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The elusive Manolo, I could not find him for a photo, but I know, for a fact, that these are one of his favorite pairs of shoes.
Manolo the Shoeblogger
Super fantastic shoe genius!

This fashion insider is unbelievable: prolific, brilliant, hysterically funny, sarcastic, empathetic and posseses a super fantastic eye for style. I can not do him justice with my words, just visit his website, you'll be glad you did.??

The Manolo, how did you become so super fantastic?

Manolo says, being this super fantastic it is the combination of the genetics and the long hours of the hard work in the front of the mirror.

How did you become a shoe expert?

The Manolo he did not "become" the shoe expert, he was born the shoe expert. From the time the Manolo he was the tiniest little boy he was dreaming about the shoes, drawing the pictures of the shoes, designing the shoes out of the tinfoil and the string for the hamsters and the children of the neighborhood.

You don?t sit on a perch, you are obviously involved in the industry; and
yet your blogs are completely updated. How is it that you are so prolific?

The Manolo he would tell you that you should not overestimate the amount of the times the peoples in the "rag trade" they devote to the actual work. The typical day it starts at the noon with the cappuccino and the Campari, followed by the assiduous, lengthy reading of the Page Six, and then it's off to the office to bitch on the phone with the Michael Kors about the latest of the outrages committed by the hoi and the polloi. Even with this schedule, as busy at it seems, there is still plenty of the times for the blogging.

I feel a kindred spirit with you in that you want to make women beautiful
but you don?t want to break their banks. What is your fashion philosophy?

This question it requires the manifesto, however, put simply and briefly, the Manolo he believes that true fashion it lies on the line between the trashy and the classic, and that the learning to balance these elements, and then how to design the things that will endure, these they are the tricks to the success in the fashion.

How do the sellers on Ebay get fresh shoes? Do they steal them? I am so

All the Manolo he can say is Caveat Emptor.

Can you ever find an American size 8.5 ? 9.0 on Ebay or Zappos or any of
the other ones?

This it is difficult because these are, of the course, the most common of the sizes for the American women.? In the shoe hunting, however, the Manolo he would tell you that the perseverance it is the cardinal of the virtues.

How do you feel about the Christain Louboutin?

His shoes they are super fantastic!? Ornate and yet classically beautiful in the way that only the rarest of the designers they can manage.

Why must the Karl Lagerfeld be stopped?

As it is widely known, now that the Manolo he has sounded the alarum, the Lagerfeld he is the embodiment of the pure evil, distilled and bottled.

Everybody loves the Muccia Prada, but can you explain to us what about the
garments are so superfantastic? (Not including the shoes, which are clearly
unbelievably gorgeous. Those heels!)

The Manolo he loves the Miuccia. She is our muse because she is the most intelligent of the designers, and yet she maintains the playfulness and the sense of the humor.? Her work it original and interesting, and at the same of the times, it is classic in the way that the Manolo he adores.

Have you tried the Prada skincare line? It is phenomenal!

Thanks to his diet, high in the fat of the olives and the animals, the Manolo he has the naturally glossy sheen, so he has had no need for the skin care.

Does the Wendy on the Project Runway represent how people truly are in the
fashion business or are they more like the Kara Saun?

Neither. The Manolo he would tell you that the people *in* the fashion industry, they are more like the Michael Kors, bitchy...very bitchy.

Why would a designer look so frumpy at her own fashion show?

The Manolo has long noticed that many of the designers of the fashion, they love to dress in the black clothing that they believe conceals their insecurities and their figure flaws.? It is not surprising that so many of the designers they feel like the frumps, and that they dress like the frumps, for they are always around the 16-year-old models of the superness.

Are you not feeling the J.Lo fashion?

The Manolo he asks you, why do so many of the peoples believe they can design the clothes and the shoes without the training? Does the Manolo he try to play the guitar like the Carlos Santana?? Or hit the tennis ball like the Serena Williams?? Or, do whatever it is that the J Lo does like the J Lo?? No, the Manolo he does the shoes, he does not do these things. So why do these peoples--the Carlos, the Serena, and the J Lo--believe they can design the shoes and the clothes?? It is the ridiculous.

What is the best thing about New York?

The life. The teeming, vibrant life. The peoples buzzing and yelping and carrying on in the most super fantastic manner.? The Manolo he rarely tires of the streets or the crowds.

What is your favorite thing about New York?

The Manolo he is the keen observer of the peoples, their clothes and their customs, so for the Manolo his favorite thing it in the late morning to sit with the cappucino and the Campari, the Page Six folded in front of him, watching the peoples scurrying, hurrying, to their appointments and apartments.? It is the best of the best.

Where are your favorite places in New York to go shopping?

The Prada Epicenter and the Chinatown.

I apologize for this question, but I ask everyone: the Britney or the

The Christina.? There is for the Manolo no of the contest.? The Christina, she is the beautiful lost waif, one who has, like the Violetta in the La Traviata fallen into the whoredom.? For the Britney, this it was the sideways move.

The Manolo, your hysterically funny writing voice is buttressed by an incredible command of literature and media spanning the Bible to Project Runway. How can you be so prolific in the shoe knowledge and the book knowledge and the media knowledge and the Muccia knowledge. Do you ever sleep?

The Manolo he sleeps seven of the hours each of the nights.


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