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Last Week I...

kim | 30 January, 2007 08:42

Saw my article in Time Out New York about germs (apropos of my own germ phobia, but it was assigned to me, I swear!), I helped a socialite get ready for a make-up related party (my makeup was in the company of some of the heaviest hitters in the NY beauty scene!), I worked on television, I helped three women streamline their routines with a lunch time make-up bag purge and, boy, was it fun.

But I can't stop thinking about those dino cookies.

Also, I just cleaned up my personal makeup area and found all my missing lipsticks. I picked up the Nars dark blue liquid liner and got all excited because I thought it was nail polish and I was going to do it at my job this morning at my job that started at 4 AM. So today, I want dark purple black nails. When I go pick up some dental floss, I will pick up some of the darkest purple I can find and do it up on short, short nails.

The Nicest Compliment

kim | 24 January, 2007 07:49

A friend in a bad situation here moved to California recently. She drove across the United States with her two little hands and her two little feet and she sat on her petite bottom and held herself up by her delicate waist and she took all 99 lbs. of herself and she changed her life. I was very proud and impressed but I miss her.

She has a lovely new boyfriend and a promising new career, a fabulous house and a calmer lifestyle. A few days ago, her foxy new boyfriend took a look at some pictures at an event where I had done her makeup and he said that I was a genius. He said I had captured her essence that night and that I was brilliant and completely talented.

I mean, this was a guy who never met me, saw it in a picture and, well, I was completely complimented. How she's gonna get gorgeous like that again, I'll never know. Unless I move...it will never happen.

Carpal Dino Syndrome

kim | 22 January, 2007 00:56

Last week I had a private client, an industry fashion show (where I saw editorial luminaries and almost choked!) an article due along with acquisition of a new source in the 24th hour, my daily blogging and the kid's birthday party. I had it at a party factory, that is to say, a place that does lots of parties and it was really fun. I gave the people what they wanted: home made mnm cookies and salami. And purple soda. I got the kids favors but I went the extra 10 miles and made dino cookies. With dino cookie cutters taht I shlepped around the whole city to get. Then I made royal icing. Then I embellished them.

It occured to me that I really do love to work with my hands, and if I can't do faces, then I have to do cookies. It's beyond my control. I was making the mnm cookies up till the last minute to the extent that they were warm when we got to the party. My hands are sore now. I have Carpal Dino Syndrome.

I just made some dino cupcakes for the kid's school birthday, because they do that there, and I can't help but think that I didn't figure out a smart non-sugar alternative for cupcakes. So, sorry about that everyone. I'm on a learning curve here as a parent and I have to be creative within conventional parameters right now. Herewith are the before and after shots of some of the cookies, with closeups. Thanks for indulging me.

Raquel Welch Collection for MAC

kim | 17 January, 2007 20:37

Holy Molina, there has not been such a gorgeous collection for MAC since the Diana collection. There are pinks here but there are also beautiful peaches and golds. I would even wear some of the long-staying ones. I will write more as I get permission, is it out yet? It comes with the coolest leapord packaging, oh, my, I love the MAC. I love this collection.

Best Makeover on the Red Carpet Goes To...

kim | 16 January, 2007 17:13

The foxy Sacha Baron Cohen. Isn't he kind of hot when he doesn't have his face in the hairy tush of a 350-lb. man? I didn't hear his acceptance speech because I was sleeping - I'm on the 24 hour a day work schedule again--but I saw the pictures. Yum.

Here's why I am not doing a rundown of looks: because it would be focusing on the lives of extremely self-centered people who need alot of attention or else they would not be in that profession. I love their work, I admire their work, the world is a better place for their work. But to dissect the way they look? Boring, and a waste of both of our time. Did you like the way Angelina looked? Hooray! Or, sorry to hear it. Now go read a book, have a conversation or do something to reduce carbon emissions.

That's just the way I feel about it. I'm sure it's not a popular opinion. As you know I have a three year old son, whose birthday is this week, and at this age the toys are getting less neutral. Girls get toys to sit with and collect, have conversations and pretend with. Boys get toys that they can run with, jump with, play with, build--it's incredible how much more active they are encouraged to be. I want makeup to be part of our lives, not our whole lives. I do business the way I do because I want to help women streamline and not think about their beauty all the time, help them not waste time and help them stop wasting money. That drawer filled with old makeup is not going to make anyone look like Angelina. I wish I could contribute more to helping women become more authentically themselves.

This is the best way I have figured out so far.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

kim | 14 January, 2007 20:27

Let's take a moment to realize how far human beings have come in the last 50 years. Let's take a moment to be thankful that we live in America, in a land where citizens theoretically have the right to change the landscape of the law and theoretically their own lives. Let's be grateful for the people who have fought and died for our civil liberties. Take the time today to be kind to those around you, and to stand up for someone who needs an advocate.

Besame Lipgloss

kim | 09 January, 2007 05:11

I have this image of Jessica Alba in that gold dress last year at the Golden Globes (wasn't it?) not walking down the red carpet, but nervously talking to her publicist and applying lip gloss and then smushing it in so repetitively that I thought she almost defeated the purpose. Being a makeup artist, I scrutinize people's makeup-applying behavior. Don't believe me if I say I'm not checking you out. It's not that I'm judging you - it's just that everybody has a True North and I see what that is and my mind psuhes your face in that direction. So when she smushed her lips together like that, I yelled at the television, "Stop smushing!" I hate when people smush; they ruin the sparkle in the gloss.

And yet, she was the most beautiful girl at the ball last year.

But some people dislike the super-glossiness of the gloss (don't get me started) and some people don't like the texture. For those who feel those ways about gloss, there is Besame's new Lip Glaze. This has a firm, if you will, texture. One that doesn't move around that much - it's not as tacky (in texture) as Chanel's Glossimers (nothing tacky about them although they have a somewhat limited color collection because everything is so highly pearlized) with a greater color range and a host of scents (plus for some minus for others). I tried on one color and thought, if Jessica Alba were to try this one on, she would not have had to work so hard that night on the red carpet.

These are the things I think of. Seriously.

Writing More and Avon + Mrs. McDreamy

kim | 08 January, 2007 09:36

Oh, how I wish I could write here more. To be honest, I am secretly spending lots and lots of time on my novel, which should be ready a day or two before the ice age commences, i.e. in two years.

In kid news, someone's three year old birthday is coming up and he asked me the other day if it was strange to be a girl. It may be difficult to get him out of the house on time, but it's only because he is a genius.

In makeup news, Jillian Fink Dempsey has partnered with Avon and you can purchase the co-op products at www.avon.com. If I really wanted a certain kind of career in makeup, it would be that of Gucci Westman, Pat McGrath, Mark Cariscaillioouiiknoooo or however you pronouce his name, Scott Andrew, Kevyn Aucoin, Billy B., or Jillian Fink Dempsey. She is the arbiter of cool beauty in the most water's edge, dl way. Delux Beauty is one of the greatest lines out there and let's face it, she's married to McDreamy. Whom I prefer to McSteamy. The brochure is a little lippy - heavy on the lipglosses and lipsticks, but so is Delux. Avon is such an amazing brand because it helps women help women and keeps the products affordable, so it's good for everyone. I think you'll love her new collection. Let me know.

Let's Do A Little Organizing

kim | 02 January, 2007 21:58

For the holidays, my mother in law got me a book I requested: Real Simple's The Organized Home. That's what I'm not particularly good at.

Why I am particularly amazing at is organizing people's makeup bags. I have no idea why, but I am. I'm also amazing at creating a routine for you that will take you about 7 minutes and you will look like you, only 2.0. So email me if you need a makeup bag purge for the new year. You can see how I can help you here. Thanks to Shana for pointing out the confusion!

Shiny Mineral Makeup - Overstating the Case?

kim | 02 January, 2007 20:51

Evelyn asked if mineral makeup was too shiny looking for wedding makeup and I wonder if I oversold my case about it being shiny? I would say no, it is not too shiny for daytime. However, if you are getting married at night and you are going to have bright flashes on your professional camera, I would suggest for your nose and chin getting a little bit of translucent powder - maybe Giorgio Armani in # 2 Pressed Powder--not the foundation powder--and then just dab a bit on. What are you supposed to touch up with with Mineral Makeup, anyway? More Mineral Makeup? I don't think so.  (More)

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