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You feel like who did it and ran. Your house and your pits smell, too. Your hair is falling out. You feel tired and isolated. Not just me? I didn't think so. You're not alone. Here is a 2-second beauty sprucing up to make you feel better and some links to find community.

Two nice shadows for winter are Edie, a sheer beige with a microshimmer and a micro sparkle, and Ondine, a purple-y mauve with tiny flecks of gold. Very subtle but just enough to take away the emphasis from under the eyes.
When I worked at Saks, the MAC people could count on me to pick out the same 10 items for my clients. But most of all when I went down to the main floor they often would?ask me, "Tenderling?" Because it's the perfect rosy but neutral blush but it's sheer, so you really can't make a mistake.
Revlon's Super Gloss in Cherries in the Glow is?a sheer, neutral twist on the classic, Cherries in the Snow. It's?a shockingly perfect? neutral but rosy color for your lips which brightens up your sleepy face. And it makes?a nice, big kiss mark across your kid's forehead!
For Hair Shedding ? Man, this freaked me out when all of my hair came out in my hands. Things that helped were Appearex Biotin vitamins and I shampooed with Kerastasse Bain Prevention. And I was taking Omega 3/6/9?s as well. It grew back, but it was so scary and not very pretty.
Volumnious Mascara by L'Oreal - in black, and lots of it. Start at the roots of the lashes and wiggle upward.
Christian Dior Concealer in Medium beige if you're white, Perscriptives Yellow/Orange Medium or Dark, depending on your coloring if you're darker than that. Honey, slap that shit under your eyes, on the break outs - any where you want. Use ring finger and dab gently, though.


Divalyssciousmoms.com - Lyss Stern makes the best parties for Moms and Tots in this city! Every month! You will not be disappointed by the fun (and many times free goody bags!) to be had at any of her delicious, divalysscious events!

Citybabynyc.com - I went to these New Mother's Luncheons for the first five months. Many meet new friends, make play dates and eat truckloads of the delicious Cobb Salad at the Hi Life (okay, just me)

Realbirth.com - an offshoot of the Elizabeth Seton Birth Center, realbirth is a center to support new moms in all stages newness. They have amazing classes and support groups, including breastfeeding support run by a lactation consultant and the movement class for newborns is totally fun.

Lalecheleague.org - These women have a bad rap, but they were the only ones who actually helped me and tried to help reverse the damage done by others during my nursing nightmare. They were nurturing and supportive up to the bitter end and were kind with every decision I made.

Lepainquotidien.com - I know a woman who works there who eats the (face-sized) chocolate chip cookie every day because she says it is good for the soul. I told her I would be the first disciple in her Temple. This place has delicious organic food and COFFEE and you can go alone for a break, or take your kid and sit at the communal table and not feel so alone.

And of course urbanbaby.com, which needs no trite description from little old me. It's bigger than the both of us.

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