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By far the most popular questions we got on Eva's show had to do with breakouts. Here are a few secrets I have to combat the summer breakout blues. 
Clean Food
It starts with a clean diet, preferrably organic when you can get it. The cleaner the stuff you put in, the cleaner your machine will be.
Our environment is officially a toxic waste dump. If you don't think there are toxins in the air, in your food, in the water--you are mistaken. Get rid of them with vigorous exercize. Drink plently of water to replenish your system. Heck, drink water all day!
Astara Botanical Gelee Cleanser
After searching for, well, a long time, I have found that this is the perfect cleanser for normal to oily skin. It cleared me up the moment I used it.
Idealist by Estee Lauder
This is an amazing pore-refiner and skin refiner, but it has the happy accident of being the best clearer-upper of adult acne that I have ever, ever seen. Save your money and buy the big size if you are a sufferer. But wear sunscreen, because it will make your skin sensitive to the sun.
Sanoflore Moisturizer
You know, it says Olive Oil and Shea Butter, but it's not that incredibly rich. It's just perfect.
Sanoflore Face Exfoliant
This is a very gentle exfoliator, great for once a week.
Sanoflore Face Mask
This is not the typical mask--it's not green and it doesn't smell great, but it dries quickly and does the job fast.
Seriously, if you don't have 10 minutes in your day to breathe in and breathe out, you're in trouble. Which, admittedly, as a new mom, a freelance makeup artist and writer, I am. So I feel you. But let's make a commitment to do at least 10 minutes of meditation a day. Not for the beautifying oxygen it will bring to your face and your organs. Not for the unfurling of wrinkles as you relax your face. Not for the strength from which your spine and energy centers will benefit. But just to help you stay present. Right now is beautiful.
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