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My Limitations

kim | 07 February, 2006 22:18

My very first college fiction teacher was Alice Sebold. I came to accepting the fact that I wanted to be a writer late in life, and Alice was the greatest teacher in the world. Her rules about workshopping were clear, constructive and appropriate. Her exercizes were actually developmental and her perceptions accute to a hairsbreath that I had never experienced before. She also claimed that she did not like Henry James. She would say she knew she was supposed to like him, but she didn't. Maybe she was just didn't understand him, that was her nig claim. I got the sense that she gave herself the room not to like him with the understanding that one day she would shift so that she would love him like everyone else did. Until that time she reserved the right to be indifferent or even not like his work and not feel bad about it since he is a master.

And you know what? I've felt that way about James, too! I've wanted to understand, but instead I just get drowsy or read the same sentence over and over again. I accept that I might not be advanced enough intellectually for his work. Maybe one day I, too, will be able to read The Portrait of A Lady or The Princess Cassimassima (because who wouldn't want to read a novel with that title--although today it would be called the Diva Cassimassima). I love Wharton, why can't I put on my miner's hat and take a tank of oxygen and descend into James?

That's also how I feel about the makeup for the shows so far. Where are the fucking lips? And you know I never curse on my blog. All those white lips must be accompanied by small noses and teeth whitners. And it's not really even a flattering look. And the concealer. I know there is no shortage of concealer in New York. I am scandalized by the exhaustion (or as I asked before, is it honesty) that is not being covered up. At least the silly purple patent lips at Jil Sander were nice and big--overdrawn, even. I applaud their effort to help the lips not appear like a purple gash. But I stopped wearing that color on my lips and nails in 1979, so you tell me. I just don't understand.

But I'm not doing the shows, I'm writing about them from the comfort of my home. I am doing a show for a mass retailer in a few days because I love the people backstage and the money will be good. I will be putting lips on every one of those girls, you can be sure. they might be big and red, but they will be there. I think I'll do a DVF look. What do you think?

Yes [Reply]

The clothing was a bit on and off, but the faces at DVF were gorgeous. They were clean, forthcoming, and polished.

Hope you enjoy doing the show.

ava | 07/02/2006, 23:42

DVF [Reply]

While I am not nuts about DVF's clothes, it seems she makes every effort to make the girls look human and cheerful. Or at least paints them up a little!

She balances the cheerful clothes with a cheerful face. Manages to make emaciated stick figures look alive.

Susie | 08/02/2006, 10:54


yes. lips. give them lips. and then swing by there and dash a couple on me. m'kay?

kyra | 08/02/2006, 16:39
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