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A Little Sumpin Sumpin

kim | 22 February, 2007 07:20

If you ever go outside without your entire makeup collection with you and you want to touch up your shiny nose or chin (which, if you are taking pictures, you might want to think about) then I suggest this compact by Estee Lauder:

As you can see, it's limited edition, but it's perfect for daytime, nightlife and most importantly, brides. $27, www.gloss.com


kim | 19 February, 2007 06:20

Because of an ungodly amount of spam, I just got iced out of my server the same way I get icd out of these mean mommy playdates (you have no idea!) I'm working on the problem, and will be archiving some stuff now, so hang in there with me. And then I'm going to tell you about a bag I fell in love with...

I worked the crack of ass shift all weekend long and even one of the people I did landed in Page 6 for their bad behavior. Oy.

Proenza Pink!

kim | 07 February, 2007 11:10

What is smarter than this? Lancome custom blended a lipstick for Proenza Schouler inspired by Gucci Westman's color choice for the Proenza's spring show. Wear it with a dark eye and, wowweee, what a beautiful look! $25 at Bergdorf's. There's a waiting list, dude. Sign up now.

Why We Don't Have Fashion Week here at IAPNYC

kim | 06 February, 2007 07:12

This is not meant as a judgement to anyone who does or doesn't do fashionweek on their blogs, but this is why I don't do it here:

1. My blog is meant to help regular women. You do not, as far as I can tell, have your Fall 2007 wardrobes yet.

2. Fashion Week is an industry event and while it will help me tremendously when I pitch articles to magazines, it's not really going to matter until August 2007 because I'm not buying any merchandise for my website.

3. I am reluctant to talk shit about other artists. I have had great success as an artist and I've had painful failures. If they were all trotted out before the world: ouch.

4. I hate a dog and pony show, it's not my dog and pony show.

But does that mean that I don't love the coverage on other sites? Not at all! I love it! So go now and enjoy!

Going Gray Gracefully, for Kendra

kim | 02 February, 2007 13:23

Okay, there's no way to do it. Especially if you have alot of gray! Try headbands, try the Rhoda head scarf, try hats. But from a makeup standpoint, keep these things in mind:

At least wear some mascara so that your eyes don't fade out into your face. Don't wear white eyeshadow. Try a satin-y semi-matte. Laura Mercier is one of your best bets.

Gray skin can turn an olive skin green and a sallow skin gray, so make sure your skin is perked up. By that, I mean make sure that you are wearing enough blush (not too much!) Tenderling by MAC and Oasis by Nars are two great picks. However, if you have roseacea, cover that up now. Lauren Hutton is also coming out with a new mineral line, you can give them a try.

Make sure you are wearing the right concealer! Make sure there is no brown or blue under your eyes in the way of luggage and make sure your broken capalleries on the sides of your nose are hidden.

Lipstick is best when it's a medium to deep sheer color. Women who have gray hair don't look totally spectacular with gloss, but if you don't want full-on lipstick, then try some sheers by Laura Mercier. Or Cover Girl Lip Slicks. Seriously.

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