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New Year's Resolutions

kim | 31 December, 2006 21:08

Hope you can forgive the absence. Travelling, illness. Bummer. Here they are:

1. Going to bed every night after reading or meditating, not after watching tv.

2. Washing my face every night. I know! Can you believe how disgusting I am?

3. Not being so overwhelmed.

4. I'm washing all of my brushes right after this post.

5. No refined carbs, no fried things, less cheese. Much. Less. Cheese.

6. No more pink sparkle lip gloss, except for that new Revlon thing that you shake over your lips like sugar. It's probably not that expensive. Don't tell Mike, he'll think I'm being frivolous. But how can you not buy that, seriously?

Happy New Year! Thank you for all of your support this year!

CEW's Cancer and Careers Holiday Auction

kim | 07 December, 2006 02:35

OMG, you have to rush to this site and purchase a service or product for yourself. The Cosmetic Executive Women's charity, Cancer and Careers, is an organization that helps working women deal with canceer. This auction not only helps them but helps you as well. A Marc Jacobs bag for $600? A YSL bag for $650?A week long internship at Oprah for $650? Haircuts, makeovers, internships at Dior, Spa days, all of these can be yours.You worked hard this year! If not for someone else, then for you. Some of these gifts (like the internship or the lunch with Stacey London) are totally priceless!

Heard at a Shoot Today

kim | 07 December, 2006 02:30

Photographer: Okay, now look into the computer like you just won the jackpot.

Model: Should I take out my tongue ring?

Please Buy Me This for Chanukah, Christmas and, if you want, Kwanzaa

kim | 06 December, 2006 08:25

We over here at I Am Pretty--and by we I mean me--prefer goods that give back. Peacekeeper Cosmetics just announced their Care Package gift set with lipstick, nail polish, lipgloss and conflict resolution card, $39.00. All the proceeds go to Unifem.

I will look good in either the darker deep-red Visionary package or the lighter, peachy-pink Diplomat package. You can forward them to me or to anyone else whom you love. You can feel doubly proud of helping a sister out and also, really helping a sister out.

Peace out, sister.

New York, At Night

kim | 04 December, 2006 22:40

Did I tell you the husband was away for four months? No, I didn't. Not while it was happening. I'm still experiencing shockwaves. Now he's home and I'm beside myself, doing the happy dance for everyone in my family. Right before he left, I decided to make one night a week Mom's Night Out, but that was soon a complete joke. Every night I would close the door and be locked inside. I was basically a shut-in.

But tonight I went out! I was invited to a holiday party for a magaine that I write for and also I went to a party where ONLY kids who grew up in New York can get in. If they know the password. Just being outside at night is such a different sensation for me, I used to love going out and now (especially with the people I was meeting) I don't really care less but it was great.

I won 10 free movie tickets at the raffle in which I didn't even know I was entered! And then I saw my old friends! Even ones I hadn't seen and ones that I had known ever since I was 7, which was a long time ago. There was a core of sweet, gorgeous guys who I never really mingled with who were there, too--it's always comforting when they are around for some reason, even if you don't talk to them. Although, I think there is a small possiblity that one of the friends slipped a little tab of ecstacy on their tongue. There was much hugging.

I knew I had to look good for the office party and as I was working out today (please, congratulate me!) I saw Nelly Furtado's video, "Say It Right" (and when I say saw I mean I didn't have my headphones on, so I just saw it. Was that Timbaland behind her? And I thought, that's my look for tonight. So I did that, but with sparkly eyeshadow, because that's what I wear, yo.

Except, what you can't see here is that the liner is perfect, and slightly catted out at the ends. And that she's a millionaire.

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