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Tom Cruise=Ollie North?

kim | 31 July, 2006 08:41

I'm no woman-hater apologist, but I submit this for your review: War of the Worlds was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Dakota Fanning was the best thing in it. She was, like, 10 at the time. Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise both have careers to protect. This movie featured endless stress for no reason: the aliens were attacking for what? There was virtually no way we could defend ourselves? Then they died because amoebic manifest destiny? I don't get it. So. What if you created a cloud of smoke around it? What if Steven and Tom took a bet and Tom lost and said, "okay, Steven, I'll play crazy for a year. But I get points on the back end from your next 10 movies." Maybe he's sold himself so he doesn't have to work so hard anymore and be a father to his children?

Because that's the only way, the only way I can wrap my mind around that being sooo bad and everybody behaving sooo stupidly around that movie.


kim | 30 July, 2006 20:06

I took the kid to see Mike last week in Minnesota where he's been on assignment. There I learned a few things:

Dinosaurs are everywhere. If you're in the Mall of America, visit the Dinosaur Walk Museum. So cute.

Flights from Cincinnati to Minnesota are often booked to the gills with people going to the Mall of America, although I'm not sure why. This is the hub of all chain stores in America. Doesn't every corner have a GAP? I didn't see anything spectacular. Except Cinnabon.

There is a Pepsi balloon hanging from the ceiling of the center of the Mall of America. Like a flag. In Pepsi we trust. I felt a little ashamed.

Americans eat badly and we are fat.

I think people at the food court suck on bongs in the back. They don't hear so well. Perhaps it's the french fry grease between their synapses?

Our makeup is not so good, either.

The hair, on the other hand, is a little better.

The Goth is alive and well and walking, pierced and with jet black hair, all around the mall in very high clod-like boots.

I am now grateful every day that I am not doing makeup for a photo studio in a mall that offers $7 portraits. Although, I'm sure one could learn alot from that line of work.

Minnesota is experiencing a draught.

Perhaps it is because they have no public transport?

Politics abound. Even cab drivers have drama.

Everybody in Minnesota is so nice and helpful that if you don't let them help you, they get mad.

They are actually incredibly helpful and sweet.

I'm not sure how the New York sense of humor plays out there. I'm regional, I've discovered.

Mike and I and the kid are going to take a road trip next year.

I am an intrepid traveller.

Makeover: I'm Brunette Again (Girl Crush)

kim | 24 July, 2006 07:54

Friday I went to Eva Scrivo's Salon. Eva and I have known each other peripherally for years and it was recently when I was on her show that I decided to go to her salon and get my hair colored. It is gray, or grey, as I have mentioned; and the low lights have turned into brassy highlights. Basically I was starting to look like someone to whom I would pose the question, "excuse me ma'am? Do your fricking hair edition. It's called a box. You can get it at the drugstore." Instead, I chose Eva.

I worked that day on a little job, but I shlep everything I own with me at all times because you never know when you are going to need silver eyelashes or blue powder. Turns out I needed neither but there I was, in the rain, around taxi-off-duty time (please don't tell me it doesn't exist!) breaking my back, having stayed too long at the job, to get a cab. I was stressed and my back hurt and I didn't want to be late.

I thought I would be there forever. I hate getting my hair done. It's such a waste of time. However, the moment I walked in, it was like stepping into a new zone. It's a big, beautiful space. Everyone greets you with a calm smile. The space is sunny and elegant and peaceful, well thought out and understatedly glamorous. Except Eva, who is fairly glamorous, not in a garish way, in a well-thought out and slightly coutoure-ish way.

We caught up (she was just away) and then we set about coloring my hair. Long story short, she did some corrective work and I'm a brunette again. Not a black-headed brunette, but just a brunette. It's elegant, chic and I'm not trying to be something I'm not. But this time, for the first time, I really didn't want to leave. I wanted to get a pedicure. I wanted to get a facial. See, it's really like a spa in there. They have these chairs downstairs that give you a massage while you're getting a pedicure. It's so peaceful and glamorous at the same time that I wanted to stay more. But I had to go home and do Shabbat with Grammy and the kid. So I sadly left this glorious place, but I can assure you that I will be back in five weeks. I even snagged a rain hat which I needed for a long time. But her sun hats are incredibly cute as well.

Needless to say, with her talent, her vision and her salon, I now have a girl crush on Eva. Plus, she shared her chicken and avocado sandwich with Mango Mustard with me, so she fed me and made me look good and that's a direct link to my heart.

FahionTribes Podcast

kim | 21 July, 2006 12:19

Did you hear my podcast about waterproof beauty? Here it is!

Me, the Makeover

kim | 20 July, 2006 23:22

I'm giving myself a makeover. I have a friend who calls it a relaunch. I'm relaunching. Kim 8.0. Always difficult but exciting. Wish me luck.

Project Runway--Bitchy Editing

kim | 20 July, 2006 05:26

Uh oh. It took three seasons, but Project Runway is beginning to curdle. I only have two seconds, so, again, here are bullet points:

How is Angela a Feminazi? Does she hate men? Isn't that like a garbage pail phrase just to say something mean about women? Schemer, okay? Insecure? Yes. Bossy like a four year old on the playground? I will give you that. But hating men and spouting feminist rhetoric in an exaggerated way? No. Dummy.

Angela started off scheming, which was too bad because she just didn't trust herself and tried to steal and plagiarize from the outset; but Vincent did not let her even touch the gown. Even look at it. Am I wrong? What could she do?

The challenge should really be called "Master and Servant" because one person is the boss and one person is the pushed around and needs to keep smiling in order to not get demonized. Katherine stabbed Malan in the back beautifully and with some nice panache.

Malan. Why did they have to cut so deep? I know he said all those things about his mother rejecting his drawings, his having no friends, his life being so hard, but I'm sure people also poop and menstruate on the show. It was just too humilating. They should have somehow saved him from himself. The whole thing was without dignity. I guess if they didn't have the remark about his mom? Just so sad. I wish I could hug him.

I was shocked to my core when all of the judged loved Vincent's gown and said not one thing about it looking like it had travelled through a printing press. That thing was totally wrinkled and, as such, unfinished. Why didn't one jusge mention that, when they are always sticklers for finishing garments. If they are going to just now start changing the rules from contestant to contestant for story purposes, I'm outta there!

The gown I loved: Michael and Keiths. Can I get some small perky boobie to fit descreetly in a gown like that and stay up on their own? There was alot of diaphanous fabric going on. I liked the garments overall, they were more sophisitcated than ever before, I think.

My last thought, and I've been thinking this for a while, is that I think that Nina Garcia is one of the best put-together women I've ever seen. She knows her face, has a-mazing hair, her makeup is always impeccable and barring last night's weird shirt in which she dressed, she always looks like a dream for some Michael Kors or Ralph Lauren style thing. I love her. She is my new aspirational icon.

Here is the link to Blogging Project Runway and to The Manolo, whenever he updates, you can read his delightful summary.

Excuse Me, Sir? Post Office Edition

kim | 19 July, 2006 12:49

Is it impolite to gather one's hair in a ponytail while on line at the post office? It is fidgeting with one's self and perhaps it's not the most elegant thing to do in public. I do apologize if I offended anyone. However, I don't think clipping one's nails is a justified counter-attack. If so, then the man facing me, standing in line a few people back in the serpentine cue, bested me with his public personal grooming. Was he trying to teach me a lesson or was he clueless? His blue broadcloth Oxford shirt was perfectly pressed as were his navy chinos, so one would think--I thought and judged--that his manner of dress indicated a level of conservative decorum that would have him blanching at the sight of some one clip ting, clip ting, clip ting-ing their fingernails. In the frigging post office. Oh, the post office.

Beauty and Terror

kim | 19 July, 2006 07:38

Have nothing to do with each other. But if we don't fix what's going on, lip gloss will be irrelevant. Sometimes I think I should become a lawyer so I can help. What else can I do?

MAX by Pat

kim | 18 July, 2006 05:10

It's true, if you put Pat McGrath's name on anything I will purchase it. She was instrumental in picking the formulation for the Armani makeup line and designed much of it--or at the very least approved it--and it's still my favorite foundation. Now she's, like, the president of the makeup world but on the side she designed the new MAX line and I have to tell you, I love it! I actually used up my Lash Perfection from the launch party I went to, but I did love that and now we have waterproof for the summer. I'm not a huge fan of waterproof mascara, but I know all you ladies love it, so this is a great one. But I really did love the lash perfection.

I can't say enough about the eyeshadows. The texture is quite sophisticated, the colors are very vibrant and they last. I'm a huge fan and I wear 130 Coco Crazy as my default shadow, it's always in my bag because it's so easy, but they just sent me some 200 Precious Metals (okay, black and white I can see, but be careful with that gray!). The 210 Smooth Sailing is quite cute. Um, yeah, that was me endorsing blue eyeshadow? I'm clearly intoxicated with being sent so many free cosmetics. But with the right outfit? Every once in a while. And if you're going to purchase blue eyeshadow, do you really want to spend a million dollars on it? This is not an investment item. I think I'm actually going to wear this today and see what happens! I actually am starting to resemble Carmen Electra. I'm going to make a grid where my six pack would be in this blue eye shadow. Like you know how all the stars shade their six packs? I'm going to do mine in Smooth Sailing in honor of Carmen Electra and Pat McGrath.

The blush is a lovely texture, it's a nice, sheer wash of color. They sent me Peach Spice. And while nothing is Orgasm besides Orgasm, this is a lovely summer/spring color. If you use the enclosed brush, however...don't make me come down there and smack you. Please splurge on a proper brush or just go to Target and get a Sonia Kashuk collection. People, come on.

They sent me these all day lip color things, which I'm really not a fan of. Unless you're a bride. Or have to work all day. Or a mom. Okay, I get your point. The colors are nice and all of these lip stains do last a long time. But read the instructions. I know we're all a little too busy to do that, but this will only take a few minutes. And for goodness sakes, people, be careful when applying the stain.

The lipgloss, I remember from the party, is very light and gel-like. This is for people who complain that lip gloss is too sticky. Which it is not generally for me, the stickier the better, but if you're the other kind of girl, their gloss is for you.

The fun surprise was the Pan-Stick, because that's what my mom used to use. I grew up watching her apply it with her finger under her eyes--my mom never wore foundation, dark circles are our problem--and I used to use this formulation, too, for a long, long time. I found it too crease-y after a while, but I tried it again, since it was already there, and it seems a bit creamier than before and at the same time just a tad lighter. And it smells the same. Not exactly delicious, but certainly nostalgic. I love that. The best smelling cosmetics that kept their fragrances over time are Dior lipsticks, L'Oreal lipsticks, Bourjois blushes and eyeshadows an Max Factor Pan-Stick. I have to say that it lasted all day and did the job pretty well. If you're someone who has darkness around your eyes and rednessaround your nose and whose skin is pretty good shape otherwise, this might be a good spot-reducer for you.

All in all, this line is pretty nice! I love that drugstore brands are heating up. It's sort of democratic. And I'm all about the democracy!

The Devil Wears Prada--the review

kim | 17 July, 2006 09:09

On Saturday night my man and I saw the Devil Wears Prada. Since I am no Anthoy Lane, despite my desperate wishes otherwise, herein are a few thoughts, in bullet point form, on my impressions of this movie:

In the history of the magaine publishing I would bet my career that the entire amount of makeup worn by the character Emily, (the first assistant of the Editor in Chief of Runway magazine (the movie's fictional Vogue), there was never one woman who wore so much makeup. In fact, I would say that the amount and variation of makeup that she wore in the movie is collectively the same amount that the entire staff at Vogue wore in the year 2005. People in Editorial Do Not Wear Makeup. Including Makeup Artists. Or they'd better look like they don't. Please see Aerin Lauder, Anna Wintour, Pat McGrath, Gucci Westman. Don't look at Charlie Green. She's famous for Victoria's Secret, anyway. Doesn't count.

There would never be a time in the history of the world that Anna Wintour, Glenda Bailey, or anyone would be caught dead with chalky white-pink eyeshadow and a gray-blue crease. Never, ever, ever, ever. I don't get Meryl Streep's makeup in the movie. It went along with the fairy tale, but not in the spirit of the actual profession. To me, she looked a little more Cruella. But I'm sure that was intentional.

The wardrobe was amazing, improbable, glossy and large. But it was not directional. No, it wasn't. I admire Patricia Feild's work, her spunk, her store (I shopped there as a kid--a camp counselor told me that I looked "punk" when I was 11, which I did because I was wearing a Patricia Feild garment) but I think she went along with the idea of this being a fairy tale for the masses. Which it was. But I don't know if Anna Wintour would wear that. I know, it wasn't Anna Wintour. Okay, right.

I sure hope that they start training actors again. Just because you are devastatingly beautiful to look at, doesn't mean that you can't be grounded in your circumstances. I thought the writing was a little tidy, the set-ups too predictable, so there's that. With all that hard working, nobody really had to do much in the script. It was predictably laid out. Meryl Streep is my hero, my idol, a woman to admire from every vantage point. But she didn't really have any challenges in the film, so of course she stood out. She is Meryl Streep. You can plunk her anywhere and she will be the most fascinating person in the room. Oh, do I love her.

And speaking of predictable, how can you make a movie about women and offer the two choices of being successful and horrible person or moral and broke?

And since when did a chef--the craziest and most passionate of professions a person could choose--get mad because his girlfriend was working too long and too hard? They should have made him an accountant, or a 9-5 kind of a guy.

Despite my many complaints, I left walking on a cloud. The movie was funny and great to look at and I got invested in all of the character's problems and was happy they resolved. I loved it.

The Devil Wears Prada

kim | 16 July, 2006 20:09

Review to come. Will collect my thoughts after I pick myself up off the floor after Newt Gingrich declared this is WWIII

Pedi Podcast

kim | 14 July, 2006 14:19

Please check out my podcast on FashionTribes.com on DIY pedicures. Cute, inexpensive and gorge!

Project Runway Commentary, linked.

kim | 14 July, 2006 09:46

There is nothing better than watching Project Runway than reading the Manolo's commentary on it the next day. One thing I will say is that one of the reasons why I love Project Runway is that while the challenges ask everything of its contestants, the point never seems to mean to humiliate like some other shows (ANTM, ahem). However, if someone doesn't get that poor Vincent some medication we are going to have to watch his humilliating demise and I don't want to be a party to that. Also, why, just because you make a beautiful garment does that mean you think you can act like a bitch? I wish people would stop doing that.


kim | 12 July, 2006 08:25

Different things get used in different ways. Last night, for example, I was sent CO Bigelow's Peach Nut Oil 18 in 1 uses ("The Every Day Do-It-All Soap Gentle Cleansing and Conditioning) and the packaging is so cute, and I'm into the gentle thing and it claims to be from their "Original Formulary" so I'm all ready to clean up with it, but...then I had no soap for my unmentionables and I used it for that as well! It's a great thing, the scent is scant and it's just a great little package. And here's the 19th use for it: since it has oils in it, if you've been washing your makeup brushes like you should be and they are feeling a tad dry, I would give this Peach Nut Oil a try for maybe once a month on the brushes!

There are also other uses of things. Namely, me. I recently had this exchange:

Representative: Dear little blogger, can you promote this product/service/celebrity/reality show on your website?

Me: Why sure! I'm a big fan of that product/service/celebrity/reality show! Is there any way I could interview that product/service/celebrity/members of that reality show and I could tie it in to something that you've got going on?

Representative: Yeah, um, no. Little blogger.

So the Peach Nut Oil wins.

Project Runway Is Coming

kim | 11 July, 2006 11:50

And I really can't wait. I love the show. I'm shameless. How many times did I sit through those reruns waiting, hoping for a new cast of crazy designers? Yet there I sat, even though I knew the outcome. They were fresh for me every time. Sad. Tomorrow, 9pm there is a casting special and then at 10:00 the show!

Going Gray?

kim | 10 July, 2006 10:17

First of all, is is grey or gray? Thoughts?

Mike told me this weekend that he thought that I might just want to let my gray grow out since it peeks out after 3 days. My hair grows fast and my gray is tenacious. If I grew it out, I would have to get in the shape of my life and wear red lipstick all the time, even to the gym.

Unless I ordered Turbo Jam, which I almost did this morning. The kid got really into it--as we were watching the infomercial he was punching and kicking and twisting along with the moves. This is the kid who shreiks, NO PILATES!!! NO PILATES!!!, when I drag out my yoga mat to do Windsor Pilates every once in a while. Although, if you are really listening, it's no piwates, but that's just a detail. If I actually do get down on the mat, he throws himself on me, bodily, and makes it impossible for me to keep my belly button attached to my spine because I'm laughing so hard. So it's hard to stay in shape around here.

But the stakes are getting higher: this morning when we were cuddling, gazing into each other's sleepy eyes (after I retrieved him from his crib people, relax) he noticed that I had a blemish on one of my eyes. It's something Iwould need to have removed, just a little bump. He got upset and tried to scratch it off, he wanted it off of his beautiful, perfect mother. Plus, whenever I put my hair up in a ponytail he juts out his hand and makes a grabbing motion and asks, "HAIR? HAIR?!!!" So my point is, my grooming is becoming a paramount concern for my son these days.

If I did decide to go gray, it would rock my world and I would have to stop rocking the Ben and Jerry's half baked Cookie Dough/Brownie and start rocking the Turbo Jam.

I'm not yet 40. Are we so youth and beauty obsessed that I would not be able to be a successful makeup artist and writer with gray hair?


Hair Dye+You=Lymphoma?

kim | 05 July, 2006 10:02

Did you read this article today in the NY Post?

You know I'm the Non-Toxic Avenger. I don't even do my nails because the acetone in the remover goes straight to the liver and stresses your system. Non-acetone remover, you ask? What do you think is in nail polish? Anyway. My hair is gray. Not the whole head, but alot of it, and not in a pretty way. If it were all gray, maybe I would let it go, but with my skin color it just makes me look blah. If I covered myself in self-tanner, then that would be another problem. I need to stay chic and cancer-free.

Any thoughts?

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