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My love of pink lip gloss is probably at the bottom of my being a makeup artist. Here is a running list of my favorite pink products:

My friend Susie, a civillian cross between J.Lo and Gwenyth, is a frustrated jewelry designer who puts together the most amazing combinations of bling. On our way to Miraval Spa, she had these rings on which begged me to slip them off her hand and on to mine. And I'm not really a ring try-er on. My birthday's in October, so my husband should have time to save up. The pink ones are saphires! AND SHE JUST GOT ENGAGED, SO LET'S CONGRATULATE SUSIE!!!!
Buttercup Bake Shop cupcakes in pink. Only $1.75.
Did I mention I wrote Pretty City New York? It was published in 2003, so some of the information is outdated, but it's a great source for makeup brands, where to buy them and where to get beauty treatments done. Email me if you have any questions.
MAC Lipglass - Take your pick, really, but Prrr, Underage and Flusterose (new Lustreglass) are some of my favorites.
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