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Stay Tuned for Fall Looks!

kim | 26 September, 2006 14:11

You have been incredibly patient! Tonight I will reveal my fall looks.

Happy New Year! And comments policy...

kim | 26 September, 2006 13:00

Happy New Year to my Jewish friends! You know what that means? Clean slate! So I would officially like to apologize to those I have offended. If you want to take anything off line with me and email me. To de-escalate aggression in the world, it starts with the individual, so I try to have as little drama as possible in my life and if I do, then I try to clear it up.

That includes being stepped on as well. I try to work it out with the person as much as they are receptive but if not, I move on. Therefore, if you have to couch your comments with caveats that you are not being nasty, then you are. So I will delete your comment. That's what I do. Don't keep coming back to check if your rude comment is there. If you have suggestions for my work, please send them to me, but Jewish tradition prohibits public humiliation. So don't try it here.

Advertising and Editorial Content

kim | 20 September, 2006 22:34

This may shock you but sometimes advertisers can skew the editorial direction of a magazine or...who knows what all else? Like, for example, if you were to have a show, maybe a reality show, and you created a challenge for the contestants so that the garments themselves would be in the most basic, background colors and then you highlighted a segment with a person who represents a huge advertiser of that show as filling in the color for those garments, adding what might be the finishing touch. Or maybe even the garments themselves would be the background to the looks themselves? Like, something that would tie in perfectly to the show (since it was designed to highlight these last 20 minutes) and something that might inspire women to purchase the products that the artist was suggesting or the look he was creating. Is that entertainment? Or is that really, really reality? You know, fo' real.

The Bridesmaids Wore Ink

kim | 18 September, 2006 08:12

This past weekend we went to my sister-in-law's wedding. While I don't know her very well, she seems like an incredibly poised person. I offered to do her makeup but she politely turned me down. I think she thinks this is a hobby for me? Not sure. I keep saying that I will never do anyone's makeup again and this time Providence intervened. Thank you, Providence. In any case, it was a beautiful wedding. All the kids were young: the bride was young, the groom was young, the wedding party was young. Hence the tolerance, nay, the flaunting of the ink. These dresses were lovey and I don't know if the dresses were chosen to highlight the ink or if it's just no longer a consideration to cover it up for the young 'uns. It was a lovely time. The kid was a star and I got to spend a few minutes in peace with my man. Heaven. On a stick.

Working My Own Shows

kim | 12 September, 2006 22:10

I have not had time to update because I've been working a few shows of my own. They are not in the tents - the tents don't pay unless you're one of the big ones, and even then...I won't go into the whole story, maybe another time. In the meanwhile, please be advised that I am interpreting the rock n' roll eye, the big red lip and the warm nude face to a more wearable effect. And to much applause, I might add. I will fill you in tomorrow!

2007 Shows

kim | 11 September, 2006 04:50

I want to tell you about fall makeup shopping but I'm going to do a show today and I don't have time. It's nothing big, just a showroom show, but it's going to be fun and my specialty: runway to realway.

So in the meanwhile, please check out Beauty Addict and Coutourture and see the most amazing pictures and videos. It's rumored that Julie snagged an interview with Anna Wintour!

In other, more real news. Today is the fifth anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in America's history. These are unstable times. I believe, as a general rule, that love and understanding heals, not furthering and fostering violence. Ghandi said that if everyone believed in "an eye for an eye" the whole world would be blind. Please look at the Forgiveness Project, it's amazing. Please pray for the families who lost loved ones and pray for peace and coexistance. May no other child die in the name of God, ever again. Or their parents or any of their family for that matter.

This Here's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout

kim | 08 September, 2006 08:11

Nail polish with the toxic pthalates taken out. I might just get a manicure yet. Congratulations, big business!

Congratulations to Noah

kim | 06 September, 2006 23:51

Who did all the photography on this site, such a long time ago. A long, long time ago. I just haven't had time to update it and haven't met the right photographer. Now he is waaay to famous for me, I'm sure. Check this out. He's very famous.

Project Runway - Getting Vincent Off

kim | 06 September, 2006 22:21

Why did he continue to employ that phrase? Do you know what it means? To ejaculate. It's not even a concealed meaning. It's as obtuse as "I creamed my jeans" and equally from the seventies. So goodbye, Vincent. I admire your pluck but I will not miss you and your grimace and your over-exposed chest hair and your teacher's pet immunity. I particularly hate a boy who has the teacher's eye for completely obscured reasons. But I mostly hate it when women teachers favor men obviously and unfairly. You could see this tonight when Heide was talking in her soft baby voice, aufing a pregnant woman and also her pet. Over Alison? I'm still mad.

Speaking of Laura, have you ever been pregnant? It's exhausting. I was sick for five months and I couldn't stop crying/laughing/eating like a pig. But Laura is engaged in a national competition and on television and is holding her own during that whole thing. They have either edited out all of her farts or she is officially the most elegant pregnant woman I have ever seen. And through jet lag? I mean, I can't.

Jefferey's gown. It was great, but why didn't anyone say "Alexander McQueen"? Has that not been done before, just in red and green plaid? It was a bold choice and it really looked great but why can't we just call it a little derivative.

Kayne will be off by the next challenge. Don't you think? Only because of what Nina said, "the taste level is not there." They are over him.

And thank you to the editors for constructing the show in such a way that it was not completely apparent who the winner and loser was during the first five minutes of the show. That was beginning to shake my confidence in the show.

Finally? Catherine Malandrino. Now there's a woman. No bosom. Good. Round bottom. Yum. Perfect, minimal styling and sort of messy and imperfect. Kind of the punk of bridge wear. Non? Love her.

Please head over to Blogging Project Runway, The Manolo and The Bling Blog for far more scintillating commentary than I can muster.

Waterproof Eyeliner

kim | 06 September, 2006 05:59

Hello, Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I did, but had no childcare yesterday and we were in Tantrumalia, so, no post.

First, to waterproof eyeliner, I would suggest a paradigm shift: how's about switching to MAC's gel liner and using Bobbi Brown's brush? It will never have that inky-kohl-ness of a pencil but it will stay on and before it dries you can build it up or blend it in subtly. It just seems to me that Bobbi's dries up sooner even though they are probably made in the same place. The MAC pot has a more protective covering, maybe that's it. And you can use them as eyeshadows as well (I would recommend the lighter colors over the darker for this purpose and with maybe some powder shimmer over them to give them some play).

Hope that helps. I have alot of questions coming up which I will answer, but first tonight I have to discuss Project Runway. I missed it last week. But Michael Kors obviously has not read my blog because his hands and face still, after all this time, don't match. My. pet. peeve.

Sneaky Post

kim | 03 September, 2006 07:31

Okay, I have a few reader questions backed up, which I will answer, but I just want to gossip a little.

For the last ten years (August is actually my anniversay--happy makeup in tv anniversary to me!) I have shown up on time, ready to do my work. So has everyone else. I have never been on a set where the star bagged the interview. Once, on September 11th, I was on my way to do the foxy, foxy Kevin Bacon. He is so much foxier in real life, believe me. So foxy. I was in the back of the bus, alone with my kit and everyone was crowding around me. WTF? I was like. Like. Then I got off the bus and there I saw it. I went to the studio ANYWAY and awaited my work. I had no idea what was happening and I had to find my husband and make up with my mother. Kevin Bacon did not show. Completely understandable.

This past Friday I went to a small job for a fledgling internet entertainment company. Performances, interviews. You should see it. It will be very funny. They rented a room, brought their equipment, hired me, asked friends to come in as the audience and were set to interview an internet celebrity, of sorts. One that makes celebrities his business. Not only didn't he show, but he then gave the crew an ultimatum if they wanted to come to him they could but otherwise no. Actually, once, but that guy had a stroke. For real, yo. I think he dead now. I'm not extrapolating, it's strictly anecdotal.

I have never, ever seen someone not understand that time is money, that people are putting their sweat and lives into a production. That often budgets are tight, favors are garnered and we are all supposed to be on the same page. Especially from this person. But mean is as mean does and I'm frankly not surprised. But there is a saying: the bigger the star, the nicer they are. People who are on top don't have to claw their way to the top. Just saying.

Blogger Burnout

kim | 01 September, 2006 10:08

I do. I have it. I want to make this a different experience for you and for me. I'm going to take off the weekend and get refreshed. Mkay? In the meanwhile, please think of me when you are thinking of your fall makeup wardrobes. I can help you pull together an affordable look that works, that's "you" and that you know how to put on once we're done. We can do an e-makeover, or an appointment in real life.

Have a great, restful weekend. Mwah.

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