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Divalysscious Moms
If you ever wanted to feel pampered, have fun, be in a fancy and fun environment and get a goody bag at the end, come to one of Lyss's great events. Her enthusiasm and postive energy is infectious and her events are perfectious. That's not a word. But if you meet her, you will know what I mean!

University Chic
University Chic is a really cool website designed to help women in college and graduate school with everything from jobs to interviewing to finances to, of course beauty and fashion. And guess who's writing a beauty column for them? Me! So check it out, it's really cool.? and just graduated with?

Laws Of Nature
After the Oscars, I decided to create a more commercial site that would help explain what looks good and why. On this site you will find my sarcasm, some celebs and some things to buy.

The Manolo
This is one of the funniest fashion blogs I have ever read. The Manolo, he is not only sage in his fashion and comportment advice, he is also incredibly smart and well read and will entertain you and educate you at the same time. I am in awe of the Manolo.

I Am Fashion
The girls over at I Am Fashion know what time it is. They are bi-coastal, chic and always up to the minute on what's going on in fashion. You can read all the major magazines, but if you're not reading this blog, you're not quite complete.

Missy J hails from Singapore and is a voracious scholar of fashion and trends. She pours her unbelievable energy into every topic you might think of and ones that you perhaps may not have to break down the trends, the staples and the cannons of fashion.

Billy B.
The man who taught me almost everything I know, I was fortunate enough to assist this amazing makeup artist just enough to learn few of his amazing tricks. He is so incredible that the first time I assisted him, I misted up just a little bit. What a dork I was, but he's really that good. If you get mildly impressed by stardom, he's done all the really big music stars and millions of film stars and his makeup is impeccable.

Kyra, SuperMom, SuperWriter
Kyra is not only a darling friend and?a great supporter but she's also a kick ass mom who saw a problem with her son Fluffy and got it?diagnosed right away. And she believes, and I do, too, that he can be cured. She helps me believe that what?other people see as?impossible is just fear or laziness or lack of education and that most dreams are actually possible.

Please, if you ever want to build a website or get any visual collateral designed, hire Ray and Adam. They are amazing. And if you don't need anything like that, just hire them so you can see how to create beautiful, quality work in the speediest and most polite way. They are a pleasure to work with.

Blogdorf Goodman
A girl with too many coats and an addiction to fragrances.

The Magic Garden
For real New Yorkers only. Sorry. Real ones.

b is for bunnyshop. What is there more to say? Cute as a button fashion website.

Fashion Addict's Diary
Funny, funny, funny Lera. Fashion!

Jack and Hill: A Beauty Blog
Beauty, politics, chocolate. Brilliance.

Sometimes, she makes me pee. In a good way.

Beauty Addict
Sometimes, I wish I was her. She is so great.

Shangri Law
Let La Dulcinea, La Retrosessuale and La Zapatoista usher you through the world of fashion delights. These girls are Yale Law Students. Seriously, you need to listen to them.

Almost Girl
Where Plato meets Prada, indeed. This super-smart blog, I just love it. It makes me not feel so guilty reading about fashion. I actually get educated.

The Bling Blog
Susanna does not only know jewelry, she knows pop culture, world culture, good hair and pugs. Go for the all the news and information on jewellry that you ever wanted to know about, stay for the super-smart and sassy commentary.

Destination of Design
This newcomer sees the beauty in all designs.

The Budget Fashionista
What can one say about this? I am as cheap as they come. I love a bargain! This website is great for stretching your fashion dollar.

Frugal Fashionista
This website is the coolest website I've seen in long time: this chick takes celebrity looks and breaks them down to their affordable cognates and gives you the links and the prices. It's so cute, informative, well researched, smart AND stylish!

Not to be confused with our lovely Beauty Addict, beautyaddictmag is a clearinghouse for all things beauty including advice from some very hotsy totsy experts!

Meg's Makeup
Who is Meg? Well, I've never met her; but from her enthusiasm and her sweetness, I picture a bubbly red head. I'm totally making that up--this website has real-women reviews on every fabulous new product that you could ever imagine! Also, I think there's a place where you can sign up and actually do reviews and even win things. Go there! It's fun!

A Girl's Gotta Spa!

The Makeup Girl
Makeup artist keeping it real in DC. Her work is gorgeous!

The Beauty Brains
Two cosmetics chemists actually answering real questions. Love this site.

For the Love Of Lip Gloss
Is this why we all love makeup or what? The quintessential lip gloss blog. Holy Moly, it's beautiful!

The Powder Group
The greatest place to go in New York for consumers and professionals to learn how to do makeup! They also have brought the most kick-ass show to New York, ever. Look for it May 13 and 14 of next year!

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