrong with me because I didn't wear $235 jeans. And I like some of the women who do, but if they don't like me because I don't, then I need to hang out with new mommies, which is what I have to do. Just because one posesses money does not mean one posesses style--just because you are wearing alot of makeup does not mean that you exactly know how to apply it. So I would say that you need to either ignore those women, because, in truth by looking at them they are not qualified to help you, and shop for what you were looking for, or just go to Nordstroms. There is always the possiblity of my E-makeover, but since I will be seeing you around holiday time, not advisable.

These women? I don't know. The first floor, I've heard it said from a financial point of view, hold up the rest of the floors of a department store. And yet as beautiful as the things that are sold on that floor are, their opposite and equal power also exist doing battle in the form of petty disagreements, back stabbing, customer judgements and customer stealing. Some of the greatest people I've ever met have worked behind counters, as well as some of the bitchiest. Every time I go shopping I thank the Universe that I don't have to work in that environment any more. So don't shop there, ask me questions. You are such an original, you need so much less help than you think you need.

Much love,

Addendum: I have to say, perhaps since I'm a professional, that I have always gotten stellar treatment at MAC. If there is someone I don't like, I just go on to the next person. Plus, people at MAC don't make commission, so that maybe explains it. I love all the MAC girls and guys that I know. There is a certain air of authority with which all makeup artists address each other, so maybe you're feeling that? That's part and parcel to the biz. A kind of stand-offish judgementalness that disintegrates, over time, into incisive judgemental jokes or potty humor.

Soon, I Promise

kim | 15 June, 2006 08:13

This is the first day in more than a week that I have had access to my website on my computer. As you can imagine, this has caused me all sorts of problems. I am working on it, I promise, and to tide you over, I am going to share a secret with you:

MAC's gel liners are waterproof and come in many different colors. They can also be used as eyeshadows. If you mix them with MAC's Peintures, which also dry to a waterproof finish, you can bear the mugginess of today with your eye shadow in tact. Pair with their new cheek tints and stains and you will rock the glam without the melting problem. Go forth and don't worry about your makeup.

Performanse Issues

kim | 11 June, 2006 14:45

A fake reader writes in:

"Kim, you've paid a fortune for your website and you pay your hosting company $7.95 a month, why have you been updating so infrequently?

Looking forward to a more dynamic updating scenario,
Not Actually Kim In Real Life"

Dear NAK,

You see, my hosting company has barred me from logging in on my own computer. They do this frequently and yet I still stupidly pay for hosting with this company. Why? I didn't know there was another choice. I am exploring the other choices right now. Further, the most important company who needs to see my website cannot log on, as I'm sure many people cannot. Why? I don't know. They will not return my numerous emails. This problem will be fixed shortly.

Plus, yesterday I had the greatest bride who I will tell you about shortly but I worked a little early this morning--4 am--so there was a short turnaround and I'm going to take a nap now.

No Lipstick Down in the Cave

kim | 08 June, 2006 08:13

It's just about the busiest and most difficult times of my life. I'm trying to keep my lipstick on, but I don't have time for it. The same things are happening: the talent of a major show I work on continues to be really nice and really insane. Some has-been television stars get snotty with me when I ask them if they want makeup. I have trouble self-editing when certain politicans are on the tv. I have writing deadlines and the kid doesn't take a nap rendering me impotent both as a mother and as a writer.

I'm sure it will ease up, just like everything in life changes, but right now? It's not looking so pretty. And I don't have time for lipstick. Lipgloss, maybe.

Don't Feel Free

kim | 07 June, 2006 05:33

to put your hands in my kit. To take out a lip gloss from my bag and try it on your mouth. Or touch my eyeshadows with your grubby fingers. I don't care how important you are. Unless you are going to replace them all. I have to use it on other people, okay? And plus, I don't rummage through your file drawers and computer at work. And it's my private property.

I mean, not YOU, but, you know, those skanks from the other day.


kim | 04 June, 2006 22:52

It's not that stuff is not nice,? I love stuff. But do we need that much stuff? I'm not convinced. I mean, I will tell you what I think is the best stuff, the most organic stuff, the least toxic stuff. But don't get it all, hey? Just get some of it. Then donate a portion of what you would spend on the stuff that's a little overkill and give it to someone who needs more stuff than you do.

Does that make sense?

Divalysscious Moms/Crush Event

kim | 02 June, 2006 06:29

Wow, did I have fun last night! I was on of a panel with a bunch of fabulous beauty experts and yet all the moms were stunning.? Tessa (pronounced Tisa) of Mark Garrison Salon and I had decided we would take two women from the audience and make them over; but standing watching the crowd as Dr. Steven Wallach and Barbara from More magazine were speaking, I lterally had a moment of panic. All the moms? were all so beautiful--these were not women who needed my help. Really, I thought moms were crazy, harried and had hair springing up from their heads in all different directions, but it's just me, I guess. Then, of course, when they got a little closer I saw thte handuls of things that every mom has difficulty attending to--circles under eyes, red splotches--and the dreaded eyebrow over-pluck, a difficult problem to solve.

I raffled myself off for a $500 prize--a full home beauty makeover in which I will go to the winner's home and go entirely through her makeup, give her a makeup lesson with a face chart, take her shopping and fix those damn eyebrows. So funny--the woman who won was the one woman in the room who asked me for advice and didn't like what I told her. She wanted "nude lips" because she wanted to play up her eyes, but she always had trouble picking out lipstick becuase she was always getting light beiges and light purples. I gave her something sheerer and warmer and she didn't like it because she was not accustomed to it. I stuck to my guns and asked her to just sit with it for a little while. It was if I had ask her to wear a dirty diaper as a necklace for spiritual reasons--she would do it, but she would be grimmacing the whole time. But her friends backed me up and she was willing to embrace the paradigm shift. She really did look so great, I think by the end, she was so drunk (it was in the wine store Crush) that she didn't care. It's rare that I get a situation like this, but I love it when I do. It's not that you are picking out bad colors for yourself, it's that you need to have a I'm not going to cosign it, I'm here to lift you out of your rut, but you have to want to come out of it. Even if it is decorated all nice and cozy.?

Squeaky Clean

kim | 01 June, 2006 11:22

Just finished transferring kit from a million messy bags to a nice, clean, linear kit. Feels like a hot shower with lots of scrubbing. So happy.

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