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Eva Has New Headbands!

kim | 29 August, 2006 19:57

Everybody should be happy that I had my hair colored on Friday. Honestly, I hate sitting there. But I'm back on a single process for now and I'm really happy with it. I got a pedicure this time from Doris who not only gives a great pedicure but she gives it while you are sitting in the greatest massage chair, ever. I wish sometimes I could just curl up and live on a massage table at the Eva Scrivo salon.

She just came out with the cutest headbands for the fall. They are the absolutely softest leather you have ever felt, in fun colors but also in pony hair with lepoard and tiger prints made by local artists. And there's a new dark denim derby hat coming out for winter, lined in something warm. Cashmere? I forget. But not machine washable, I'll tell you that. I do have to stay my hand from buying everything in the place. There was a lipgloss and a Mason Pearson brush I almost bought, but I knew Mike would be like...um, another pink sparkly lip gloss? And I would have been out on my tush. Joking. But I really have to watch it with those, I'm addicted.

Just like I am to Eva. A little addicted. Girl crush. Pathetic.

Reader Question - Mineral Makeup

kim | 28 August, 2006 08:59

Dear Kim

I've recently started using the Bare Escentuals powdered mineral foundation, and like it quite a bit. However, it's definitely a different technique than liquid makeup - I thought you might have some opinions on how to make it look the best. How to handle moisturizing first, what brands you like/dislike, if you've found any tricks to make it look more natural, anything.


Well, Julia, thanks for asking. Mineral makeup is a great choice for so many women because it gives really nice coverage and the dry texture is more agreeable to many women who find liquid foundation too suffocating. Plus, it has a built-in reflectiveness so while it's a powder, it has a dewy finish. It's also quite easy, once you get the hang of it, to apply. Further it has no oils, it's free of FD&C dyes, talc or fragrances and has a natural built-in sunscreen, although I would double check each manufacturer.

As far as brands go, I really don't understand the difference in quality from an ingredients standpoint. How can Neutrogena and La Bella Donna have such different preice points? I would bet there is an actual reason. I can say that I've tried both anf they are both worthy of trying. La Bella Donna is particularly luxe. The packaging is gorgeous and the texture is amazing. I'm not a huge fan of their mascara, but you're not here for mascara, you're here for the makeup.

The application is a big deal with mineral makeup--you need broad, circular strokes and for that, each company has their own brushes, which I would invest in--this is a case where you can't have one without the other. La Bella Donna has incredibly beautiful brushes and Neutrogena has one that is part of the packaging, indicating what a big deal the brush actually is. Bare Ecsentuals has a whole video devoted to application, so intimidated are women by this process. Don't be. It should be quick--that's the whole point--and, well, round and circular. But I already said that. Your pitfalls are going to be getting too much on the brush and getting it glopped on your face unevenly. Practice will help. Just don't use so much at first. Someone told me once, it's easier to add than to take away.

As far as moisturizing, you should do that after you wash your face or bathe in the morning. Then have some coffee or breakfast and let it soak in. Your face should be prepared but pretty much dry when you start, otherwise the product will grab.

You can use loose or compact. The compact is probably easier to do, but you can control the loose better. Some companies say you can apply the compact-style with a wet sponge. I say no, that your smile lines will crack. Embarrassing.

I like La Bella Donna and Neutrogena. Bare Ecsentuals put mineral makeup on the map, so how bad could it be? And Jane Iridale has a huge variety of shades. Thanks for the question, Julia, and let me know if that helps! (More)

Project Depilate. Vincent's. Chest. Hair.

kim | 24 August, 2006 03:10

If Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heide Klum think that the next thing in American design is sheath dresses with flaps on the shoulders, coffee-stained colored Bill Blass collars jutting forth from the collar bone or mini-dresses with bell sleeves or apron pockets, then fine. I'm top heavy and benefit from a long line. But must we be subjected to his chest hair and his wild grimmacing to nobody at all? Nads, Vincent. Or just button the shirt. I did like the brown tuxedo shirt, though.

And who do you think is responsible for Michael Kors and his mommy ebeing so matchy matchy? Did that work for you? It was sort of the guy behind the curtain of Oz for me. A little creepy. But MK seemed to match his hands better to his face. But he needs new makeup outside. His cheek was totally different from his forehead. He needs to be airbrushed.

Laura. You could tell she was pregnant because she was glowing the last show. That's what it was. But why does she have to be skinny with small boobs and tall and pregnant? Two pregnant models on the show? Makes me feel bad about myself.

Last night's show made it clear that we are at the mercy of crazy people who want to give everyone plunging necklines. Although, when is Uli going to win for the same design she always makes? Glad it's adaptable for fatty. She'll get her turn, but I wish she would do something else. With the exception, of course, of the garbage trial. I wonder what the judges were thinking about the padding on the moms if they were so brutal about Alison's "zaftig" model.

Finally, Jeffery? Shut your cake hole already and be nice.

Isn't Robert being axed sort of beside the, yawn, point?

Visit Blogging Project Runway and the Manolo for far witter and more thorough commentary.

The Crack is Warm and Cozy

kim | 23 August, 2006 14:32

I didn't mention to you, or did I, that the last job I had, the talent was yelling about me in front of me and everyone else right before we shot how terrible the makeup looked. I have never--well, once and that person is so going to get it back, don't you worry--had someone try to humiliate me like that on set. It was so gross.

So today, when I went back into a lovely work environment with people I adored and who adored me, I was so happy! The warm embrace of friendship, cameraderie and, well, it was just plain hot in there from all the lights! Listen: if you can work with people you love, do it. I don't always get to, but I loved it today. The problem was the three hours of sleep. My head feels like it's going to split open and my eyeballs are going to pour out of molten lava. It's a three-advil day. I thought I would get used to it all over again; but, no. Still, I just love it.

FashionTribes is Live

kim | 22 August, 2006 19:19

Whoa. I can't believe what Lesley has done with Fashiontribes.com. It's beautiful! An online magazine with 6 different fashion/personality types--it's a huge undertaking and quite beautiful. My article is here, in the AfroLove section. Lesley, kudos. It's beautiful.

Fall Commerce

kim | 20 August, 2006 20:18

As you are leafing through the tonnage of the fall magazines, making your lists and getting the look just so, think about this: fashion and beauty are businesses helmed by creative and financial masterminds who have figured out how to bring out your most primal ache of desire. Mostly by putting skinny, naked, shiny people in ads, but it's perhaps a little more complicated than that. In any case, just remember the people on their yachts who own those yachts only because people have bought a million of their dresses and shoes because they are so talented at tapping your innermost desire for, well, more. So this season don't just be in fashion; have style.

Project Runway - The Sin of Error

kim | 17 August, 2006 11:08

Now I'm mad. Heidi is obviously favoring the slightly insane Vincent. Does she have a soft spot for the crazies? Alison made this one error, it would have looked good on a smaller girl. She choked, she changed her tune, it was a Bradley moment she had and she screwed it up. But Robert screwed up twice and he was let back in. I feel like there is so much misogyny on this show--"Cap'n Save a Ho" "Feminazi", mocking Laura like she quacked like a duck, the complete ignoring of the most beautiufl contestant--Alison--she is very talented yet looked over by the cameras and the judges because there is nothing dramatic about her. Alison, I am sorry. I think you are extremely talented and very overlooked. Except by me. You are as beautiful as a pin up, and since you were not used in that capacity, they ignored you. But I didn't and you will be successful beyond measure.

Last night was a low point where the women made a choice to punish a woman for making the mistake of not flattering them. Alison's styling was silly, but the embellishments on Vincent's gown were sillier. And the model couldn't walk. I just don't see it. I'm very angry. It just goes to show that we are harder on each other and we don't judge each other on equal playing fields. I haven't read any other blogs yes, but visit:

Blogging Project Runway, The Manolo, The Bling Blog and Haute Girl.
I still cannot believe that she wuz robbed. I would have made a different choice.

Correction! Eva Scrivo Hats!

kim | 16 August, 2006 08:20

Yesterday morning I had to go out to get the kid some eggs and I was so happy that I had my Eva Scrivo rain hat. No cumbersome umbrella, just me and my sweats and my hat. So I didn't need to re-blow dry my curly hair today! But you know what? I said on my fashiontribes podcast that they were machine washable, and they're not. Sorry about that. See the instructions and follow them. And make an appointment with Eva. Ever since I decided to go brunette again, I am luurving it.

Movies in Which the Makeup Application Is Forced, Delayed or Otherwise Wrong

kim | 16 August, 2006 07:30

Ask any fiction teacher or screenwriting teacher and they will tell you that mirror scenes are the mark of the amateur. When you put on your lipstick, you are not deep in thought wondering who you are going to bed--or if you are, then you are still focusing on the task at hand. The problem with makeup application in movies is that it's never done, it's always acted because you can't reallyl have an actress who doesn't have makeup on, or if an actress is playing a makeup artist, they don't really know how to do makeup so it's just some woman pretending. And all women know how to do makeup--the lack of doing is distracting. Last night I rented Shopgirl and could not watch it mostly because of its opening montage scene. The camera pans across some Nars makeup display, then Estee Lauder mixed with Armani and then back to Nars again. It's supposed to be, like, this sea of beauty products but there is no sea of beauty products except for to the untrained eye. Then Bridgette Wilson-Sampras just fluffed on fake blush with a powder brush to an extra. And another extra pretending to be her colleague put lip gloss on an overly glossed patron over and over again. I couldn't tell whether they were meant to look ridiculous in their ridiculous makeup because the scene was like a musical set in a realistic setting. It didn't work for me. Then I thought of other makeup scenes that drive me crazy:

Moonstruck: They should have had a unibrow double for Cher because when they pluck her, no skin gets pulled. Even up close. You want to know why I know this? Because it's my favorite movie of all time. Then again when she puts one quarter of her lipstick on and stares at herself when getting ready. When was the last time you lounged around in your slip listening to your Victrola, drinking red wine, trying your lipstick on the upper quarter of your lip? Just curious.

Indecent Proposal: Before she has the sex with the Robert Redford, Demi Moore does the same thing with red lipstick.

Why can't I think of any more right now? Because it's so disturbing. Do you have any that make you absolutely nuts?

I do like the Wizard of Oz makeover scene. That was always one of my favorite parts of the movie. Even as a girl...

Indecent Proposal

kim | 15 August, 2006 21:23

Can someone tell me why Demi Moore is so beautiful in this movie. Doesn't it make you want to get a tight bob? But not boobs. She's just so foxy in this movie. And Woody Harrelson looks like a timeless sexy underdog. Robert Redford? Forgive me: a little wrinkley? Sorry.

Basal Cells on the Shnozz Are Not Pretty

kim | 15 August, 2006 07:49

One of my dearest friends, who is rather young (Hi!), just had a gnarly basal cell thing removed from her nose. She is one of the healthiest people I know, so I started to not feel so bulletproof, so I went to get a screening yesterday. You have no idea where these doctors look. I was able, for the first time in my life, to put the time-worn phrase, "where the sun don't shine" to use. As in, a protest, a little confusion--apparently melanomas are sneaky little critters and they are good at, er, hiding.. I am in the clear for now; but in my friend's case it was from teenage sun damage. She's okay, but it was scary, painful and she might have a scar. She is very beautiful and quite fit, so it will not impact her beauty, but I think that everyone should go out and get a skin screening right now for skin cancer right now.

I got a few other things done, too, and I look, well, hacked up. So I'm just going to stay in my house and write today. I have so many deadlines anyway.

Thomas is Like the Grateful Dead - Mom Post

kim | 13 August, 2006 17:59

We all came from far and wide to take a 20 minute train ride that was all tricked out to look like Thomas. All the boys had Thomas t-shirts on, each one different than the next. Like tie-dyes. Then there are the tents of merchandise, game playing, hay bail mazes and captive baby alligators whose left claw was waved up and down by his handler relentlessly for the 15 minutes we were standing in the baby animal tent. I'm sure it was before and after as well. Hello, PETA? One could take a picture with Sir Topham Hatt, but only every half hour on the hour. He is a capitalist pig dog who needs his rest. There were carnival concessions and people spread all over the lawn eating fried potatoes, fried chicken and fried dough. Concessions selling cotton candy and popcorn were there as welll, like pushers selling bad acid for a nasty ride home filled with sugar-crash hysteria. We made it out almost safely until the kid jammed his finger in the car door and cried harder than he has ever cried before. It was a full day. We're beat.

Creeping Up The Crack from the Back

kim | 11 August, 2006 20:11

Workin' the late shift, slinging mascara, baby. So tired. But the world must look good. So, here I am. (More)

Project Runway--It's Time

kim | 10 August, 2006 13:55

Yes, it's time for me to size them up, makeup-wise. Was last night a little boring? I mean, I loooved Michael's and I think he's talented and amazing and cute and wonderful, but do you think Kayne's was just a little brilliant in that you could see the perfect construction in the sheer black overlay? I don't know, I thought that was genius. I think Robert will get back on the horse and I identify with Bradley's procrastination due to cluelessness. He was in his own world but he was not a bad person. Okay:

I would say that Heide Klum is the most glamorous on the show, and she is the most beautiful. I love her changing all the time her outfits and her makeup. Does anyone know who is in charge of her hair and makeup? But I'm not going to say that she is the most beautiful, just the best template and the most advernterous and the most exciting to watch. But

My heart beats for Nina Garcia. When I was a kid, I would have wanted to grow up and look like her. Her hair is impeccable (is she getting a tad too blonde, though, lately) Her makeup is perfection. She is beautiful to begin with. She is just the picture of my perfection. Only once did she wear a fercockta top with awkward spangles on it. Why did I notice? Because she is always seamlessly put together. And her voice. I just love her.

Michael Kors. Self tanner must be applied on hands as well as face. Every show. The maestro of current fashion and he doesn't see that? I love him for all the reasons the Manolo loves him, too!

Guest Judge: Who cares? They rotate out so often, so, like I said.

Tim Gunn: Looks better with the dry look in his hair rather than the wet look. He needs a trim, he doesn't do funky messy that well. There is no hair dissonance that will work for him, he's sewn tight all the way up the back, and his hair should reflect that.

Angela: I think in real life her eye makeup must look good, it's just not translating on to video. The smoky thing without eyeliner, or without underneath liner looks incomplete. Also I wish she would stop using muddy green/brown. And she needs a lighter color on her lid. She is gorgeous, she's undermining herself slightly by being half-way with it.

Kayne and Michael have great looks.

Jeffery: I'm not into ink, personally although I am empathetic to its appeal.

Laura: I get it, I love it, I wish I looked like her. Do the crazy color thing, sister, with the classic lines. I'm all about that. But you just have to tone down the blush. Because deep eyes, deep lips and big red cheeks? You know?

Alison: I cannot belive a person looks like that. She is stunning. But as stunning as she is, that's how talented she is. She wuz robbed twice. She will get a win soon.

Vincent: There is nothing to say. He hides behind the snorfle and the '70's hair cut.

Who am I missing? I just had to get that off of my chest. You should check out Blogging Project Runway if you love it. Also, Susanna has an extremely funny (as usual) take on the episode.

Happiness is Movement - No Cosmetics Here

kim | 09 August, 2006 07:59

I want to pass this along to you. It's not makeup related, I'm sorry for that. It's about the human condition: seek out answers to your deepest questions. Do not stop seeking until you have found your answers. When you hit a road block, a brick wall or any obstacle, breathe in and out. Clear your mind and perhaps ask for some help. Maybe the help will help or maybe relaxing will help. Keep gently, and with determination, pressing forward. You may get the answer or you may not. Keep trying. Have hope.

I am very happy today.

Drug Store Beauty

kim | 08 August, 2006 16:35

I had a $5 coupon for Duane Reade which would expire tomorrow if I didn't use it, so I instead of ram my head against my writer's block for one more minute, I decided to go down and see what I could score.

You may be aware that I love the Ms. Manicure/Ms. Pedicure whole section: it's cheeeeeep and it works well for a while. Let's face it: you don't want foot implements hanging around for too long, so they are definitely worth the investment. A two-sided foot brush/scrubber was $2.39, so I had a bunch left over and what else is there to buy? Lipgloss, of course. Do you know how hard it is to find a cheap lip gloss nowadays? Here's what I learned:

The L'Oreal Hip line has a lot of colors ripped off from Nars. They are nice, but not as precise. They may be even better for women of color, although I love Black Opal (they have some amazing holiday colors coming out, I will keep you updated on that.).

Vital Radiance is actually a Revlon company. Did you know that? I didn't. Good for them. Somebody is marketing to the biggest population. Finally.

Neutrogena has a new Mineral Sheers line. It's not bad! The colors are actually very sheer and shimmery, although not too shimmery. I like Shell Number 30. They have no talc, which is great. They also have a mineral foundation that comes with its own brush, which is not too bad, either. It gives nice, sheer coverage and has a little bit of a shimmer so that you don't look too powdery, which is very Pamela Ewing, and not in a good way.

I decided on a Jordana Lip Gloss, Squeeze and Shine in 07 Sweet Touch which looks peach in the tube, like water on your lips and smells like bubble bath from when you were 7. But it was $1.99, so there you go.

On my way to check out, I overheard a mom and her daughter reading the features and benefits of the new Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother. Now, this product I like, it smells like passion fruit in a more sophisticated way, it does lock in moisture and seems to moisturize the lips. It also has menthol, which I'm not a huge fan of, but lots of people love that! So I interjected, as I often do rudely to people contemplating cosmetics, and I tried to explain to her what it was like.

"Is it like a lip plumper?"

"No, but it has the tingle. It's just a moisturizing gloss. It's nice."

"Is that good, the tingle?"

"If you like that."

"Well...um, I..."

"It's like a Newport."


I love perfect metaphors.

The end.

Comment Policy

kim | 08 August, 2006 08:05

You can disagree with me, but please do so in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. Or else I will delete your comment.

As a general rule, I would suggest to all people everywhere that if you don't like something, instead of fighting it, just move along and find something you do like. If every person de-escalates violence today, even just a tiny bit, then we will have a chance to move away, bit by bit, from the destruction we are seeing around the world.

Check this out. It just might ease your mind.

Best of All Possible Worlds, so far

kim | 08 August, 2006 05:05

I pitched a story to a magazine I write for about deoderants during the heatwave and lo and behold the New York Post did a story on anti-perspirants right in the middle of that process. Some weirdo wrote me an email about how derivative (although she did not use that word ) my blog was (I could talk to her about it, she left me both her home and cell numbers), so I'm not copying here, but I will tell you about a few nice deoderants that I've found.

Why deoderant as opposed to anti-perspirant? Well, the thing that keeps you dry is comprised of aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum is a big suspect in Alzheimer's disease, meaning, they found extra aluminum in the brain when they did autopsies of people who have had Alzheimers. Does that mean that anti-perspirant causes Alzheimer's? I didn't say that. I keep telling you: I am a makeup artist, not a scientist. However, did you ever notice that when you eat asparagus, it is evident about 20 minutes later and there on for the rest of the day? Do you have any food sensitivities? Do you actually think that skincare works? Well, you can't have it both ways: either the things we put in and on our bodies have an effect on our personal ecosystems or they don't. And since I daily, well, maybe not daily, scrape my delicate under arm area with a razor, thus thinning the skin around the area and making it more suceptible to products I put on it, I'm not putting anything artificial on it. That's just me. Our air, for one, is so toxic that it's hard enough on our immune systems, don't add more junk on to the pile. And in such a delicate area with something that's not really natural.

So, I stink a little in the summer more than the average person. Here is a list of my all-time favorite deodorants.

Kiss My Face Liquid Rock in Lavendar: Just because I love lavendar. But this here stick does have those crystals in them so that it keeps you dry for a little extra longer.

Jason Fragrance Free Deodorant Stick: This is a stick and sometimes the wax can get a little mushy if you are a shvitzer, like me, but the average person should do well with this one. This one is for the ultra-sensitive who don't like fragrance. I know someone who uses a stick and absolutely loves it.

Weleda Rose Deodorant: This is the one I've been using for years. It's a spray, so it gives you temporary relief, but it's main ingredients are alcohol and fragrance, so it's good for de-stinkifying but not for keeping dry for a long time.

Sanoflore: Honestly, they just came out with a new deodorant and I would try it, but I haven't gotten my hands on it yet. Worth a try, though, I love their products.

Darphin: A favorite at Saks where I used to work. Everyone loved this one.

The Most Beautiful Brown You've Ever Seen

kim | 07 August, 2006 10:32

The new fall colors are here and some that really stand out are from Nars. The duo India Song has one of the most beautiful browns I have ever seen in my entire live. It's rich, it has an absence of red and it is shimmery. The matte bananna next to it, well, you can ignore it or you can use it. The great thing about Nars duos is that they are so unexpected, they make you feel like a makeup artist. Go ahead and experiment. Then Stolen Kisses lipgloss might replace my obesssion with Foul Play. There's a tiny bit more pigment and it's a perfect look for a dark eye/light lip look or even an all over neutral look or even that Bridget Bardot-ey thing what walked down the runway. Then there is Oasis blush. Are you sick of not having Orgasm durning the winter? It's really not a winter color. Angelika is one of my favorites but it's a little, er, festive? Try Oasis blush, a pinky neutral with gold flecks. That should keep you nice and flushed all winter long. Love that Nars.

No Makeup Today

kim | 02 August, 2006 14:34

Nothing really works on a day like today besides a little lipgloss. It's all about the clothes in this weather. I feel like fainting just thinking about it all.

Free Makeup and Bags

kim | 01 August, 2006 07:56

Coutourture is giving away some fantastic DuWop packages of makeup and, I don't know, some bags or something--but we all know what's important, right? So go over and enter for your free GIVEAWAY!

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