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Blogging Conference: Dos and Don'ts

kim | 22 November, 2005 20:47

Do: Accept invitation heartily.

Don't: Forget this little noun: context. Find out the politics of the aegis under which you will be speaking.

Do: Purchase the sparkliest, pointiest stilletos you can find, especially if the Manolo is moderating.

Don't: Get yourself seated between two thin, beautiful women if you have not lost your two-year-old pregnancy weight. Who are you kidding? It's toddler weight. Why do they have to snack on frigging crackers and cookies all the time, despite your urgings of fruit and veggies? You WILL be photographed looking like Jabba the makeup artist and the unflattering photo will be posted on Yahoo News, so that all of your ex-boyfriends and former friends and enemies can gloat and bask in your back-fatness.

Do: Your makeup impeccably.

Don't: Keep touching up your lipstick in the middle of a political blog conference. A sign of weakness, to be sure.

Do: Hold your own during conference.

Don't: Try to play both sides of the fence with Elizabeth Hayt.

Do: Speak your mind.

Don't: Call journalists arrogant, exclusive, mean and subservient to the advertising business when you are addressing a room filled with journalists. Hee hee.

Do: Point out people's logic flaws privately.

Don't: Plaster them all over the internet whether in comments section or otherwise.

Do: Get mad when your panel is hijacked.

Don't: Take unstylish women political bloggers seriously when they ignore you, insult you, mis-attribute your quotes or call you boring. Don't even attack their long sleeves in comments sections of other blogs. I said stop it!

Do: Read other blogs for summaries.

Don't: Feel old, irrelevant, invisible or like Mrs. Cellophane when nobody mentions a word of what you said or steals your quotes or cheers on other people and ignores you.

Do: Pick yourself up and start all over again.

Don't: feel like you have no skin for a whole week and a day. It's not worth it.

Oh Kim! [Reply]

You are not Jabba! I thought I was the wretched-looking one in the photo, laughing like a ninny with my eyes all squished shut.

I, too, trolled the internet reading others' summaries and responding. One blog actually called me "the nice looking blonde girl" and misquoted something I said. I wrote a very caustic comment and received two apologies, one from the writer and one from the editor of the blog. Ha! It felt good.

I saw something else that said that all of us perpetuated the "shallow stereotype" and that women pushing shopping carts down the street would have more insightful comments than we did. I wrote him a note too but I think he's hiding now.

In better news, Pamela from Atlas Shrugs came over and clarified her comment that the panel was demeaning to smart women. She was not directing that at us. She was the one in the great Chanel jacket in the front.

But overall, what can you do? That day was bizarre and surreal. Meeting you and Christa was a blast. And so what if that vile La Shawn Barber thought we were boring? It is just jealousy rearing its ugly head. ;)

kristen | 23/11/2005, 12:19

You rule [Reply]

Knowing you, I find it veeeery hard to imagine you as Jabba the Anything.

As for the rest, I missed it, but I feel certain that the above Kristen, who was there, is right.

Love, S.

Susie | 23/11/2005, 13:38


jabba, nothing! you are a delictable flower!

such fun dos and don'ts!

kyra | 23/11/2005, 23:26
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